Peanut-methi daal

I have learnt a lot of cooking from many people, apart from my mother. One such lady is my friend’s grandmother. She is an amazing cook. I used to go to their home for my studies, while I was doing my bachelors. She used to serve very tasty lunch in the afternoon. I was not at all interested in cooking at that time, so I could not learn much from her. Her festival food was the best, a typical Belgaum Kannada brahmin spread. I miss her cooking a lot these days. May be next time when I go to Belgaum, I have to sit with her and get all the recipes. Until then, I did all I could to get her recipes, but was not at all successful. One particular recipe I miss a lot is a daal with methi leaves and peanuts in it.

Few days ago, Aruna sent me a methi daal recipe. I read the recipe, but could not guess it was almost the same recipe that I was looking from many days. Finally last week when I was thinking about cooking dinner, I saw this old mail from Aruna and thought of giving it a try. While cooking, I realized it had the same aroma and taste as the one I was looking for. I don’t know if it is the exact same recipe(I think my friend’s grandmother didn’t add garam masala and garlic), but this turned out to be just out of the world. It is so good that, you can’t stop eating it.

Aruna had mentioned it is liked by everyone at her home. I totally agree with her, this recipe is a huge hit. Thanks a lot for sending this to me Aruna.

1/2 cup peanuts
1/2 cup toor daal
1/2 cup chana daal
1 cup chopped methi leaves
1 tea spn chili powder
1/2 tea spn garam masala
A pinch turmeric
1/4 tea spn tamarind extract or thick juice from 1-2 pieces of tamarind
1/2 tbl spn jaggery
1/2 cup chopped tomato
1 tea spn finely chopped garlic(optional)
1/2 tea spn mustard seeds(optional)

I was not having fresh methi when I prepared this, so I used kasoori methi.

Soak peanuts in water overnight. This step is very important because the peanuts should soak water well.
Pressure cook daals, peanuts, tomato and methi leaves with turmeric. When they are cooked, take it out and cook with chili powder, jaggery, garam masala, tamarind and salt. Alternatively, mix all the ingredients(except oil, garlic and mustard) and pressure cook till the daals are done.
Heat oil and fry mustard seeds, garlic and add this seasoning to cooked daal. Seasoning is optional.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 20mins

26 thoughts on “Peanut-methi daal”

  1. Dear Shilpa,

    Tempting as usual, this one is for my weekend. Small clarification, peanuts that r used r which one, raw or the one we get readymade in the shop just peel and eat.

  2. Oycie, these are ready made peanuts available in market. They are soaked overnight, so that they soak water well. But do not use any salted/spiced peanuts.

  3. I love methi, but usually don’t have access to the large quantities of fresh methi that one needs for a dal. It is so nice to see a tried-and-tested recipe that uses kasuri methi instead! Thanks, Shilpa.

  4. Shilpa,

    Looks very enticing. I like the sound of peanuts and methi together. I have some methi lying around, this just might be dinner tonight. 🙂

  5. Shilpa
    What do you suggest Fresh Methi or Kasoori Methis. The smell is very different in both cases, isn’t it ?

    Adding peanuts to a dal is certainly something I have never attempted.

  6. Nupur, try this with Kasoori methi, it tastes great.

    Thanks Asha. This daal indeed is very tasty.

    Vee, let me know how it turns out. This is a sweetish, spicy, tangy daal, just tastes out of the world.

    Swetha, no, methi and basil are not same. Methi is also called fenugreek. It is available in Indian store most of the time. If not fresh, they usually have frozen methi.

    Sandeepa, fresh methi is used for this dish. Since I was not having it, I used Kasoori methi. But I am sure with fresh methi, this daal would taste better.

  7. hey shilpa, this dal looks so simple to make, I am sure it is yummy! will try this one. It is true with me as well, did not show much interest in learning new recipes earlier, now trying to recreate the tastes I remember.

