Egg curry with caraway seeds

At my home, everyone is a huge fan of eggs. While growing up, eggs were a treat for us. We didn’t have the eggs in refrigerator always(like I do now), but whenever we wanted to eat them, my dad would buy fresh ones from stores. I still remember this thin guy (one of dad’s patients) who used to bring us very fresh eggs occasionally as a gift. Our favorite among all egg dishes was this delicious egg curry.

I have been playing with this a lot, but nothing can be compared to this original one that aayi makes. She usually serves this with chapathis for breakfast (yes, chapathis were/are breakfast items for us since we are mainly rice eaters). Somehow this is one of my all time comfort food. Even though I make this very often, I don’t seem to get bored of it. Whenever this is made, I usually eat few bites more than my normal. I absolutely love this.

4-5 boiled eggs
1/2 cup fresh/frozen coconut
3-4 cloves
1″ cinnamon
1 tea spn fennel seeds(badishepi)
1/4 ” piece nutmeg
1/2 tea spn caraway seeds (shah jeera)
4-5 pepper
1 tea spn chopped garlic
1/2 cup chopped onion
4-5 red chilies
1/4 chopped tomatoes

Heat oil and fry cloves, cinnamon, fennel seeds, nutmeg, caraway seeds, pepper, red chilies till nice aroma comes out. Add garlic, 1/4 cup onions and fry till onions turn slightly brownish. Now add coconut and fry for 2-3mins. Grind these together to a smooth paste.
Heat little oil and fry remaining onions till they turn brownish. Add the tomatoes and fry for 2-3 mins. Pour the coconut paste, salt, little water to bring it to thick gravy consistency and cook till the paste starts boiling.
Remove the shells off the boiled eggs and cut into half. Slowly slide these pieces into the gravy and cook for another 2mins.
Serve hot with chapathis.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 20mins

39 thoughts on “Egg curry with caraway seeds”

  1. Wow Shilpa,

    I make egg curry very similar to this, tastes great. I also tried your moolangi ambat & liked it very much. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That color looks good… But Shilpa, the masala u mentioned is same as some basic chicken masalas u have in the blog right? Does it taste different.. let me know ok coz i want to try this egg curry 🙂

    Shilpa: Its not the same PW. Chicken curry has many more masalas in it and tastes completely different. This is very mild.

  3. Hi Shilpa,

    nice to read about your passion for egggs. Should take a pic and send it to Jai and Bee´s Click event…. I am amazed Indians use caraway seeds, thought it was European special. We use it a lot to flavor baked potatoes.

  4. I see another Asha here. I got confused and had to check the date you posted!!:D
    Yes, we love Eggs too. Recipe does sound delicious. Thanks Shilpa!:))

  5. Brings back memories of my mom’s egg curry. Have never tried with shahi jeera though..

    on another note: your blog appears all empty on the top half. I tried on two differents comps and same problem?

    Shilpa: Sanya, can you please tell me which browser are you using?

  6. I am going to try this tomorrow evening for dinner. One question can i replace shah jeera with jeera as i do not it. I am using nutmeg for the first time in cooking. Thanks for posting a different version of egg curry.

    Shilpa: I think it is better to ignore shah jeera instead of using jeera Aruna, because both of them have very different taste. I used to leave it out when I was not having shah jeera all these days.

  7. Yes : Its’ happening for me too. IE browser
    >>> your blog appears all empty on the top half. I tried on two differents comps and same problem?

    Shilpa: Thanks Archana. I will look into it.

  8. Thats some nice bright and appetizing egg curry. I never cooked with shah jeera. I can already smell the aromatic curry just by reading list of ingredients.

    Shilpa: Manjula, Shah jeera has a very strong and unusual smell. I love it :). Let me know if you try this.

  9. Shilpa.. the colour of your curry is too good! Mouthwatering I shd say!I ate egg curry first time at my made! The curry & egg emit a totally yum flavour!! I shall surely post abt her style of egg curry when I prepare it again..We use 10 eggs as you rightly said, it makes you eat more! My hubby is die hard fan of egg too! I shall try yours too! Tks for posting!

