Fond memories…

I usually don’t prefer to write about non-food related posts here. But today when I heard these songs, I felt like living my childhood all over again. I thought many of you would love to listen to these. So enjoy :).

Baje Sargam har tarfse goonj bankar desharag..

Baje Sargam Har Ta…

Ek chidiya anek chidiya

Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai…chaddi pahanke phool khila hai phool khila hai

and finally, Mile sur mera sur bane hamara

Those who don’t know about these songs – These are the most popular songs & title songs which used to play on Indian national TV – Doordarshan. As kids, we all grew up listening to these.Thanks to esnips user for uploading these clips to there, thanks to the youtube uploader too.

35 thoughts on “Fond memories…”

  1. You brought back childhood memories. I used to wait to listen to these songs especially the “Mile sur” Thanks you made my day.

  2. I listened to each one of the songs ….that was a nice recollecting the good old Doordarshan clips … even I grew up listening to them.
    “Mile sur” was our favorite even though we watched it everyday we never got bored of it.

    Thanks for getting me all nostalgic !!!


  3. We didn’t have TV at home till I was in 10th grade! We had only 1 TV in the neighborhood and everyone used to wait for “nanna danige ninna daniya..”.
    I saw “Ek Chididya Anek Chidiya” only once, but remember even today!
    Thanks for posting this.

  4. It’s funny how a little song like this can trigger oceans of emotions and relink a forgotten world. I saw these songs in youtube a while ago, thanks for these..


  5. Shilpa,

    Thanks a lot! Listening to these goldies sure brings back the memories of good old days. Please post here whenever u come across some more of them.


  6. Hi!
    Thank u sooooo much for these !
    Especially “ek chidiya”
    But it was not complete!:-(
    The story goes on and the theme of national integration is told in the end!
    Wow!It is amazing I pretty much remember it fully (almost) after ALL these years!
    Pls try and post the complete version …..IF U CAN or someone else!
    Would be really great!
    Thanks again!:-)

  7. It was really nice of you to put all those golden oldies on ur website…u r definetly doing an amazing job.

    somehow i miss that old doordarshan..nowadays its all cluttered up.


  8. Hi Shilpa, I watched the whole video and just couldnt help feel nostalgic …..good old days …..hmm…wish I could go back in a time machine or something 🙂

  9. Thanks Pelicano, Ramya, I have updated with the complete song.

    I am very happy to know you all had the same memories like me. We used to wait for Kannada sentence in Mile sur. These days we have all regional language channels, but at that time, there was only Doordarshan which used to have some of the best programs. When Zee and other channels started, they were good for few years, but now, they have become intolerable. The background music in all the serials is just above any tolerating point.

  10. Hi Shilpa, I like ur blog very much…been trying some recipes for quite some time and been thinking of starting a blog myself but donno when…one such day when i was checking your blog for some recipes…surprise…surprise…i saw the video clips of ‘mile sur’ and jungle book song….fond memories of India flooded…of my childhood and the immense emotional feeling it stirred in me….thank you so much for the wnderful post of fond sure would have touched a chord in everyone out there…thanks once again for this wonderful post !!!

  11. Oh…Shilpa thank you so much for posting these…I have been missing Ek chidiyaso much…Now I will send this link to my sister!

    And Mile Sur was a superb ode to our diversity!

  12. Thank you for sharing these….really brought back my childhood…even made my 4 yr old son listen to them.
    thnx once again

  13. Fine ! Excellent to c d videos ! It wud b even more superb if u upload baje sargam har taraf se video. Another national integration song. It had cum in Doordarshan on 14th aug evening this year ! It may cum again some other day & if u capture the video, plz upload it. Thank u.

    Shilpa: Suraj, I have given the link to the audio of baje sargam in the above post. Will search to see if I can find the video.

  14. Hi.. am a new visitor to this website.. got to know this website from one of my friends.. found memories.. refreshed me a lot!!.. i felt as if my childhood is back..:-) how nice those days were!! thank you so much of such a wonderful memories.. keep going..

  15. Dear Shilpa,

    These songs just bring back such good memories of watching doordarshan and we were so content with the programs tat were shown, although limited. And now, with so many channels, wer’e still not satisfied. time just changes, but the memories still linger, thanks a ton!!

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