Egg curry with fennel seeds

4 eggs (boiled)
2/3 cup fresh/frozen coconut
1/2 cup onion
1/2 cup tomato
1 tea spn fennel seeds (badishepi)
4-5 red chilies
1 tea spn coriander seeds
4-5 cloves
1 inch piece cinnamon
3-4 strands coriander leaves

Heat oil. Add cloves, cinnamon, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, red chillies, 1/4 cup onion pieces. Fry till onion turns to red. Add 1/4 cup tomato pieces and coconut. Fry for 3-4min. Grind.
Heat oil, fry remaining onion. When they turn slightly brownish, add ground masala and salt. When the masala starts boiling, add tomatoes and eggs cut into 2 pieces. Cook till tomatoes are tender. Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve with chapathi or rice.

Serves : 3
Preparation time : 25min

27 thoughts on “Egg curry with fennel seeds”

  1. Hi,

    My wife made this as per ur instructions and it it turned out some thing else. I guess we need to use coconut milk but not flakes..


  2. Jo, grated coconut is used for this dish and not coconut milk. If you can tell me what was wrong with the dish, I may be able to help. Keep in mind, the fried coconut takes a bit more time to grind and if it is not ground to a smooth paste, the curry does not taste good.

  3. Your site is very nice. I am going to try to make this dish. I hope that it turns out well. The best thing about this site is that it has pictures for each dish. So we have an idea what it should look like after preparation.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Shilpa,

    This is the first time I have gone thru ur blog and I must say that I was NOT dissappointed. I tried this egg curry and it came out really well…

    Thanks a ton….

  5. Hi Shilpa,
    Loved your site.Your lunch box photos with fruits is very inspiring.I was wondering if you need to add any chilli powder to the egg curry recipe

  6. Shilpa, sorry I forgot to mention chilies in Ingredients. I had mentioned it in method. Thanks for mentionng, I have updated the post now.

  7. Jabsta, if you could tell me what went wrong, I may be able to help. Due to Fennel seeds it gets a very different taste than normal egg curies.

  8. hi, i tried your recipe. It turned out to be fantastic. I just fried the boiled egg before adding it to the gravy, by doing this the yolk doesnot gt separated from the egg white.

  9. hi shilpa

    when i read your receipes, i remembered my chilhood days, and brought back memories of the food i ate. WOW is all i have to say. thank you very much for sharing these receipes, i am going to try each and everyone of them. just reading them makes me hungry. Keep up the good word.. and thanks again

  10. hi shilpa…
    the question that i’m about to ask is really silly but i dont know who else to ask.. can you please tell me how to boil eggs? i’m a vegeterian…i dont know anything abt ut..but my husband loves non- veg.. so please can you help me out?

    Shilpa: Sowmya, this same question is asked by many. So I am going to post about it soon. It will be more clear to see the step by step procedures.

  11. Hi shilpa,

    I never knew about the traditional Konkani dishes eventhough me being Konkani,the dishes are awesome i id try these recipees in my free time ,they really turnout awesome and you give replacements for lot of things which is very useful

  12. I tried it out today and turned out to be pretty good. Thanks for the recipe. These recipes are a saviour for bachelors.

  13. I tried this recipe…without fennel seeds. It was good. The same masala can be used to make yummy chicken curry as well 🙂

  14. Got a few questions

    1.Can whole wheat flour be used instead of chappati flour to make chappatis? Tummy upsets?

    2.How long an you keep the blueberry muffins? How do you store them?

    3. Can you please post some simple, quick vindaloo recipes, especially egg vindaloo?

    Shilpa: Yes, you can use whole wheat flour. I finish off the blueberry muffins in 2-3 days. I just store them in Ziploc bags. Will post Vindaloo sometime.

  15. hi shipa
    i tried this recipe today and forgot read the comments before trying it after preparing masala ready i kept eggs for boiling and came to check again ,then read the comments got really scared i didn’t know how it will cum out so i added little garah masala half teaspoon. you won’t believe what an excellent taste i got and i was so happy and started jumping in the kitchen itself. after half an hour my hubby came for launch ,first time he had satisfied look and smile and finished it all.
    thanks a lot i added coconut powder instead of coconut after

  16. Though the taste of the egg curry was delicious, it didn’t quite get the color or texture like you show in the picture.

    I was curious to know, if you also added turmeric to your curry. My onions did not quite blend into a smooth consistency, in spite of grinding them.

    Shilpa: No, I did not add turmeric, even if you add it, it won’t change the color as turmeric is used in very little quantity. I am not understanding why onions didn’t get blend

  17. hi Shilpa..
    you are making my cooking interesting.. thanks for tasty and easy recipies. your photographs and description drives me to try out them right after reading. from almost a week i am just cooking one by one from your recipes.. day before yesturday.. i made this and it was great.. i didn’t had fennel seeds. i did it with out those..:(.. still every one at home liked its taste a lot.. thanks again..

  18. Hi Shilpa,

    I love your site and have tried a few recipes.. They taste great! Thanks.
    I am a Konkani and for household recipes I keep coming back to your site.
    Great work, keep going!

    One suggestion – Your site look and feel earlier looked better than what it is now…If it could be brought to the earlier layout, that’ll be terrific…


  19. Just a note to the above question, it doesn’t actually say grated coconut in the recipe, so I could see why it would be confusing. Many egg curry recipes call for coconut milk. With that said, I’m glad to find this maharastrian style egg curry recipe that sounds like what I grew up with. I’m trying it tonight.

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