  10. IE 6.0, Service Pack 2

    Shilpa: Thanks Sanya. I will look into it. I have IE 7 where the site looks good, so I was unaware of the problem.

  11. hello Shilpa,
    Thanks for the recipe.its really sounds good,will try it definitely.
    instead of cutting boiled eggs into halves,just press the whole boiled egg with ur palm so that full egg with cracks can be put in the curry.

  12. Hi! Shilpa, looks like egg curry of this type is favourite of all amchis. I too make it very often but at times when I am in a hurry I add garam masala powder. I garnish it with coriander leaves.

  13. Hi,

    The recipe looks great… I have one suggestion instead of adding boiled eggs,once the gravy is half cooked break egg in a bowl and slide it in the curry and do not stir until the eggs are cooked… this way the eggs absorb the gravy while being cooked and tastes yummy too.

  14. I am leaving any comments for the first time…I’ve seen all of ur posts but haven’t tried any..Lovely recipe Shilpa..I’m gonna try it today. Both me and my husband love eating eggs…

  15. I tried this curry today and it turned out to be great, albeit a little too hot. That’s because I was generous with the lavang and chillis and forgot that after making a paste the flavors would intensify. But still a great recipe. Didnt have nutmeg, shah jeera, and badishep, but it still turned out darn good. I was unable to get the rich color seen in your picture. Did you add haldi or something else?

    Shilpa: Tushar, the color is due to the kind of chilies I used. These are byadagi chilies from India, which my parents had brought. It gives that bright color.

  16. Hi dear,

    I should say this is too too too gooooood.

    Absolutely loved it.

    Keep up the good work.

    Love from me and my fly.


  17. Hey Fellow Konkani’s, First off,Thanks shilpa for taking the time to list your mom’s recipes. My Name is Sapna,born &bred in bangalore. I’ve lived in Chicago for about 14yrs now and these recipes have been very helpful to me since my mom is visiting Bangalore. I had no clue konkani cuisine could be so interesting and fun to make.(since mom makes it all the time I took it for granted)Anyways,Thanks again Shilpa,your recipes have made my life easier;0)

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  19. The egg curry sounds great. Have decided to try out the same on sunday. Hope it turns out the way it sounds.

  20. I am in gulf. nutmeg is not available here. Can i use mace instead?

    Shilpa: I haven’t used it anytime. But you can give a try. The taste will be different.

  21. Thanks Shilpa,

    Can you post the recipes for ‘Akki Roti” and “Daal-Vangi”?

    Shilpa: Akki rotti is already on the site under Breakfast & snacks. Not sure what is daal vangi.

  22. Hi Shilpa,

    I tried this Egg curry yesterday. I didnt add nutmeg, Fennel and caraway seeds as i didnt have any..But still, the gravy turned out wonderful. One change i did is i dropped the raw eggs directly in the gravy when it started boiling and then let it cook on slow flame..Wow, the egg curry was very very delicious!! My hubby and me enjoyed it a lot..Thanks..

  23. HI!!

    I check out recipes on the internet almost every single day, but i have never left a comment EVER before. I love egg curry and i have tried umpteen number of recipes and i have never liked the way they turn out. BUT this one is AWESOME!!!
    Thanks and keep posting. I will leave comments everytime i try one of your recipes!

  24. Shilpa,
    When you say ‘grind it to paste’, do I have to directly put the mixture from kadhai into the grinder, or do I wait till it comes down to room temperature? BTW, I tried both, and the later tastes much better, I guess because the spices get infused with each other when left to cool down.

  25. gosh! it turned out to be awesome. All these years i had been trying to make that perfect egg curry but never succeeded because no matter what you do egg curries never tasted good. But this is amazing. Thank you for the recipe. My son couln’t stop licking his fingers.

  26. Hi, This caraway egg masala is using my favorite ingredients, but one question about Shahi Jeera. Is it caraway as popularly known in western cooking or English substitutional name for shahi jeera which is not the same as caraway, as you may know. I have both of them, and they are not in the same flavor though they are biologically in the same family.

    I would appreciate if you could let me have your input

    Thank you!

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