I am noticing that some people are blatantly copying images as well as recipes from this blog along with exact text and description and posting on their blogs. This is seriously disappointing. Especially when thousands of readers have benefited and appreciated the effort that has gone in to developing, maintaining and creating content for AayisRecipes. So many of you have written to AayisRecipes appreciating efforts and time that is spent here. The testimonials in the form of emails and contents have been huge and I highly appreciate that gesture and feel encouraged to continue posting content on AayisRecipes. No one would want to discourage this effort, as far as one can think. Copying this effort would certainly be discouraging.
It is neither respectful, nor appreciative of copying the content of this blog in any form without acknowledging or crediting the source. While this is not a claim for 100% ownership/copyrighting of the content here, I expect that the effort on AayisRecipes should be recognized,respected and attributed.
It is a sincere request to those who copy content, to delete the copied images and text immediately and stop copying in future. This would also mean that I continue to work on improving and adding recipes you like to AayisRecipes. Please take copyright and attribution seriously.

Read more on Manisha’s blog on why you should take this seriously.
It is also a sincere request – If you are regular reader, occasional and/or you have benefited from AayisRecipes in whichever small way, then please do not support copying content and continue your encouragement and show your support.

Please stop blog piracy.

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  1. I feel we should bring these folks in the open and that way , they get embarrased about it and just stop it. How do we find out if someone is using our images and recipes Shilpa?

  2. I have seen some blogs that have a signature of the blog owner. Is it possible for you to stamp your signature or stamp “Aayi’s Recipe” on every picture, so even if they copy, the image will have the source name. — Just a thought!!

    I hope people stop blog piracy.

    Please don’t feel discouraged. You have done an awesome job on this blog, selflessly sharing recipes on the daily basis.

  3. Hi Shilpa,

    I do understand how discouraging such things can be & i sincerely appreciate all your effort as i have been benefitted by it too. I think such things should be taken seriously and proper action be taken against the culprits.
    Once again i appreciate all you have done to get this blog going great!! keep it up!!

  4. Shilpa,

    Please don’t get discouraged. You have put in a lot of effort into this blog and it’s a treasure trove.

    I suggest that you bring the person out in public. It will teach a lesson in blogging to others as well.


  5. Thats awful and iam sure we are all at risk here. People who have no imagination of their own need to be brought out and criticised for copying. Is it a blog or a site? If so, u could try complaining to blogger about it.

  6. Hi Shilpa,

    You can find Javascript code on the web that doesn’t allow to right click on pics. That can help you protect your images.

    Also the next time, you find someone who has copied your blog content blatantly, post the website name and address on your blog. The person concerned will be vary of doing it again.

  7. Hi Shilpa, It can be very disappointing to see someone just make a shortcut, when u have put in the effort. I can understand how u feel, but please don’t get discouraged. Regular readers of ur blog know ur style, content and will always appreciate it. Keep up the gr8 work. And I agree with the others, something must be done to stop it.

  8. Shilpa, That’s too bad, after all the effort you put in. I think it is a good idea to put your blog name on the pix, that hopefully will deter them. If they are copying your recipe/pix that means they really love it, and they should just mention you as a ‘source’ and give you credit due.

  9. So disappointing!
    I have even caught a famous malayalam newspaper used our Indira’s image for one of their article. Indira contacted them and they removed the image. I don’t know why people are doing this, maybe they are not aware of the copyright issues and all. Whatver it is, it makes me so disappointing and I feel like I shouldn’t blog or post pictures on the net.

  10. So Dissapointing to read this. I think you should have the photos marked as aayisrecipes.com. Also please expose the person/s doing it.

  11. Hi shilpa,

    I can imagine how you must be feeling right now. It is very disappointing to see some people do this copying thing.

    I just started my own blog and this news is not very encouraging. But we have to stand up and like kirthika said i think should expose that person…


  12. Its so disappointing to read this.Today when i opened your site with eargerness,what would be today’s receipe…????.

    It was v.bad,after reading about blog piracy….don’t get discouraged…many of the people like me has benefited through your gr8 site….

    “Con-science is the best dog that barks at your sin”,so the person should be rectify their mistake themself and pls don’t do it again…

  13. Hi Shilpa,
    It is really very disappointing. Some people don’t understand the effort and time you had spent to bring this website to this stage.
    We will support you in all ways Shilpa. Please don’t be disappointed.

    Request to the copied person:
    Whoever you are, delete the copied recipes. Try to put your effort and make them and then if someone else copies from your work, you will know the pain.

  14. shilpa-
    i’m so sorry to read this, but all of us who regularly visit your blog know your style and certainly i can say that you have taught me so much!
    i had a friend a few years back who had several sculptures(his own work) stolen from a storage room. the ones they left had been damaged almost beyond repair…this was many years of work all gone in such a short time…..but you know what? the TRUE ART lies in you…not what you have produced already…and that is something NO-ONE can take away!!!
    there is a saying: “It is a far greater shame to steal than to be stolen from”……this person has no talent of their own shilpa, so, no competition in my book! but my heart is with you…and i hope these words help.

