Sweet and spicy mango drink (Appe huLi)

Appe huLi is a signature dish of Havyaks. I have been searching for this recipe for a long time now. There are many ways of making this HuLi. Most of the times, it is made with a special kind of raw mangoes called appe midi, salted for a long time. Apparently ‘appe huLi concentrate’ is also available in markets.

Since aayi has tasted this dish at one of her friend’s home, she told me it is thin and many times people drink it like rasam. Recently when going through a magazine, I found a recipe for aape huLi. Since it was very simple and didn’t require any concentrate or preserved mangoes, I tried it immediately. Did I mention I drank half of it while cooking itself?. I had to make it all over again because it got over in one go.

Once my mango stock got over, I tried the same with kokum. One of my friend had told me appe huLi can be made with kokum. I haven’t heard of this version before. But call it whatever you want – either appe huLi or mango rasam or mango drink or kokum kadi, it is THE best.

This dish is perfectly suited for the kind of extreme cold weather we are having – though it is a perfect summer drink, I am making this in winter here. It has such a soothing effect for the throat.

1 cup raw mango pieces (do not include outer skin)
1 tea spn jaggery
1/2 tea spn mustard seeds
2 green chilies
2 red chilies
A pinch asafoetida
3-4 curry leaves

Cook the mango pieces in water. Grind it to a paste.
Cook the paste with jaggery, salt and water. Add enough water to bring it to a consistency of rasam.
Heat oil and add mustard seeds. When they start popping, add curry leaves, green chilies, red chilies and asafoetida. Add this to the dish.

Serves : 2
Preparation time :10mins

PS: Increase or decrease the amount of mangoes depending on the sourness. The mangoes available here were not at all sour.

29 thoughts on “Sweet and spicy mango drink (Appe huLi)”

  1. I rememeber the midi maavinkai we used to pickle in M’lore too, so yummy. I bought 2 green Indian mangoes last week, we just ate them with chilli pd and salt!:D

    Next time I get them, I will make this. Looks mouthwatering like majjige!:)

  2. Shilpa,
    Appe huli.. Love it..I have a mango, will try it 2day itself :)!!
    Dats true the mango here are not sour at all 🙁 !!

    Hey were ru in Kansas.. ?? Let me knw so that I can come an have these wonderful dishes !! 😀
    Ur creative dear !!

  3. I got a few raw mangoes from the Indian store this afternoon, and made it the way you mentioned. I just added a pinch of turmeric for a light yellow colour, minus the curry leaves (as they are not avble now) . I felt it was somewhere similar to our ambe upkari/humman, except for the liquid consistency. I loved it Shilpa. Thanks for posting.

  4. oh wow Shilpa. I LOVE this one, was waiting for this recipe… never heard of a raw mango drink before… how do you think this will taste with some vodka? 🙂

    Shilpa: Somehow when I prepared this, I was thinking of you Sig :). I haven’t tasted vodka any time, so no idea 🙁

  5. Looks very tempting Shilpa !! I will buy the raw mangoes this time when I go to Indian Store, and try this recipe..I love such drinks and that too if its easy to make, all the better..Thanx for this recipe..

  6. my brother named Santosh was not found so plz find in appe huli. because he liked it much.

    Shilpa: Sorry, I did not understand what you meant to say.

  7. Hi Shilpa,

    Very nice recipe indeed. A mango version of the south indian rasam.

    Would you have the recipe of ‘panha’ made by boiling raw mangoes, extracting the pulp and adding sugar/salt to it together in a blender or smthing (don’t remember how my aaji used to make it). It’s a coolant and I guess she added some nice spice and loads of ice cubes before she served it. I also remember that my aaji used to used the mango seeds or leftover ‘koya’ in dals, specially moong dal, like adding it to the dal after its made to give a lovely tangy effect. I loved to suck on it and till today I am happily offered all the ‘koyas’ to enjoy while my family loves the flesh of ripe mangoes. I don’t mind that a bit =)


  8. I am looking for the receipe of Appe Midi Lonche can you please send me the receipe as soon as possible.

  9. Shilpa…Thanks a ton for this recipe……I am a great fan of you and your site…I can find all the recipes of my favourite dishes in your site 🙂

  10. I came here looking for drinks. Nice list, I should try some. appe huLi attracted me, because it is cooked.

    You mention Havyak above, but the link is for Hoysala Karnataka Brahmins. Since you are from Uttara Kannada, which is where most of them are, you surely know the difference. You meant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havyaka_Brahmin

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