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I’ve posted about this before on Aayi’s Recipes. But this post is here to support the drive to stop plagiarism in the blogging world.
Why did I start blogging? It was because I wanted to save the traditional Konkani as well as other recipes which I keep trying. We all bloggers give a lot of time to blogging because we think many food enthusiasts can get benefited from this knowledge sharing. But what happens when we see someone lifting contents of our blogs and don’t have the courtesy of saying thanks or crediting the source. Just think for a moment about someone coming into your garden and taking your favorite flower without even bothering to ask you. It would not be encouraging or supportive of all the work and time you had devoted for your garden. Same is true for the beautiful knowledge sharing medium – blogging.

Last time when I wrote a post about someone lifting my contents, there were comments that suggested that the traditional recipes can’t be copyrighted. I agree that these recipes cannot be copyrighted, someone else can have the same recipe on their blog, but is it possible for two people to write the exact same text? Is it possible for two people to take exact same picture? It might be possible that they didn’t know about copyright issues or that copying on the web isn’t encouraged. Fine, but the question is what did they do when they come to know? Did they had the courtesy of apologizing? No..

This was just a blog, but what if the same thing is done by giants like Yahoo!? what would they do if we copied their content? Would they keep quiet? Is it okay for them if we say one of my friend gave me this content, so this is not my responsibility?

Background for this post : Yahoo! India’s Malayalam portal lifted contents from a blog by Surya Gayatri. When she complained about it, they removed the contents silently without even apologizing. They blamed it on WebDunia who is the content provider for them. So all the bloggers have come together and are protesting against yahoo! in an event organised by InjiPennu.

Please let us know what you think and support the drive to stop plagiarism.

9 thoughts on “Stop plagiarism”

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    I definitely support all bloggers against plagiarism. It can be very discouraging when ones creation & hard work is copied without permission & no apologies too!!

  2. Shilpa, let’s hope our effort in fighting plagiarism gains momentum and gathers support.

    Btw, all the best with the watermarking software your working on.

  3. I totally agree Shilpa! Yahoo should have displayed better coutesy by apologizing and more closely examining the matter- it was not hard to see how blatant the copying was when I saw it!! Every blogger spends a lot of time and effort for every page that is contained in their blog, and this work should not be borrowed without permission- just good manners!! But I say it is a far greater shame to have to steal, than be stolen from…these people obviously have no creativity or diligence to complete something of their own- that is a shame!

  4. Hi Shilpa,

    I totally agree with you..rules should be the same for everyone.Since yahoo is accessed by millions of people all over the world,its all the more reason for them to be extra careful and double check all thier contents before publishing.I wonder what would have been their reply if the content provided to them was lifted from some equally popular site like rediff.

    I am a regular follower of your blog and I understand the time and effort you must be putting in to help others in their cooking ventures and its really unfair that such efforts should be copied without even askin for permission.

  5. i read ur comment, as we all know now a days copy pasting is usual on online world. It would be great if the copy pasting person take pain in mentioning the original source of his work, its a way to express one’s gratitude to a person who put one’s energy and time in bringing the topic on sharing plateform. Copy pasting without mentioning the source is not good. I went through you blog its good and practical. wish u good luck and thanks for sharing information

  6. Plagiarism is as dishonourable as any other type of theft, even if you change a few words to make it “appear original” before posting: it is still theft: and in any case, there is no need – most sites invite copying with proper attribution to the source. The simple rule is “Give credit where credit is due”, i.e. simple decency.

    Best regards,
    Harold Clifford
    P.S. I have Just discovered aayisrecipes today and am impressed.

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