  15. I thank everyone who realised what I was trying to convery.
    Your support is appreciated.

    Few things to remember here.
    I never took anyone’s blog/site publicly. I do not want to make this a big deal. It was simply a sincere request to stop copying images (which ofcourse has it’s bandwidth on the web server) and copying word-to-word methods and ingredients. Traditional recipes can not be copyrighted. They may be similer. But copying without crediting the source is discouraging.

    I just wanted my readers and fellow bloggers to understand this.
    Rest assured, I am overhelmed by your support and encouraged to continue working on improving AayisRecipes.

    I’ve noticed that the copied content has now been removed.

  16. Yay!

    Shilpa, recipes can be similar. Recipes can be identical. However, when you transcribe a recipe from Konkani to English, it’s very unlikely that it will be identical – word for word – to something someone else has written.

    I just found a recipe of mine that I submitted to Allrecipes.com in 1999 that has been copied. Right now I am laughing because it’s a recipe for aloo gobi – how hard is it to come up with your own recipe for aloo gobi? Besides, my recipe and method were both edited and adapted by Allrecipe.com for their target audience, for an era when Indian food was not as popular as it is today. And guess what this person did? Copied it word for word and replaced green peppers with green chillies. I don’t know who has the copyright on that recipe – me or AllRecipes.com. Either ways, I am going to let AllRecipes.com know, I am also going to let Blogger know because this person does not have any original recipes on ‘her’ blog and also hotlinks to images on other web sites.

    I read the suggestion for using javascript to prevent right-clicks – it’s my most sincere request to you not to implement that as it detracts from the pleasant user experience on any web site. There are menus available on right-click and it’s very annoying if they are not available. Besides, even if you implement right-click, your images can be copied just by viewing the source and getting the complete URL for the image.

  17. Oh this is sad…I agree..you must put your signature on your photos…have seen many blogs with images like that….you may not want to copyright the traditional recipes but you must put your ownership on the pictures..for they are yours…

  18. Hi Shilpa, I’m late finding this but did want to add my own sincere thanks and appreciation for your wonderful efforts here. I’m glad the copied material has been removed. It can be very disheartening, I agree, but as others have said, try not to be discouraged. There will be some bad eggs on the internet as there are anywhere else in life — take steps to protect your work if you must, stand up for your rights (as you have here) and rest assured that your many friends/readers stand behind you 110% 🙂

  19. Hi Shilpa,
    I come across this subject quite often and I tell you it really is an audacity when people have the cheeck to do this. I try and keep a regular check for my blog. I think we should keep some kind of a (black) list where these people are listed down – maybe on a blog of its own. This way at least others who might get funny ideas to do this might think twice before doing so.
    Does anyone else have good ideas of how to keep a track of contents being copied? Copyscape is always the most popular place to check.

  20. Yes, I am going to put my signature on all the pictures. It is going to take a lot of time as there are some 400+ pictures on this blog.

    Some of you must be thinking I am talking about “similar” recipes. But what I was worried about was “word-to-word” copying and pasting of the content in their blog. Most of the bloggers here know how much that hurts.
    If any of you are thinking about a way by which this can be prevented, I will be happy to hear it.

  21. Hi Shilpa,

    A little late here, but I agree with Manisha. Bringing these people out in the open is the only way to discourage others from doing it.
    Don’t get disappointed, shilpa. Your work is greatly appreciated by a lot of us and a couple of bad examples should not steer you away from it.

  22. Dear Shilpa:

    I have read all the comments and I am more than disturbed. I run a website too and I know how disheartening an expereience this can be. But exposing people is not an answer, however you can take steps like some of the readers have alluded to by protecting your content. For example you can watermark your pictures, disable the right click and add a sentence that the recipe is copyrighted. I know you always quote the source if you received the recipe from a friend but all are not like you. I am preparing a recipe from 40 years ago and I am still quoting the source!
    You are an inspiration to me and many others, don’t let this distract you. But do take some steps to discourage copying. In my humble opinion exposing people in a public domain will only make matters worse.
    Warm regards,

  23. I am a new blogger , this is the first time i am visiting your site ..
    I saw your layered parotta recipe without the picture, with exact wordings in a couple of sites ….
    Your collection is fabulous .. I’ve bookmarked 6 recipes already 🙂

  24. hi shilpa,

    I am not new to your blog. I come and go everytime I need some clarification on some recipe or just hunting for a new recipe. I appreciate your effort and your interest in maintaining this blog. your collection of recipes is really large and delicious.

    Keep up the good work….

  25. Really it is disappointing that some people do this kind
    of task.

    i can give you one suggestion you can deny
    the permission of copying the contents of the webpages.


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