Egg Omelet, Burji(scrambled egg) and Bullseye(half fry)

Few days back, I was talking to one of my friends, who has just learnt cooking. He asked me – why I have not posted very basic recipes like Omelet, Burji, Bullseye (egg half fry). I said those are very basic things and everybody knows about them. Then I gave it a thought, I still remember when I was studying in high school, I didn’t know how to make a cup of tea. One day my parents had to go out and my dad gave me all the instructions to make tea for my grandfather. I was very scared to go near the gas stove, I asked mom if she could make the tea and keep in thermos flask. But for some reason, she could not do it and they left me with grandfather. Ooh…I know how I was scared when I finally managed to make tea and when grandpa drank it without saying anything, I felt I had done a good job. Then I tasted it and realized how bad it was. It was my bad luck that few of our relatives came home and grandpa asked me to make tea for them. I was silently praying god that they should refuse to drink tea!!!. When they said ‘No’, I felt relieved :). That incident has taught me a lot. So here I am with these basic recipes.

As I said in my previous posts, chapathis are made for breakfast in Konkani homes. We never liked bread for breakfast. So aayi would serve Omelet, Burji, Bullseye or Egg curry with Chapathi. Many of my friends think it is strange when I eat Omelet or bullseye with chapathi. But since I am grown up eating this combination, I still like them.


I think each person has his/her own recipe for omelet. This is the very basic one. Some people add tomatoes, coriander leaves to it. But if I ask any guy who has studied in Belgaum for his favorite Omelet, he will say it is the one available at railway station. All the students eat this at midnight at this gadiwala. I heard from my brother that the gadiwala used to add some kind of chutney powder (chutney podi) to it. Since I have never tasted it (I stayed in hostel and the hostel door used to close at 9), I cannot guess the recipe.

Egg 1 Onion (cut into small pieces) 1 tbl spn
Green chillies(cut into small rounds) 2 or chilli powder ½ tea spn
Tomato(cut into small pieces)(optional) 1 tbl spn
Coriander leaves(optional) 2-3 strands
Oil/ghee ½ tea spn

I did not add any optional ingredients when I clicked the picture. I used chilli powder instead of green chillies.

Mix onion, tomato, chillies (or chilli powder), chopped coriander and salt with hand (by mixing this well, the taste increases). Now add the egg to it and mix well with spoon. Heat tava. Apply oil or ghee to it. Pour the egg mixture on tava. Lift the tava and tilt it sideways to spread the mixture on tava. Reduce the flame and fry it from both sides.

Burji or scrambled egg

There are many different ways to make burji. Burji can also be prepared with boiled egg. This is the one my Aayi follows.

Eggs 2 Onion(cut into small pieces) 2 tbl spns
Tomato(cut into small pieces) 1 tbl spn
Green chillies 2-3
Coriander leaves 2-3 strands
Oil/ghee ½ tea spn
Coconut(fresh or frozen)(optional) 1 tbl spn
Coriander powder 1/4 tea spn

Heat oil in a pan(or vessel) and fry onions. When they turn translucent, add chillies(cut into slits) and tomatoes. Fry for a minute and then break the eggs one by one on top of this mixture. Add salt, coriander powder and mix well. Cook for around 3-4 mins till the egg is completely done (no watery thing should be visible). Now add coconut (this gives a very distinguishing smell to burji), coriander leaves and mix well. Cook for a minute.

Bullseye or half fry

I simply love this. Since there are no onions or any other extra things added to this dish, it gets ready within 2mins. Some people fry it from only one side and keep raw on the other side. The main difference between this and Omelette is, here the white and yellow portion of egg is clearly visible after frying (this is because the egg is directly broken on tava, so whisking of egg is not done.

Bullseye is called so because half fried or one side fried egg looks like a big EYE. However when you fry other side, the yolk ruptures and it no more remains Bulls-eye.

Egg 1 Pepper powder ¼ tea spn
Oil/ghee ½ tea spn

Heat tava and apply ghee/oil to it. Break the egg and add the contents on the tava. Spread pepper powder and salt on it (more on the yellow part). If raw egg is preferred, serve at this stage without turning. Otherwise, turn it and fry from the other side (when turned, sprinkle some pepper and salt on the yellow liquid part).

16 thoughts on “Egg Omelet, Burji(scrambled egg) and Bullseye(half fry)”

  1. Yes, Omlettes rolled in chapati’s is called ‘Frankie’. I always though my brother was a strange creature to enjoy these frankies dipped in ketchup,until I realised it’s very common in mumbai aswell!

  2. I love eggs in any form and is Omelette is my favourite.
    Nice post.
    I think the half fry when fried only on 1 side the yolk looks like a bulls eye…the dart one : )

  3. Never heard of Bull’s eye before! Good to know, and is it the same as ‘sunny side up’ eggs you get it in the pancake houses? I will cook this for my kids Sat. 🙂
    I have a new post , Shilpa. I think you will like it! …..

  4. Hi,
    Would like to know how to make a plain egg omelette ( that is without onions/tomatoes etc) soft and fluffy. Sounds funny, but whenever I have made a plain omelette, it has been a bit rubbery inspite of beating the egg well.

    Shilpa: Sujata, if the omelet is spread very thin and fried for long, it becomes rubbery. So use very hot tava and spread into thick omelet and don’t keep on ths tava for a long time. This should make them fluffy. Do not beat the egg too much.

  5. it will be more healthy if you put 1tbsp of cold milk to egg will give you more pluffy and tasty.

  6. shilpa- iv tried burji couple of times. but when i break the egg into the sauted onion tomao mix on pan – the yolk tends to stick to the pan and it becomes messy. Also the contents dont look seperated the way they do in this pix. They look all muddled and non appetising :(.Is it better to beat the egg seperatley and add? also should gas be on sim while adding egg ?pls advise.

    Shilpa: Priya, Use a thick bottomed pan or better yet, non stick pan to make this. After adding eggs, close the lid. Wait till the eggs are cooked and then mix them very well, that way they get scrambled well. It is better to keep the heat on medium-low. High heat would burn them all.

  7. hi aayi..
    nice to read ur method to cool and comment on egg omlet ..
    but dear.. i know how to cook omlet…for many years
    but now i m boared of this old recipe
    so send me some good tips to make it more spiecy and interesting
    thank you
    sachin mevada

  8. hey shilpa
    thanks for this cause its 3 in the mornin and i have to get through 7 hrs of studyin for my exams and i was feeling lazy to make anythin from scratch…and bullseye in 2 mins sounds good
    thanks for the heads up

  9. Dear Shilpa,

    The chutney pitto that the gadiwala usually garnishes his omlette is nothing but a mixture of salt, pepper powder, cumin powder, corriander powder and chilli powder chat masala and rock salt (kala namak) all mixed in very little quantity and kept before hand.

    This mixture can be sprinkled on any chat,cut fruits, bread sandwitches. Even cucumbers during hot summer!!!! or fruit like guava.


  10. Bull’s eye is a dish you make with a slice of bread with a hole cut in it and an egg broken into the hole and the entire slice and egg fried till it is set.
    What you have shown is known colloquially as Bull’s eye in India, but is known as fried egg/sunny side up elsewhere. 🙂

  11. Hi
    I appreciate your effort in penning down thee recipes…but the recipe Which U have named as Bullseye is not Exactly BullsEye Its a Fried Egg.Bull Eye is generally made by breaking a Full egg into a Hot water Bowl..May be u can cross check on Youtube…

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