Moved !!! Moving; Please check back in 3 days

Update: Moved, you should now experience faster loading pages and a better overall feel.

Please leave me a comment or email if you come across any issues. I appreciate your help.

I am in the process of moving Aayi’s Recipes on to a new web hosting provider. You might experience issues with this site such as site unavailable, broken links/images or any other errors.

Please bear with me for 3 days and we will be back up and better.

As always I appreciate your support, see you soon.

19 thoughts on “Moved !!! Moving; Please check back in 3 days”

  1. Oh no!! Thought of taking a recipe for the weekend party!
    Anyways didi… will wait for ur site to be up…. Good luck with the site migration..
    bye.. happy weekend..

  2. To day when I visited your site I was led to some ‘WordPress’
    Please come back in the same form as hither to (which eve host you may chose)

  3. Please come back soon and if URL(web address ) changes, please send me an email.

    One more suggestion, I dont find the original menu( software menu) you had on the page which led to choosing Konkani cuisine.These days I need to search the recipe I wish to look for and this often leads to search results which mostly consists of recipe comments left by visitors. It would be great to have a browse option for saars/upkaries/masala randais etc

    By the way I had purchase kokum especially to follow the kokum saar from your website, but no problem I will come back after 3 days.

    Shilpa: Suchitra, I never had a separate category for Konkani cuisine, bcos I feel there are many recipes which are common for different cuisines. There are still the menu categories from which you can choose, but not cuisine specific. I will work on the search though.

  4. Shilpa,
    I could not get into the site, was directed into WordPress and got nowhere. Please can you send a mail when your site is back? Wish you all the best.

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