A New Blessing

I am happy to announce here that we were blessed with our second baby boy – “Ayaan” couple of days ago. Life has changed again with us trying to adjust to an almost 4 year old and a newborn at home. We have been very lucky to have my parents here to help us out, I cannot imagine how we would have managed if they were not here. It would challenging once they return to India next month.

This post won’t be complete if I don’t mention our friends here in Kansas. Throughout pregnancy and after childbirth, our friends here gave every bit of support we needed. They took care of Ishaan when I was tired and needed a break, brought us food when I was down, brought their kids to our place so Ishaan would be entertained, picked him from school, threw awesome baby showers for me, helped with everything for Ishaan’s Β (over-ambitious) birthday party (when I was just a couple of weeks away from due date). They did everything and we did not even had to ask. We truly feel blessed to have amazing friends in our lives.

So what is going to happen to this blog? I have already realized that life with two little ones is going to be very very busy. But I will make sure to update this place when I get some breathing time. Meanwhile enjoy the 1000+ recipes that are already on the blog.

Please send your blessings to our little Ayaan.

100 thoughts on “A New Blessing”

  1. God bless the little one with all the happiness in the world and a great health. Have a great time with family Shilpa!

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your little son and gods choicest blessings on him.
    warm wishes
    veelma D’souza

  3. Congratulations to the entire family!! It’s always great to have good friends, since I went through this phase. May God bless baby Ayaan with health, wealth and happiness. Meanwhile, take care and enjoy this time with the baby.

  4. Congratulations Shilpa and family, May God bless your new bundle of joy with good health and all happiness of life.My best wishes and prayers..

  5. Congratulations !!! Lots of love to Ishaan and Ayaan. Shilpa, you have created such a big bank of recipes, it sure will keep most of busy for a long time. Take Care and give yourself a break when you have time. Best Regards Reshma Shanbhag

  6. Congratulations Shilpa and family, May God bless your new bundle of joy with good health and a blessed life.My best wishes and prayers..

  7. Congratulations !! to you and your family Shilpa. May God bless the little one.
    Best Wishes and Prayers.

  8. wow congrats Shilpa! two boys..how nice! i have 2 boys myself…the best part will be watching Ayaan fall in love with this dada Ishaan πŸ™‚

  9. Congratulations Shilpa!!!!!
    May God bless baby Ayaan with long, healthy, wealthy, happy, successful life!!!!
    Take care !!!!!!

  10. Hi Shilpa,

    Congratulations!!! to both of you and baby’s big brother Ishaan. May God bless your little one with lots of happiness, healthy and long life. Ya, initially its going to be a little tough with two little ones but am sure, things will fall in place and you will be able to post more recipes. Till then, enjoy with your cutees…

  11. Congratulations Shilpa!! May God bless the little one and I’m sure you will do great even with two kids,take care!

  12. Wow Shilpa, congratulations to you and your family for this new bundle of joy!! God bless!!! Take care of your health!!!

  13. Congrats Shilpa. Very happy for you. I remember long back when you announced about Ishaan. My kids are three years a part, I know how busy the life gets with two little kids. Take all the rest you can ! Love for the boys!

  14. Congratulations. . Its indeed a life changing event. I know getting time for yourself is difficult after having second baby. I have 2kids who are almost 4yrs apart. You can get back to routine. It takes time all the best

  15. Prathima Kamath

    Congratulations on the arrival of Baby Ayaan! I am extremely happy for the whole family! Ishaan must be super thrilled to be a big brother. Really loved reading this post and I can definitely agree with one thing. Neighbors and Friends in US are one of a kind. They always go out of their way to make everyone feel at home. Always there to help no matter what time of the day or night. My parents and I are truly grateful to all our lovely neighbors and friends over there.

    Extremely happy once again to read the post. God Bless Baby Ayaan!

  16. Congratulations Shilpa and family, May God bless your new bundle of joy with good health and all happiness of life. With all best wishes….

  17. Hey! Shilpa…that’s lovely news. I have been following your website from past few years, tried many of of your dishes. Got appreciation. Don’t remember failing on any of the dished picked from your site. I always wanted to post, write to you, but it was just postponed. Now it’s high time that I write here….
    congratulations and god bless little one and your family. Being a mom of two kids(boys) I know how difficult it is to take out extra time. Take care!

  18. Chaitali Shanbhag

    Heartiest Congragulations to You and all the Family members specially to Ishaan dada.
    All the Best and take care

  19. Many Many Hearty Congratulations on your new addition to the Family!! Enjoy your Good times with the little one and the Family and Parents!!

  20. Congratulations! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you posted some recipes for foods specially made for and loved by new moms? Whenever you have time of course!

  21. Congrats! Shilpa you are an inspiration……two little kids , work, blog, cooking…….how do you manage it all?! Anyways hope you take rest and enjoy your time with little one πŸ™‚

  22. Congratulations. God bless little Ayaan, Big Bro Ishan, you and your husband. Demanding times ahead:) Moms win πŸ™‚

  23. Congratulations Shilpa for Ayaan..!!! very cute names Ishaan n Ayaan.. God bless both ur kids with good health n happiness..

  24. Shilpa, Congratulations to you and your family……I have been an avid follower of your blog…and have tried out many recipes….they have turned out best …..thanks a lot. Our love and blessings to the little one.

  25. Congratulations Shilpa to you and your family and to Ishaan for being the big brother now!
    Lots of blessings to little Ayaan.


  26. Congratulations Shilpa!….I’ve always read your blog and love the wonderful recipies. God bless Ayan! and best wishes to you and your family. Take care.

  27. congrats shilpa…..god bless both o you with health….best wishes to ur family..writing this while enjoying your black cowpea khatkhate….it turned out awsome

  28. Congratulations shilpa… Happy to hear this good news… Best wishes to ur family… And lots of blessings to baby Ayaan!!

  29. Congratulations!! May God bless your baby and your family.. Take your time to enjoy and cherish the wonderful moments that will fly away soon…

  30. Congratulations Shilpa! May God bless your lil one & your family abundantly. I refer to your website so often to check for our authentic recipes. You are a big help.

  31. Our blessings to the young one and to you all. We are regular visitors to your web site and it has gladdened us so many times to read , to learn and also to experiment. May this venture of yours go from strength to strength.

  32. Congratulations Shilpa on the birth of your second baby boy Ayaan. Good wishes to your family and blessings to the little one. I find your Konkani site to be the best. It has helped in planning my meals, getting authentic delicious recipes at any time of the day.

  33. Many congratulations to you Shilpa. Life gets really busy after the second. Its a breeze with one but hard work with two. I’m sure you’ll enjoy and cherish this time. Smile laugh enjoy!

  34. Hi Shilpa, I am a frequent visitor at your blog. I have tried few recipes and had success. After almost 8 months I am here again at blog and just found out about your little one. Congratulations, God bless you and your family. I had my baby in April also. I was just curious about Ayaan’s date of birth

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