Dried Gooseberry Gravy (Sukkil AvaLe Kadi/Tambli)

sukkil avale kadi
This is another classic recipe that I got from V’s grandmother. Kadi is usually a very thin-almost watery dish. I would think this is more like tambli than kadi. She called it amla kadi. So I thought of mentioning both names. Few pieces of the dried gooseberries are fried with spices and then ground with coconut to make a thick gravy. The gravy is not cooked. It is served at room temperature.

dried gooseberry

Lightly salted sukkil (dried) avaLe(gooseberry/amla) is a childhood favorite. During my college days, my friends used to bring these dried gooseberries. Eat one or two pieces and drink a glass of water – the sweetness you feel in the mouth is heavenly. We get these at Indian store here. They are good for health due to the high Vitamin C content. I bought these to eat as it is. We both enjoyed this kadi very much.

1 cup fresh/frozen coconut
1-2 tbl spn dried gooseberries (amla/avaLe)
1 tea spn cumin seeds
1/2 tea spn pepper
3-4 green chillies

Heat oil and add gooseberries, cumin seeds and pepper. Fry for a few minutes.
Grind along with coconut, green chillies and salt.
Serve with hot rice.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 15mins

22 thoughts on “Dried Gooseberry Gravy (Sukkil AvaLe Kadi/Tambli)”

  1. Hey ..this looks very tempting…you know what..even I keep on munching these avala supari becos of high content of vitamin C and are good replacement for chewing gums that people use.

  2. I have a packet of the frozen gooseberries. Can we use this? Can they be ‘dried’ or maybe toasted in the oven? Thanks.

    What else can I do with these gooseberries?


    1. A little salt is applied to fresh gooseberry(after removing seeds) and sundried to get dried gooseberries. I guess this dish will work with fresh/frozen gooseberries too.
      Some other gooseberry recipes – jam, rice, saru, pickle etc. The dried are best eaten as it is. They are very yummy.

  3. i have made dry avla supari today only. I ADDED in sour curds little hing and salt. mixed the batter. Then added grated ginger and sliced fresh gooseberries.Mixed in nicely and kept for drying in sunlight. in 5-6 days dry avla supari wiilll be ready.

  4. Today is my AvaLe day.
    1. AvaLe kaDi with this recipe tasted great.
    2. I steam cooked 10 large AvaLe and prepared AvaLe Saaru and AvaLe Pickle using “Aayisrecipes.com”
    3. Saaru was a bit hot for me. I diluted it with soy milk….taste boosted!
    3. This is the season of cranberries. My R&D: I used AvaLe Pickle recipe, replaced cooked Avale with Raw Cranberries and prepared Cranberry Pickle….Turned out great. Cranberry is very similar to pomegranate with respect to medicinal/herbal values.

  5. That’s interesting about the cranberries in the comment above; I made a cranberry pickle last winter that was quite good too- it’s a yummy fruit, and also good in pulao!

    Shilpa, I will look for the dried whole amla so I can try this; I only have amla powder here- might try using that, but will have to fry carefully if I do. I tried that amla and water trick 🙂 amazing how beautiful the water tastes after… 😀

  6. Shilpa, we also make a similar dish called nellikai pachadi on the day of dwadhashi.But we stem the amla, and grind it along with coconut, green chillies,corriander leaves and saltThen we add the curds and tadka with mustard and broken urad, LOvely During the amla season we make it with fresh amla, steamed similarly so that it is soft to grind

  7. Hi Shilpa
    can you please ask Aayi how to prepare awla supari.I am sure she must be knowing the exact proportions.I think it must be on similar lines mentioned above by Medha Shanbhag.I wanted it for my kid who does not it simple dried awla.

    1. We mix the amla pieces with salt and sundry them. Sometimes we do add a little chilli powder to it along with salt. This is the traditional way of making the awla supari at our place.
      Some people mix little crushed jeera with amla before drying.
      Then there are other ways like soaking in buttermilk/yogurt along with spices etc. We usually make it simple as I mentioned.

  8. Hi Shilpa,
    I made this tambli. It was unbeleivably satisfying. I was wondering if one can also make tambli with fresh cranberries ? I have a packet of those lying at home and nobody wants to eat them because of its sourish taste. I would appreciate your response.

  9. Hi Shilpa

    Can this be made with fresh gooseberries – I have seen fresh ones here but not dried ones. Will look out for the dried ones in the India store next time.

  10. I so loved it …made it the other day…my mum used to always say when we were kids..an amla is equivalent to 2 oranges in vitamin C…my MIL was equally happy to hear i cooked nutritious food…
    Thanks Shilpa…is there any section in your website which deals exclusively with health food?

  11. Hey after I have started eating the amla supari, my teeth have bocome yellow and they are losing the texture as well. I cannot resist eating amla supari, I am heavily addicted to it. Can someone tell me the reason for losing the color of mt teeth after using amla supari?

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