Garlic mango chutney(losney-ambli gojju)

Raw mango is called ambli (Konkani) or mavinkayi(Kannada). In India, it is a mango season now. Every time I talk to my parents, they talk about mangoes in our yard. We have many mango trees, though they are not any export quality mangoes, they are one of the best mangoes I have ever tasted. Juicy, sweet and full of pulp. So usually these are used in cooking also.

Aayi gave this recipe to me last week when I was in search of mango recipes. This is not the famous ambli gojju the Konkanis are familiar with(I will post that version some other time). The mangoes we get here are pathetic, so after couple of failure trials, I have stopped buying them. We get raw ones here, by chance if we get ripe one, they have the hairy pulp(not sure what it is called, it is impossible to eat these mangoes). So my best choice was to buy them from Indian store. I bought the most fragrant ones that I could find. When I tasted them, they were very sour. So I thought of using them for this recipe. This recipe calls for raw mangoes and jaggery is added to give the sweet taste to it. Instead of that I used these semi ripe – sweetish sour mangoes and the final result was very good. You can’t eat it in large quantity like a side dish, but it is best when tried like a chutney, a little at a time.

1 cup mango pieces
1 tea spn jaggery
1 tea spn chili powder
1/2 tea spn finely chopped garlic

Increase or decrease the jaggery content according to the sweetness of mangoes. This dish should have a tinge of sweetness.

Cook mango pieces in water till they are soft. Mash them. (I cooked them along with the skin and used mixer to slightly grind it).
Mix jaggery, salt, chili powder and mix well.
Heat oil and add garlic. Fry for a min and pour it on the gojju.
Serve with hot rice.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 15mins

23 thoughts on “Garlic mango chutney(losney-ambli gojju)”

  1. Sandeepa, you have to finish it within 3-4days. I don’t think it can be stored for long.

    Thanks Deepa, Roopa, Asha, Ramya.

  2. Mangoes, right off the tree are always the best kind, Shilpa. It is when you don’t have that luxury that the ‘type’ of mango becomes important. 🙂

    Gozzu looks good, though I think for now I am going to enjoy the other ambuli (That’s what we call it) Gozzu you are talking about which right at this moment is in my fridge after last night. My in-laws are here and we are enjoying an aamchi feast every day. 😀 Relinquishing my kitchen has never felt so good!
    Your recipe is on the back burner till then.

  3. I miss being in India during the mango season too. This year we managed to get some not-so-bad mangoes from the flea market. Love your recipe. I am sure my husband will like it a lot. He can live on garlic!

  4. Hi Shilpa,

    chutney looks gr8.

    I liked very much your way of explaining to prepare home made ghee..wonderful job.

    Attimes i felt alot while buying ghee in Indian stores, it cost too much, though we can’t avoid it as we need to prepare sweet during festival times.

    Yours seems to be a cheap and best idea.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh yeah, I know all about this one. It is great eh Shilpa. I love the rich yellow colour and the combination of the jaggery with the tart/sour is exciting to the palate.

    A friend of mine who has more than one mango trees in her yard gave me some green ones and I made a chutney with it that I have bottled in the fridge.

  6. Hi shilpa,
    good recipe!!
    all ur recipes reminds me of the good food I use to eat at my dear friend’s place .
    keep the good work going!!


  7. yay, this is definitely my kinda dish. we get the semi-ripe mangoes that look raw from the outside, and it’s frustrating to deal with them.

  8. Shilpa….Every time i speak to my parents, the discussion is on mangoes and they are feasting on it there. I love ambuli in any curry/gozzu. Picture look gr8 as usual.

  9. Dear Shilpa,
    Let me first introduce myself, I am Sarita and a regular reader of
    your blog. I love all the recipes and try them every now and then. If u
    remember I had asked u the recipes of Kombdi vade and gode daal.

    When I saw the recipe of mango chutney I thought of sharing these two
    recipes my aai used to prepare in summer.

    METHI-AMBA tastes more sweet than tangy.

    For this u need 10-12 methi seeds, muster seeds, salt 1 tsp, sugar or
    Jaggery, 1/2 tsp red chili powder and one mango ( here I never saw
    small kairis but get big ones at Indian shop)

    Cut mango in small pieces along with skin
    Heat oil, add muster seeds and methi seeds, wait till becomes
    reddish, add mango pieces, then add chili powder, salt and sugar ( u need lot
    of sugar in this recipe, still depends on your taste). cook on low
    flame till mango pieces are tender. Served like chutney in small quantity
    Methi amba lasts for 7-8 days if preserved in fridge.

    Cold drink from raw mango.

    This is too simple, just boil mango or pressure cook till 4-5 whistle
    ( depends on size of mango) till tender.
    Remove skin and scrape all pulp from the mango seed as well as from
    inside of skin. Blend pulp in blender with sugar and little cardamom
    powder and a pinch salt. add cold water as much as u need. If served with
    food then it should be little thick but if u have to drink as a cold
    drink then its thin. can be kept in fridgs for one week. This drink is
    very refreshing specially in summer season. In Nagpur this drink is very

    This sounds really awkward to me that I am sending recipes to the one
    who is a perfect Annapurna but as both the recipes are popular in
    vidarbha, u will enjoy the different taste.

    Do try them whenever u get time.

    Thanks for the blog. I really love it.

    Best regards

  10. Hi Shilpa!
    This site is very great. My friends Deepa and Archana had mentioned me about this site. I’m very much impressed by most of ur recipes.

    Today i read through this mango chutney recipe of urs. I remembered the mango chutney that my mom used to prepare at home. I would like to share with u, this recipe.

    This raw mango chutney tastes very good with rice.

    1 cup of finely chopped raw mango pieces
    1 tea spn moongdal(soaked)
    3 cup of grated coconut
    1/4th tea spn of asafetida
    2 green chillies
    1 small piece of tamarind

    Method: Fry grren chillies, and asafetida together. Mix this with grated coconut, tamarind and grind them to make chutney. Mix the finely chopped raw mango pieces with the chutney.
    Heat oil and put the soaked moongdal and fry for 1 min and mix it with the prepared mango chutney.

  11. Hi Aruna

    By the way my name is Seema Nayak, GSB from Honavar, NK, 🙂
    We call it as ambli chutney!
    Sorry i didn’t mention my full name!

  12. Dear Shilpa,

    The first thought that comes to mind when one sees this pickle is to get the curd rice and savour it immediately. I am sure many people would agree with me on this? That looks tangy and tasty! Thank you for this recipe.

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