Pakodi kadhi

This is a modified version of the very popular Punjabi dish kadhi pakodi – gram flour dumplings in yogurt gravy. I wanted to give this a try for a long time now. But due to sheer laziness, I would just make kadhi – buttermilk gravy.

Long time ago, my friend Aruna had sent me a recipe for this dish. What I am posting this today is based on her recipe (for the most part) and the traditional Punjabi version from Anita. This turned out to be finger licking good. I made only few pakodas and most of them were gone before I added them to gravy. I didn’t make them in perfect shape as I was trying to fry them in very little oil. I wrote down the exact recipe, so that I could prepare this next time again. This is more like a South Indian version of the dish with curry leaves and all.

1/2 cup chopped capsicum (I used orange bellpepper)
1 tbl spn chopped coriander leaves
3 tbl spn besan
1/4 tea spn red chilli powder

Mix all with little water. Make small balls from the mixture. Deep fry in oil. (I shallow fried in little oil like this)

1 cup thick buttermilk or well beaten and thinned yogurt
1 tbl spn besan
2 green chillies
1 red chilli
1/2 tea spn cumin seeds
3-4 curry leaves
A pinch asafoetida
1 tea spn ginger-garlic paste
2-3 strands coriander leaves
A pinch turmeric

In a bowl, mix buttermilk and besan.
Heat oil and add cumin seeds. When they start popping, add green chillies, red chilli, curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste and asafoetida.
Add the buttermilk mixture, turmeric, salt and cook till the kadhi thickens.
Before serving, add pakodis to kadhi, garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot with rice.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 45mins

18 thoughts on “Pakodi kadhi”

  1. Not prepared since long, kids like only the pakodis and not the kadhi. Should make it again, during these cold winter days. Loved the kadai and the handi in the picture.

  2. Hi Shilpa.. The gravy looks soo mouthwatering in the last pic 🙂
    i love the handi u used.. where did u get it?

    Shilpa: Its from India. Aayi had bought 4 copper bottom cute vessels for me for the pictures. I love them 🙂

  3. Yumm!.. looks so delicious! *slurrps* 😀

    Beginner in contemporary cooking, but I follow ur blog religiously as I have to survive on my own when it comes to food. (I am a student living alone uc :P)

    Please do keep posting yummy recipes like this!
    I also was wondering if u could post the recipe for “Chicken Lollipop”

  4. Me craving for these now 🙁
    We make it sans capsicum ,but i think it adds a kick to the flavor
    Love fritters in any shape ,size and curry,so it goes without saying ,that i loved this recipe too

  5. Hi Shilpa, first of all let me tell you that I’ve been reading your blog for past few months. Never commented though. I find your recipes very easy and yet amazing. keep writing. All the best.

  6. Hi Shilpa,
    I have been following your website daily from past 2 years , just like how I read newspaper daily 🙂 Thanks for all your time and effort spent in preparing, writing and posting on the website.

    Wishing to get more and more such delicious recipes from you. And last but not the least all your recipes are easy to follow and the outcome is really good.

  7. Hi Shilpa,

    I tried this over the weekend and it was really great. My husband usually pulls a face when i cook some thing fried ! But the pakodis in this kadhi jus vanished. This is a great receipe and we enjoyed it.


  8. Hey Shilpa – I tried out the kadhi last Sunday and it was a hit! I loved it better than the kadhi with methi pakodas.

    Thanks for posting.


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