My deepest condolences

My deepest condolences to Mumbai attack victims and their families. I salute NSG, police and hotel staff who put their lives into danger trying to help people. I hope atleast now our Indian government does something to stop this madness.

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  1. Dear everyone,
    Hi! Here in mumbai our life has become very miserable .For the past 3 days. we can not even watch TV for a long time. All inocent people are shot at. It is going to take a long time to come to terms. n heal their wounds. We really salute all those who laid their life to save mumbai and all those innocent people who were shot at by the terrorists. We do symapathise with bereaved families. May God give them the strength to bear this ireparrable loss.

  2. I love India. It breaks my heart that this had to happen there in wonderful Mumbai. God,be with everyone. I hope all who were wounded or killed can be at peace / especially the families who are left behind.

  3. Hi everyone
    I am a mumbaikar currently NOT in Mumbai. Bt I have friends and family there and sentiments attached to places like the CST station and the Taj hotel. But it’s not really about who I have there and what my sentiments are. What happened was absolutely terrible. I have been watching TV with little or no sleep for the past 3 days, hoping and praying it would get over soon.

    But Kanchan lets not say that our lives have become miserable! We will survive through this, though the scar will always remain and I don’t even want any mumbaikar / Indian to ever forget what happened.

    God bless the people who put their lives in line to save those of others. It takes a true hero to do what not only well trained army people did but also what an average citizen did to help.

    Jai Hind!

  4. My heart bleeds to see so many innocent people killed by a handful of ruthless terrorists. But i am proud to say that Mumbaikars have the spirit to get through this difficulty and will survive although the scar will remain for a long time. I hope our government not only tightens the security along the border but also takes the necessary step to bring a revolution in the growth of the country by upgrading the system. I wish our government takes the help of countries like US & UK who have faced similar problems before to take the necessary step.
    May God bless the people who volunteered to help in this situation & may God give strength to people who have lost their near & dear ones in this incident.

  5. Hi Shilpa,
    It was heartwrenching to see all those people being carried out on stretchers and all those who fought for them and did not make it. I wish we could do something to atleast support our troops in India who I don’t think have enough protective armor for themselves. I wish the Indian government would really wake up from their deep sleep.

  6. May the souls who died in this tragic incident rest in peace. May God give their families immense strength to get through this difficult time.


  7. We are Very lucky. My father works in Nariman point only,to be fortunate by father arrived after the attack to mumbai from hyderabad. We were very shocked by the instance. He works for Canarabank, which is very near to Taj hotel.

    May all there souls rest in peace!!

  8. My deepest condolences to all Mumbaikars too. Hope God gives strength to the families of the innocent people who died in this attack. Just way too horrible that our country goes through this.

  9. I am a Mumbaikar & I was aghast to see the devastation our beloved city went through for 3 days. We were shocked to see our beloved Taj, which is a heritage structure & is 105 years old, go up in flames. We were in the safe confines of our home & yet we felt so much trauma seeing everything on television, so just imagine what the hostages must have gone through.

    Our Government & Intelligence has failed us totally. Inspite of a history of attacks on Mumbai, our Government was not prepared to defend our city. But we Mumbaikars will bounce back as we have in the previous numerous occassions. We just hope that such incidents don’t happen again & innocent people don’t lose their lives.

    My salutations to the martyrs who lost their lives while saving the lives of the people inspite of having inadequate protection gear. I also wish that may the souls of those who lost their lives in this massacre rest in peace.

  10. These riots have really awakened the educated class to fight back. We hope Mumbai will reign in such hands rather than selfish, stupid and corrupt politicians . Hope to get normalcy soon . We did have a normal working day in Mumbai today.but the scars are going to be there for a our life time.

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