Buttermilk Gravy/Soup (Taka Kadi) with buttermilk chillies

Buttermilk is called Tak (or Taak) in Konkani. Taka kadi is one very simple dish, where buttermilk is seasoned with either garlic or normal seasoning. This is not a Konkani specific dish, as most of the South Indian cuisines have one or the other variations of this. At my home, my parents preferred the garlic version. We love to eat it with rice or drink it as it is. I make the garlic version and this version with normal seasoning alternatively so that we don’t get bored of it.

Usually the Konkani version does not have besan (gram flour) in it. I add it to give a little thickness to kadi. We usually eat it with rice. If we want to use it for drinking, I make spicy buttermilk.

I have made another small modification to this recipe. I use few green chillies and use buttermilk chillies (or Taka mirsang) to give extra flavor.

3 cups buttermilk or 1 cup thick yogurt thinned down with water
3 green chillies
1 tea spn mustard seeds
4-5 curry leaves
A pinch asafoetida
1/2 cup water
2-3 sprigs coriander leaves
1 tbl spn besan (gram flour) – optional
3-4 buttermilk chillies – optional

Heat oil and add mustard seeds. When they start popping, add green chillies, curry leaves and asafoetida. Add buttermilk chillies and fry for few minutes. Add 1/2 cup water. Mix besan in 2 tbl spns water in a bowl to remove all the lumps. Add this to the seasoning and bring it to boil. When the mixture slightly thickens, add salt and take off heat.
Add the buttermilk. Mix and then garnish with coriander leaves.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 10mins

PS: Adding the buttermilk chillies to seasoning and then adding buttermilk makes the chillies slightly soggy in the buttermilk, but allows the kadi to soak some flavors of chillies. If you don’t like soggy chillies, fry them separately, crush them slightly and add them to the kadi just before serving or serve them separately in the plate so that everyone can add as much as they like while eating.
Do not cook the kadi after adding buttermilk. Heat will separate the buttermilk. So we add buttermilk after taking it off the heat. You can still reheat the kadi if required, but do not boil it.


23 thoughts on “Buttermilk Gravy/Soup (Taka Kadi) with buttermilk chillies”

  1. That bucketful of buttermilk cannot quench my appetite for it. I want more!

    I have always made the Punjabi Kadhi, I do have to try out yours which looks super easy to do. I am sure my chili-fiend husband is going to love all that heat in it.

  2. We make Gujrati kadhi like that, except the buttermilk chillies, but we fry those chillies to serve with dal rice etc.Never tried combining both 😉
    Loved the Balti..looks so authentic !

  3. The buttermilk served in that bucket looks awesome. I love that bucket. Where did you buy that from? Recently, when my parents were in Kerela on vacation, they looked for this bucket everywhere, but could not find it in the stores/ shopping areas the tour organizers took them.

  4. dear shilpa,
    due to eye problem (i get eye pain on sitting on PC) i feel it very difficult to search for your recipes. i really love your recipes very much. is there any other way of getting your recipes? i mean your recipe book. i would have loved to purchase your recipe book. it would have helped me a lot. do you have your recipe book? i mean all your recipes in book form “aayis recipes”. i am really excited to get such a wonderful book.
    pls reply. and can i have your email id please?
    thank you so much for all your tasty recipes.

  5. dear shilpa,
    pls inform me if u get any of ur recipes published in book form. i will be more than happy to get that. any idea for that in near future? it will be helpful to more and more people like me.
    thank you.

  6. Hi shilpa..
    Ur recipes look delicious.
    im just a beginner so wanted to ask how to make buttermilk chilly, as i love takka kadi.

  7. Nice. Maayzyapan aai chi recipe! mala Laun faar avadte..
    Hyaat Masala pan taakun chhan lagte..
    Besan taklyanne kadhikadhi kadi pithur hote…
    try this with Vangyache talalele kaape ani Mataki chi Oosal! my Bing eating disorder!

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