A milestone and How to browse this blog efficiently

This is the 500th post on this blog. So thanks to all my readers who have given their immense support to me for last 2+ years.

I always wanted to do something about bringing my aayi(mom)’s culinary skills to people, since I knew every person who tasted her food had praised her. Her pickles were not only popular at my home but also my relative’s relative’s relatives knew about them. We thought of creating a website but that looked like lot of work at a time. When I got married, my husband suggested to create a blog and created ‘Aayi’s Recipes’ for me. Thats how it all started about 2.5 years ago. To begin with, I never thought this blog would be anywhere close to what it is now.

I started posting regularly after we moved to USA. The reason for the regularity could be attributed to the fact that, I was missing my aayi’s cooking a lot and wanted to keep track of the recipes so that I could go back to them whenever I wanted. Like a reference. Slowly but steadily people started to visit this blog, and I took more and more keen interest in it.

Over the last one year I received huge number of emails from readers who benefited from this site in many ways. I also started getting success stories of people who never cooked before and had tried recipes on this blog. It is an amazing feeling that this work has brought happiness and fond memories of their favorite food to those who live away from their home, from all over the world.

My main strength and inspiration comes from those who send me comments/mails giving me suggestions, ideas etc. There are few people who are constantly in touch and I greately appreciate your time, thanks a lot.

How to efficiently browse Aayi’s Recipes?

Let me explain each and every feature of this blog. Please read on.

Search – There is a search on the top which allows you to search for a particular recipe. So when you want something like ‘moong‘, enter it in the box and hit ‘Enter’. Select the one that you need. I am writing this specifically, because I have seen some readers almost ‘never’ use search. They ask me for a recipe which they could have got to, in seconds. If you try using search first, you might get to your favorite recipe much faster.

On the top navigation bar

About – On this page you can find answers to questions like – Why did I start this blog? Which is my home town? What do I do for a living?and more such.

Cooking tips – These are some tips I have learned from my aayi, Varada and also collected from different sources. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section of that post and I will try to reply.

ArtCampus – This is a place where I have posted some art work from of my hobbies like painting, knitting and crocheting, drawing etc

Contact – If you want to contact us, please use this page.

Disclaimer – Many don’t seem to have read this post at all. Please read it.

Kid’s lunchbox – These are collection of recipes from different blogs/sites which can help moms in creating great lunch boxes. If you find any interesting lunch box ideas, please leave the link on this page. If you have any ideas of your own, please leave them too. It will be helpful to others.

From other blogs – These are few recipes that I tried from other blogs and I loved them. I don’t make separate posts about them on AR, as I feel if it is required, I can directly go to original and try them. These are only a *few* of the lot I tried. I try my best to keep this page updated. There are many more which I need to add here. I wish to do it more regularly hereafter.

Glossary of ingredients used in my recipes is built right in to the posts, with links that take you to a glossary page with picture of the ingredient with description.

I have tried to create an extensive user friendly glossary. The main intention of this glossary is to make everyone understand an ingredient easily. It will have a picture of the item along with it’s name in different languages. This is an in-built glossary, that means, wherever an ingredient appears in the post, it will have a link to the term. For example, urad dal, avrekalu etc, just click on the link to read about the ingredient. You need not go searching for it.

This feature requires a lot of time and it’s laborious so I am working on it whenever I get some free time.

Popular posts – These showcase some of the most popular recipes on this blog. The popularity depends on number of comments. So if there are some dishes which are hugely popular but have less comments, they don’t show up here.

Recipe Index – I have created the categories depending on the type of dish. I think that is the easiest way to search because it is more convenient. I see that people don’t use this feature a lot. Please use it, it makes searching for recipes (names you don’t know) much easier.

On the right side bar

Revisited recipes – These are the recipes that I had posted long ago. As and when I get time, I rewrite these posts and update pictures. This is done mainly because when I started blogging, I didn’t know how to write a post. Primarily, I change the pictures, correct mistakes if any etc.

Latest posts – These show the latest 10 posts on this blog. Click on any to go to particular post.