  8. peanut curry? now thats something new to me. by the way the cake looks very tempting shilpa. u r doing wonders in baking:) cant wait to see what u come up with class 2:)

  9. Hi Shilpa,
    I had a quick question about the onion here, they are much bigger than we get back home so when the recipe calls for 1 onion how can I be sure I can using the right amount since many times the fish curry has the raw onion smell.

  10. Thanks for sharing and posting. I made this dal yesterday (tuesday), but gave a seasoning of mustard and hing, as on fasting day i do not use garlic. I need to try with kasoori methi. Right now in bay area we have ample of methi in the Indian store, so can make varieties of dishes.

  11. shilpa,
    peanut cury looks delicious, we make similar curry with basale but without garam masala and garlic but with sambar powder. With methi will definately be very tasty… next try.

  12. Hi Shilpa

    You have a wonderful web site. Lot of yummy recipes. I have tried out quite a few from your blog and they turned out to be absolutely amazing.

    This dal sounds too good. Can you tell me how much of kasoori methi you used instead of fresh methi. What is the quantity?


  13. Thanks Gowri.

    Richa, aren’t we all missed the chance of learning some great recipes. These days I remember the recipes which I loved, but donno how to get them. Thats one of the resons I started this blog.

    Ramya, I think your kid would love this since it is a sweetish daal.

    Coold, as far as this blog is concerned, I try to give the content of onions, potatoes etc in cups to avoid confusion. If you are asking about any recipe on this blog or from some other link, please give me the link and I will tell you the amount you can use for it. There is no exact measurements for it.

    Aruna, I am sure fresh methi is better than Kasoori methi for it. That day I didn’t want to run to Indian store for finding this and I had kasoori methi at home. Thanks a lot for sending me this recipe. Its a big treasure for me. I donno how to thank you enough.

    Roopa, thats a nice version. I am gonnu try it next time I find malabar spinach here. Thanks a lot.

    Sneha, let me know how you liked it.

    Shanthi, Thanks for the kind words. I used around 2 tbl spns of kasoori methi for the quantity I mentioned in above post.

  14. Hi Shilpa,

    Tried this recipe out last night and it was excellent! I had never soaked peanuts before cooking with them — I was suprised to see how big they got and how much they tasted like “peas” rather than “nuts” (now I understand why they come from the pea family!).

    Will try out more recipes soon I’m sure. Thanks again!


  15. Sorry shilpa..have posted my comment wrongly for potato methi dhal.

    Actually, it was meant for peanut methi dal. My mistake..

  16. Hi SHilpa,

    Is it OK to use raw peanuts with skin-on ?

    I generally, add these to some of my sabzis and vegetable upmas, but without peeling the skin.

    This daal looks really yummy and will definitely try this tonight. Hubby will definitely love this – peanuts in a daal!!!

  17. Thanks Amanda. Let me know if you try other recipes.

    Rama, Thanks I will check out the comment.

    Chetna, You can use peanuts with skin on. When you asked this question, i checked my picture and it looks like skins are peeled, donno why. I had not peeled the skin. Let me know once you try this.

  18. Chetna, When the peanuts are soaked overnight, they become a little pale in colour, and when cooked looks as if the skin is disappeared, but actually not.

    One of my friends hubby does not like peanuts, but she wanted to make this dal with it, so she ground the soaked peanuts along with the lentils, fried in oil and then added methi, a little different.

  19. Your receipes are outstanding –
    What might read as regular/plain cooking, etc., is really what we say over here, – the simple is ALWAYS the most elegant – I enjoy this spot – and will be cooking like crazy.


  20. Hi Shilpa,

    This daal looks delicious. Just a query..when do u have to add the tamarind extract?

    Shilpa: Updated the post. Please check.

  21. Thank you for posting this…something different…I was looking for something to make with Peanuts that does not calls for Sugar and similar sweet stuff….so after a good search found this Peanuts Methi recipe and sure it turned out yum…with taste of Tamarind, Fenugreek, Jaggery and the flavour is all yum….will look for other yum stuff around here….thanks again :).
    Would have shared the photograph but have no option here…anyway got it on Instagram 😀

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