Welcome !!!

Finally my dream of having my own website has come true today. It has been almost 11 months I started this blog. I always knew I would migrate to my own website some day. More because of the flurry of new readers to this blog. So it happened sooner than I expected.

Thanks for all your support, suggestion, feedbacks, comments which motivated me to make this move, to a more stable, more flexible, more categorical (thanks to wordpress) space on the internet.

I had to migrate all the posts from blogspot to my site, assign categories and do a bit of formatting etc, which kept me busy for the last few days. That was the reason I could not post anything new.

Don’t forget to update your bookmarks(links) to https://www.aayisrecipes.com. It will only take you a minute, and will always take you to the new web address the next time you want to visit and avoid you a redirect.

I hope all of you will continue to visit and support my blog.

16 thoughts on “Welcome !!!”

  1. Hey Shilpa….congratulations!!!
    I am very happy for you. Surely you will have a great collection of recipes here.

  2. Thanks a lot for all your comments. Hope you all will keep visiting my blog in future.
    Vinyas, I have a mail id in this domain. But I decided to keep the original one as I love gmail ;).
    Manu, It did not occur to me that I shd post abt Plain rice :(. Well.. I will post it too :D.

  3. Congratulations on moving to new home. Looks great.
    I have stopped referring to my handy cooking book ‘Oota Upahar’ by Jaya Shenoy after knowing your website 🙂

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