Latest comments – Latest 10 comments on this blog.


– I can hardly speak 4-5 languages. So when I am writing the glossary, I can write the translation mostly in these (or few of these) languages. Please send me the translation in your language, if it’s not listed, so that I can make it more useful for everybody.

– Please leave comments/feedbacks when you try a dish. This helps me to know what you all like. This also helps me to plan future posts. While posting comments, please leave the comments on relevant post. For example, write a comment about date cake, at date cake post instead of some other post. This is because your valuable comment might help someone else.

– Please be polite while leaving comments. This is not a paid site where you are paying for recipes. So at the least, it helps being polite while commenting and creates a positive influence on everyone.

Thanks for reading…

Again, I thank each and every one of you.


80 thoughts on “A milestone and How to browse this blog efficiently”

  1. 500…………Whoa!!!!
    Shilpa, you really are an inspiration!
    It is always my pleasure to visit ur site and I wish you All The Very Best for many many more postings to come….
    You are doing a wonderful job preserving ur Aayi’s recipes, she must be proud of you!

    1. Dear Shilpa
      Lovely blog. You keep alive the flavours of Konkani cooking and the taste of not only your aayi but all the other aayis. I have tried many of your recipes and relished the authentic taste of the recipes. Thanks a lot for all your hard work.

  2. Dear Shilpa, many hearty congrats on ur 500th post. I am not even half way through. you are my super senior! you recipes have always been unique and worth giving a try. I have tried one of your dosa and it came really well. keep them coming!

  3. I am just about a month old and started my blog just like to show my kids when they grow up and as a tribute to my mom and grandmas cooking. Hope one day i would atleast reach 5% of what u have here now!!

  4. Congratulations, Shilpa! Aayi’s Recipes is a gem of a culinary resource. Wish you many many more enjoyable and delectable posts. I have tried so many of your recipes and enjoyed them all. You’ve done your Aayi really proud with this.

  5. Congrats on the 5th century for your posts! :)I love all your recipes and your posts!keep it up and may you post many more recipes.:)Great going Shilpa.

  6. 500 posts!!!!! I am speechless Shilpa… Congratulations girl… You know how much I love your blog… your dedication is amazing… Wish you many many more years of blogging… And thanks to your Aayi too… πŸ™‚

  7. Hey sweetie,
    Congrats!!! That’s a beautiful heartfelt post. The best thing I like about ur blog is its name.Everytime I visit it, I think of my aayi too:)

  8. CONGRATS ON THE 500TH POST and also for keeping aayis recipes in such a wonderful form. May you reach the 1000th very soon.

  9. Congratulations Shilpa for achieving this milestone.. πŸ™‚ Your Mother is very lucky to have a daughter like you, who is putting so much effort on this blog to bring forward her Moms talents. πŸ™‚ Am sure this is the best gift your mother ever received from you.
    I must add, this is not just about bringing your mom’s culinary skills to people, this is about celebrating your Aayi and all the memories you have till date.
    Keep Blogging,
    Best Wishes

  10. Awesome job Shilpa! This is one of my favorite sites and I don’t miss a day without browsing this site. Keep up the good work!!!

  11. Shilpa, it was your beautiful blog that inspired me to begin my own! Congratulations on 500 posts- wow! And I admire your work with the glossary, as I am sure it would be useful to many cooks. I take my hat off to you…

  12. Congrats Shilpa, to yourself and to your mom too:) I’m still reading the recipes one by one and they are 500…. i better be fast:)

  13. Congrats dear,

    I am sure u really deserve these compliments for all the efforts u put in these receipes in return helps a novice like us.

    With lots of luv and good wishes for the next 500th post.

  14. Shilpa,
    Heartiest congrats to you and your lovely post, your family for the support they have given you and your readers for preparing the tasty delicacies you posted! Thanks and keep going on!!!

