Coorg Pineapple stew(curry)

From last few days, due to weather change I am suffering from fever and a severe throat infection. Though fever went down soon, there is this weakness and my taste buds have gone for a toss. In this condition, I would be more than happy to make a great tasting, very easy to make dish in no time. That’s when I got this recipe from Pelicano. I tried it immediately and it tasted heavenly.

Here is what Pelicano said about this dish, “I thought of this delicious recipe the other day. I make it just once in a while when I can find pineapples that are very nice. It is from an old cookbook of mine called “premila lal’s indian cooking” 1968….It is an odd collection of recipes from all over India…and I know this one is from the south somewhere by its ingredients and methods. It is so delicious…I cooked apples in the gravy once too and they were splendid as well…The only thing hard to do is browning the onions evenly so as not to get a scorch taste, but I am sure you are good at this by now. Let me know if you try it out”.

“I don’t like it too mushy, so I don’t let it cook for too long. I keep checking for tenderness and hope no one notices that the dish is disappearing. The only thing is whatever you do, don’t use canned/tinned pineapple for this. The flavor is….well….you know all too well. Hope you enjoy”.

My reaction after tasting this dish??? Mmmmmmmmm………wah wah :). Thanks a ton Pelicano.

Pineapple (cut in bite size pieces) 1 large
Coriander seeds 1 tea spn
Red chilies 8
Ghee/oil 1 tbl spn
Large onion (sliced fine) 1
Mustard seeds ½ tea spn
Jaggery egg size lump
Water 2 cups

I used 1 cup of pineapple and ¾ cup of onion. To make it still faster, I used chili powder(1/2) tea spn and coriander powder(1/2 tea spn). Added just a ¾ tea spn jaggery to suite my taste. The quantity was enough for 2 people.

Grind coriander and chilies to a paste.
Heat ghee and add mustard seeds. When they start popping, add onion and fry till they turn slightly brown.
Add pineapple, coriander/chili paste and fry just until well mixed.
Add salt, jaggery and water. Simmer on a very low flame until the gravy thickens a bit.
Serve with rice, puris or idlis.

Serves : 4-5
Preparation time : 30mins

23 thoughts on “Coorg Pineapple stew(curry)”

  1. Shilpa..The way expressed your friends word and explanation and presentation of the recipe is too good:-) Though you are feeling sick you made to make a post show your energy level is very high.Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe and thanks to your friend too…Get well soon:-)

  2. shilpa-
    i am so honored and flattered that you tried this recipe and then posted it as well!! I even found the city of Coorg on the is halfway between Mangalore and Mysore…but it is now called Madikeri. Have you ever visited?

    i hope you are feeling better soon shilpa- it sounds like your condition is getting more serious and i must say i am worried. I wish for you a fast recovery and fine health thereafter.

    1. Coorg is an anglicized name for Kodagu. This is the districts name and not a city. Madikeri is the Head quarters of Coorg/Kodagu district.
      Madikeri is the capital.
      Coorg / Kodagu is the District.

  3. Hi Shilpa
    Jut wondering why you called it Coorg Pineapple Curry.I’m from Coorg and have never eaten this in a coorg house but have eaten it in a kerala household.Feel better soon!

  4. Meena, Madhuli, Mandira, SL, Rajasi thanks for your wishes. I am okay now. Feeling much better.

    Ellora, I will try to find the winter Kashay.

    Pelicano, thanks for the wonderful recipe. I enjoyed it a lot. I am feeling better now. Thanks for the wishes. I have seen Coorg/Madikeri. It is a very very beautiful place. A very popular hill station with fantastic views and cold weather.

    Medha, I have no idea of the origin of this dish. When Pelicano sent this recipe, I just tried it. I just gave the same name as he had mentioned. He also got it from a book, so we do not know more about it. I am very sorry :(.

  5. Shilpa,
    I would never have thought of making pinapple this way even if I read the recipe somewhere. But now i think I will. Your pic looks good. I should learn not to underestimate a recipe, just because I think the ingredients dont go well together. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Shilpa,

    I check ur website every once in a while…ur vaingan bhajji reminded me so much of my mom and home!…I dont like cooking much, but I do drool over the pics!…u r really enthusiastic abt cooking…wish u a speedy recovery to total health, girl!
    Take care.


  7. i guess u are feelin better already with every body’s wishes. it is when we are sick that we yearn for comfort food and this recipe sounds like a good one to bookmark. thanks. take care.

  8. Hi Shilpa!! Nice soup! I do have ‘Premila Lal”s book! I have to look for this recipe. Looks good though! Hope this soup will make you feel little better! Get well soon!!:)

  9. Hema, even I was like that before. But these days, I have learnt to be more broad minded and without giving a second thought, I prepare them. Always I have seen such dishes were huge hits :D. Thanks for wishes…

    Shaheen I am okay just few more days of rest and I will be back to normal. You are right, this was rather a great comfort food. Thanks…

    Thanks Asha for the wishes.

    Thats a right spirit Medha. I too don’t mind anything new associated with my cuisine :). That too such a lovely dish…

    Nandita, thanks. I will continue posting whenever I can :D.

  10. Pineapple and curry!!!!! never thought they could go together…….. but it surely looks tempting!!!!!

    Get well soon Shilpa!!! (I am sure you must be well by now and thinking which recipe to post next 🙂 )

  11. shilpa and everyone-
    i just made this recipe again….it may very well be from kerala instead of medikeri/coorg in karnataka…that is just what the recipe was called, but the book seems to be compiled by premila from recipes she collected and the origin of this one might very well be a mistake!!

    anyway…i added a few additions of my own which turned out quite nice…and i tried to stay within the cooking style of the original recipe. i added a pinch of hing with the mustard seeds…i added 1/4 teaspoon black pepper with the dhania seeds…i added 1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger and 1/2″ piece of cassia cinnamon after the water is added with the pineapple. i seem to add more than 1 pt of water- so just until covered. mine turns out really red-coloured from adding the full amount of chilis/mirchi, but we all have our own taste, and i tend to enjoy food very hot! thanks again shilpa for the post!

  12. Thanks Rooma.

    Pelicano, I should really appreciate your interest in Indian cooking. I am very happy that you took sometime to leave this comment. I am going to try these additions next time :). Thanks a lot.

  13. Hi Shilpa yesterday i got a pineapple especially to try out this recipe… but i find that i have no jaggery, can’t wait for next grocery shop visit. Can you tell some substitute , will some brown sugar replace jaggery? Thanks a ton..

  14. Yes Neetu, you can use normal/brown sugar if you don’t have jaggery. It will still taste good. I used sugar last time when I was not having jaggery.

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