Papaya gravy (Pappayi ghashi/gassi)

I am extremely happy for the response of my papaya dilemma. I was in no mood of making any sweet with papaya and by my good luck all the recipes given by you all are spicy dishes. I wanted to make all of them at once but thought I would take it a bit easy. I started with Pappayi ghashi/gassi.

For last one week, I hardly cooked anything. Due to extreme cold conditions here, I was feeling lazy and settled on either restaurant food or rice congee(rice cooked in lot of water called as ‘pej‘ in Konkani or ‘ganji‘ in Kannada) and pickle. Yeah, it is an amazing dish for cold weather, but we can’t have it for a long time. I saw the blank look on my husband’s face when I said I am going to cook Conjee today. So I dragged myself to cook this ‘papayi ghashi‘, which looked extremely simple.

I was hooked to this recipe given by amazing artist Sree. I love all her paintings and I have to say, now I love her recipes too. As she said in her comment, I also liked the sweetish tinge of papayas to this gravy. I loved the taste of cumin seeds in this dish. I felt it is a mixture of varn that we make at home and ghashi or udid methi with mangoes. Pappayi ghashi, rice and pickle was my afternoon lunch and I should say it was heavenly. Thanks a lot Sree (I hope I have followed it exactly as you mentioned).

The bowl in the picture was a gift from a lovely friend for Thanksgiving :).

15-20 pieces of papaya (they should be sweetish, not very ripe. They should be bit hard but sweet)
3/4 cup grated coconut(fresh or frozen)
1 tea spn cumin seeds(jeera) + 1/2 tea spn for seasoning
1/2 cup onion (preferably shallots)
1/2 tea spn mustard seeds
1-2 green chilies
3-4 Kashmiri red chilies (I used Byadagi chilies) + 1 chili for seasoning
1-2 pieces of kokum
4-5 curry leaves
A pinch of turmeric

Cook papaya with kokum, salt, slitted green chilies and enough water.
Grind coconut with cumin seeds(1 tea spn), a pinch of turmeric and red chilies to a paste. Add this paste to cooked papaya. Add water to bring it to desired consistency and cook for around 10mins.
Heat oil in a seperate pan and add mustard seeds. When they start popping, add cumin seeds, curry leaves and 1 red chili cut into pieces. Now add choppes shallots and fry till they turn translucent. Add this to the gravy and mix.
Serve hot with rice and pickle.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 15-20mins

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Hey Shilps! Great going.. thanks for all the compliments:) ur motivating me to start a food blog.. in fact i want to when i get more time!! i love cooking and try out something almost everyday.


Looks wonderful.I would love to make that if I can my hands on some Papaya!

I am sick of sweets too now,but still have to bake some cookies for X’mas:)



Baskaran, read more about kokum in Wikipedia. The dried skin of kokum fruit is used in curries to give sourness. I found the kokum in Indian store here. There are two types available, one is dried fruit itself and the other is just the skin of dried fruit. The skin is used in most of the Konkani dishes. Here is a picture of kokum skin.
Sree, that is a good news. I will look forward for your foodblog. Now I know what kind of recipes to expect from you. Please start your blog soon.

Thanks Asha. Looks like you celebrate all festivals here. I am sure your cookies would be great. Will look forward for your post this week.

Thanks Jeffery.

Aruna Pai


Shilpa..My mom too makes this. I see lots of papaya when i visit the Indian store. But they are quite big and the qty will be too much for us. Now i am tempted after reading your recipe. Although i knew it, i did not have the exact mesurements. Now can try. Thanks for posting.



Sree, I guess it is called “kushtikayi” in Kannada. I had seen a recipe on TV, so had bought it. But I haven’t seen it at my native. Didn’t know the name chundephal. Thanks for that link.


After reading your Papaya dilemma Shilpa, I went and bought a green papaya to make pickle and some Kooka too. I made Kooka upkari and Saung (song). Haven’t made Papaya pickle yet..will let you know how it turned out.

This Papaya gashi I have never made…may be time to try…:)

chitra parpia


Hi Shilpa, aren’t there some typical konkani randhyis that go with pej .. when you get a chance ? this papaya ghashi is nex ton my dishes to check out. Papaya with spinach is another comb that is dellicious – Ambat – jaggery is a must as a catalyst! cheers


Hi Shilpa,
I like ur Papaya ghashi receipe very much, thanks a lot. I was looking for the preparations of Papaya in other posts for a while but did not find any. I made few times vali and papaya ambat and we like it. But this was a good variation, thanks.

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