  15. 500 posts in 2.5 yrs is a great achievement Shilpa. Many times, I have thought of stopping my blog, and I have been around only for a year!!:D
    Kudos to you and you are doing a great job keeping the tradition and making your parents proud.Keep it up, hugs to you!:))

  16. Shilpa, congratulations to you & your family to make it such a huge success. Keep up the good work. I am sure your dream of publishing aayisrecipes in book form will come true too.

  17. Dear Shilpa,
    Congratulations on your 500th post. It is really an amazing feat.
    I read your blog every morning… Its a kind of routine.
    And whenever I cook something different, my hubby says “Is this from your Aayi’s website ?” I think he is more happy that I found this website πŸ™‚
    And anytime , anybody asks me for a recipe … I direct them to your website and say…. just follow her directions… and it’ll be good….

  18. Hi Shilpa,
    Congratulations on completing 500 posts.
    This blog has helped me tremendously in my cooking and it still is.
    Thanks to you and your aayi.
    Keep up the good work.

  19. Good Lord Shilpa, 500!!!
    I have been meaning to leave a comment since March this year when a cousin recommended your website to me stating the famous “date cake”. I tried it and ofcourse I need not tell that it DID generate a certain “cake fever” here among my friends and relatives!!

    I am a kannadiga married into a Konkani family, my source for amchigele recipes were my MIL and my husband’s cousins until I came across your website..

    So now whenever I make something new, the first thing people ask is “Kyon aayis ka recipe?”

    A mere comment will not do justic to the way your site has helped me “come-back” to cooking. It deserves a BOW.

    And if you ever publish these recipes into a book, count me in your ardent fan fare who will be one of your first buyers.


  20. Hi Shilpa,
    Congratulations on the awesome milestone reached.Thanks to your enthusiasm and niceness in sharing your recipes with everyone. Wishing you the best in everything and keep the recipes coming. I have tried many & liked them. Have so many more to try.Wow!!!

  21. Hey Shilpa,

    Congratulations on reaching the 500th post! Great Going. You are a great inspiration me. Its a very hard task to keep posting very consistently and creatively for 29 months! and still going. Kudos to your family as well for their support.

    You have a great variety of recipes with plenty of authentic dishes. A Pioneer in Indian food blogging who has inspired many readers like me to cook and also blog. A good friend and great friend.

    Happy Blogging and Looking forward for many more posts to come.

  22. Shilpa,

    Congrats to you on the 500th post! You are a truly remarkable woman and I feel privileged to know you! Keep up the fantastic work my friend!

  23. Hey Shilpa……Congrats on your 500th post!! πŸ˜‰
    Your work not only inspires people but also teaches about the tradition & culture….thanks a lot & keep up the good work. πŸ˜‰

  24. Shilpa,

    Congratulations on your milestone achievement! Wish you many more. What began with a novel thought has today actually inspired lot of people on exploring the hidden secrets of good food!!

    Good job!!


  25. great work shilpa keep it up guess ur really find time and energy for making this so creative fine wwork and kudos for the same

  26. Hi Shilpa ,

    Congrats !!!! I have learnt whatever i know about cooking from ur blog .. i had just shifted to UK with a 1 year old child with no experience in cooking ..ur blog taught me how to make “Ghar ka Khaana” .. thanks so much


  27. Congratulations! I am a non cook and have never been keen on cooking, but I simply love the recipes on your website. It makes me wanna cook, which trust me is a big achievement πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work!

  28. Dear Shilpa,

    500th Post.. wow..Thanks for sharing your culinary skills in such a simple and sweet way. These days i have been trying a lot of your recipes and i just made biscuits puddng last night and believe me it was simply wonderful. The minute my hubby smells something interesting happening in our kitchen or he tastes something new then his immediate reaction will be “Aayisrecipes blogaathulen ve??” ;). You have been a great inspiration to many budding chefs ;)like me. If any one asks me any recipe i just redirect them to your page and they too are very happy and amazed with your patience.. Keep the spirit going.. Looking forward to the day your book will be released πŸ™‚ i hope this dream will come true some day πŸ™‚ Congratulations…

  29. Hi Shilps: Many congrats to you on your 500th post! May your blog attain more success with each coming day. Love to your Aayi:)

  30. Hey Shilpa Congrats on reaching the milestone….and the tips will really help all the readers to use your site more efficiently….keep going Shilpa…
    My best wishes to you!!!

