Coconut curry(Ghashi/Rosu/Udid Methi)

A must in all konkani functions. For this any or all of the vegetables mentioned below are used. Usually any one vegetable of sour taste like bimbal or ambado(amte kayi) is used. I use tamarind if both of these are not available.

Coconut 1/2 cup
Bittergourd(Hagalakayi or karathe) (Optional) 4-5 pieces
Bhindi(Okra) (Optional) 4-5
Bimbal or ambado (amte kayi) or tamarind or raw mango 2-3 pieces
Fenugreek seeds 1/4 tea spn
Coriander seeds 1/2 tea spn
Urad dal 1/2 tea spn
Jaggery 1/2 tea spn
Mustard seeds 1/2 tea spn
Red chillis 5-6
Curry leaves 4-5
Oil 1 tea spn

Heat oil and fry coriander seeds, Urad dal(half the quantity mentioned above), fenugreek seeds(half the quantity mentioned above), red chillies(4). Grind with jaggey and coconut(if tamarind is used, grind it with masala). Do not make the masala too fine.
Heat oil and fry mustard seeds, remaining methi seeds and urad daal. When they start spluttering, add curry leaves and 2 red chillis cut into pieces. Fry for one 1/2 minute and add vegetables. Add 1/2 cup water and cook vegetables(if bitter gourd is used, cook it seperately, sqeeze out water and then add). Add ground masala, add salt and sufficient water(It should not be too watery). Cook for 2-3 minutes.
Serve hot with rice.

Serves : 3
Preparation time : 20min

4 thoughts on “Coconut curry(Ghashi/Rosu/Udid Methi)”

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  2. This is my favourite dish.I had only had it after marriage.My mother in law makes it for me. But i had never had it with veggies. Will surely try it.Thanks.

  3. Prachi Masurekar

    Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful recipe.; I totally enjoy the authentic taste. I used raw mango but instead of vegetables added some fish (not sure if this is a strictly veg curry) but my husband and I found it awesome.


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