Request for kids lunchbox recipes

Please have a look at this(you can find this link, ‘lunchbox recipes’, at the top) and I hope you all will actively participate.


6 thoughts on “Request for kids lunchbox recipes”

  1. I have given a few suggestions Shilpa. Hope you find them useful

    Shilpa: I think you are referring to the links in the previous comment. Thanks a lot and please leave a comment here if you post more of such recipes.

  2. Hi Shilpa….I would suggest, idlis made out of Surnoli batter. Even for adults if one does not have enough time in the morning, try idlis (offcource the batter cannot be too liquid). It come out very well. I gave that to my son yesterday. For us it was the normal surnoli made out of jaggery.

  3. Shilpa….I recollected my son last weekend to make pasta, veg burger. Maybe he has seen some other child in school getting or the cafeteria serving it. He asked me to make the pasta in the night and keep if i do not have time in the morning.

  4. Kindly request you to add some more snacks or paratha items for kids. I have a 16 months baby. She eats everything propery. But sometime I don’t get new idea what to cook now which will be different ..which will be healty as well and tasty.

    So add some recipes for kids.

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