Five things to eat before you die

From last few days, I am reading about this event in different blogs. But never actually thought what I would write if someone tags me. This ‘event’ (or rather a meme) was started by The Traveler’s lunchbox and I am tagged by Meeta.

If I have to pick up some dishes which I want to eat before I die, they would be anything from this list. But then, I eat them frequently and It’s kinda become normal. So let me write something else. I am writing a lot about my mother’s food which is infact my first preference, but for this post, I will choose one entry each from my mom’s kitchen, from my state Karnataka, my country India, the continent Asia and one from the other part of the world.

1. Bread fruit is my all time favourite vegetable. We make a variety of dishes with this vegetable and anything with this vegetable in it tastes heavenly. We have this tree in our garden at my native. We use this vegetable to make fries(phodi), different side dishes, chips etc all of which are my favourites.

2. I have never tasted Ragi -mudde. This is the main food for atleast 30% of people from Karnataka. Being a cooking freak, I would not wait so long for any dish, but somehow I feel I have waited very long to have a Ragi-mudde. Never got a chance to eat it. (Read Ragi-mudde recipe from Madhu).

3. Pani puri is one of the most popular chaats in India. Every state has it’s own way of making this. I love all the different varieties I have tasted so far. Every major city in India has these Pani-puri stalls. (The traditional Pani-puri recipe followed at my home is here).

4. Samarkand is a very popular Afghan restaurant in Bangalore. A fantastic ambiance and feels like entering a cave. All the waiters wear the traditional black Afghan costume. After getting seated, they give you a small newspaper, you start wondering and start reading assuming that it would be an Afghan newspaper. But actually it is their menu :). The food is just superb. I have eaten only twice there, but I can never forget the taste. (When you are coming out of the restaurant, you will find a big hole in your pocket since this restaurant is pretty expensive :D). Everything I tasted here, from dry chicken dishes, curries to Biryani were amazing.

5. I loved all Mexican dishes that I have tasted so far. The Tacos, Chalupas, Burritos, ChipotleBurrito bols etc. I wish to go to a proper Mexican restaurant sometime and taste more of their dishes. I even tried reading a book on Mexican food culture and recipes, but the names of the dishes were something too difficult to remember. I am sure once I taste them, I will never forget the names.

Sudha, Shaheen, Asha, Manisha, Archana, please write about this if you are interested. Thanks in advance.

12 thoughts on “Five things to eat before you die”

  1. I love Samarkhand too!!!!!!! My only complaint is that their chairs are too low, so it’s difficult to get on your feet after a heavenly meal. Burp:)!!

  2. Shilpa,
    Samarkand has been on my list for a long time now. Must do it, when we are in Bangalore next. My in-laws have been there, and they liked it a lot.
    Btw, I loved your idea of the sequence that you have chosen for the list.

  3. Shilpa……I liked the way you have presented. Must visit Samarkhand after reading abt it, one of the places i would love to eat before i die, and yes bread fruit/geev kadgi is also my favorite.

  4. Hi Shilpa! Good to read your food MEME
    and thanks for tagging me!! I am writing it, having fun too! Will post ASAP!! I have to tag 5 girls? Hope they don’t curse me!! 😀

  5. guess what . i have eaten at samarkhand, so one is off my list now. i will make the list, but have no idea how to compress everything i want to eat into 5 items. So when u eat ragi munda, i want a snap of ur face.:)

  6. Great to know few of you have eaten in Samarkand. I have gone there twice, both times it was a treat from my brother. Next time I wish to treat him there :).

  7. Shilpa, I’ve already been tagged by Faith of mekuno cooking. I haven’t posted for several reasons – I was also extremely busy at work, then that copyright issue had me all fired up, I was waiting for permission to use a picture and a camping trip at 8K feet this past weekend. And, now I have twisted my back making it difficult to sit in one place for a long time. We got snowed out while camping and it was very very cold and windy. I think I hurt my back and the cold did not help. The camping was an adventure by itself and it was a ton of fun!

    One more tag is good for it gives me that additional push. I’ll get to it this week for sure!

  8. Well, I have eaten at Samarkand a number of times and had enjoyed it very much. However, on my last visit, we ordered one of the kebab items (sorry, don’t remember which one) and I must say that it was actually over-marinated. That is, to the point where the tissues had broken down so much that the texture of the meat was paste-like; I couldn’t finish one piece, let alone the remainder of my portion.

    Final note: I would definitely go back. Just watch out! I recommend the lamb shanks and the dhum biriyani.

  9. hi shilpa, gosh I love ragi mudde with chicken curry or soppin saru or even majjige huli. its a piece of heaven and i really really miss it here. my mom and granny prepare it really well and they also used to prepare it with another kind of flour ( mudde used to come white in colour). The best part of ragi mudde is its very good for health. I also miss the pani puri………….the ones they sell on the road side, guess no one can beat that taste :-).

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