  31. I am a silent admirer of your blog.I read it often and only sometimes leave a comment.Congratulations on your 5ooth post.You have some wonderful recipes and thank you for sharing your mothers cooking with us.

  32. Hi dear!!
    nice to read the mouthwatering recipes. i have aproblem that whenever i try to bake cake be it eggless or egg in my LG microwave(in convection mode), it becomes too hard.please help.
    thanks looking for your reply.

    Shilpa: SS, I think you should read the manual and find out how to bake it in convention mode. My SIL also has LG microwave and she was saying the cakes turn out fine. So it may be a problem with some setting.

  33. Hi Shilpa
    Its really nice of u to start a website of the recipes and tips u know from ur aayi. Anyone can mail a recipe but what was really helpful is the way u have put them, ie, the step by step procedures which u have meticulously and patiently shown us visually. because of this ,before we start to cook , we know what all we will b encountering . this helps us redusing all our flaws and a lip smacking end product .that was something i really liked. hope u continue doing this. wish u all the best

  34. shilpa
    i owe you thanx for sharing the recipes in a very simple way. i no longer find it a drudgery n the kitchen. thanx .



    Shilpa: No Jaaji, I don’t have it yet :(. I did not think about it when I started the site, now there are hundreds of recipes on site and I don’t find so much free time to do it. I will surely do it in future. But you can see the recipe index which shows all recipes on this site.

  36. Dear Shilpa
    I am not sure whether you have a printable version of the recipes.Can you pls clarify.

    Shilpa: Ketki, I think when we were moving the site from one hosting to other, somewhere we lost the print option. As soon as I find some free time, I will work on it and get it back. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  37. Hi Shilpa,

    Regret not writing to you earlier. Your recipes are simply amazing. I have tried a couple of times but could not leave a feedback for which I deeply regret. You have so much patience which is amazing.

    When I come across recipes online there used to be always a reservation whether or not should I waste my time and try making it, what if doesnot come out well, will it look least bit like the picture…… sort of things. But with your website, there is absolutely no such reservations, coz you have already tried it exactly like its been printed and only after its come out good you have pasted it here.

    Thank you once again for sharing your recipes.


  38. Please let me know what is metkoot eaten with.
    Also give me some coconut recipes (coconut vadi, pls xcuse) where I can use the coconuts I have collected as Prasad.

  39. Your Aayi’s recipes are fantastic, I am very allergic to eggs. And have found some great ideas on this site. I am originally from Mumbai but now live with my husband
    and 2 kids in Australia. I will be much obliged if you can let me have the recipe for chicken 65, have heard alot about it on T.V.
    Thanking You,

  40. Hi Shilpa,

    I had seen ur site in passing and now have visited nore details and I must say that this particular blog about the various sections on ur site has been very helpful in understanding the site and I’m surely going to go through more of it. Thanks for the systematic description of your site.. Btw, any recipe for Naachni bhaakri?? I SEARCHED on ur site… It’s not there here πŸ™‚ Is it same like rice or jowar bhaakri?

  41. dear Shilpa,
    Congrats on ur milestone achievement….gr8 work!!My best wishes to u …..I keep telling my friends abt ur site because till date whatever recipes i have tried from ur site….it has really come very well…..


  42. Dear Shilpa,
    I saw this site accidentally thro someone’s facebook post. I found this a very good activity and I am sure it must be of great help tp many young indian girls who have moved away from home and haven’t had much experience in cooking skills. I have observed that once they reach a stage when they have to plan the meals for the families they struggle to put together nice menus and after they a while they succumb to the temptation of opting for the readymade western food. This will subsequently result in a huge loss for the indian culinary art as the newer generations will find it even tougher to learn indian cooking. Please keep it up.
    BTW, I am a middle-aged man who doesnt have to cook but offlate I have developed interest in the art of cooking. I keep trying things whenever time permits.

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