Raagi Neeru (Nanchne udak)

Raagi/nanchne (Finger millet) Neeru (water) is a drink served at almost all homes in North Kanara during summer. It is supposed to be the best drink to beat the heat. Since the heat becomes unbearable in the coastal areas, people usually drink this after working for long hours under the sun.

The raagi powder is prepared fresh by frying the raagi(without oil) for a few minutes and then grinding it to a fine powder. But these days everybody uses the ready made raagi flour for this.

The black liquid jaggery usually found in North Kanara is used for this drink, but if it cannot be found, the normal jaggery can also be used.

These days, as any other traditional dish, this heavenly drink is substituted by more and more commercial drinks. But I bet this is the best to beat the heat compared to any other ready made juice or drinks that we get in market.

I remember my aayi used to give us the chilled nanchne udak when we came back from playing during sunny days. We preferred this to any other juice.

I will post the picture soon (once I find raagi here).

Raagi/nanchne powder 1/2 cup
Jaggery 2 tbl spns
Cardamom powder 1/2 tea spn
Water 2 cups

Mix all the ingredients and blend it for a few minutes. Chill.
Before serving, mix once again with a spoon.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 5min

35 thoughts on “Raagi Neeru (Nanchne udak)”

  1. I read your blogs and like the moist cake and when i was browsing found that your grandparents are from Belgaum. I used to live in Belgaum and loved the mix culture of food that we got there.
    I have heard of this, I will try it and let U know

  2. ekalavya nishada

    Hi Shilpa,

    Is this drink the same as Raagi Malt? I remember my mom preparing something similar that I never tried. However, I do like and eat Raagi Mudde, Raagi Rotti and Raagi Dosa. I would like to add more Raagi recipes (better if they don’t have sugar/jaggery) but they are pretty hard to come by (I also remember “shyavige” made of Raagi floor but I must confess that I couldn’t handle it). If you know of other Raagi recipes, please post.

    So, as you can probably guess, I have Raagi flour and how would I make this? Should I fry the floor and follow the rest of your instructions?


  3. Thanks Sudha, Shankari for the comment.
    Vineela try this drink and let me know if u like it.
    ekalavya, it is not same as raagi malt. I guess for raagi malt, they cook raagi.
    I have heard a lot about raagi mudde but never tasted it :(. I would like to taste it atlest once.
    If you have raagi powder, then u need not fry it. Directly blend it with jaggery, water and cardamom. Let me know if you like this.

  4. great! I am always in look out for recipes like this. I think we need to blog them, before the coke and pepsi generation forgets these wonderful drinks.

  5. Shilpa, I try to incorporate raagi in the diet as much as possible. I make raagi malt which is prepared by boiling the raagi. During winters, make it like a piping hot drink..:)
    I will have to give your recipe a try.

  6. Hi Shilpa

    This is a all time favorite drink in Karnataka, especially during the summer as it gives a superb cooling effect to the body, and i heard prevents dehydration. But raggi does not suit certain people. You have to be careful as many times children or even elders catch a cold with it. Thanks for reminding of a long forgotten drink


  7. hi everbody,

    Nice recipe…Shilpa. Do u know Nachani che Ambil..i guess the Nachani powder is soaked overnight and fermented and then make drink out of it..i need the exact recipe..if you know it or anybody knows it..thank you.


  8. Hi Neeta,
    Here’s the recipe for Nachani Ambil
    Nachani flour
    green chilly

    First mix about 1tbsp of ragi flour in curds so that it forms a smooth thick batter lke an idli dough. Allow to ferment for about 12 hours. Add about 2 cups of water and some salt to taste and boil for about 5-7 minutes. Allow to cool completely.
    Now add churned curds or buttermilk to desired consistency. Flavour with garlic and green chilly paste. And garnish with Very finely chopped onions and chopped corriander leaves. Serve chilled.

  9. I have ragi flour should i fry it first to make the drink. is it suitable for my 3 yr old child.

    Shilpa: Babita, if you have flour, you need not fry it, use it directly. Frying is done mainly to ease out grinding. Ragi water is supposed to be very cold, so I am not sure if you can give it to your daughter.

  10. All this talk about food being cold or hot is what has forver hurt the health of Indians. Hope some day this concept gets erased and Indians can be healthy, physically and mentally. Eat eggs during summer, drink this concoction in winter. Its healthy , period!!!

    Shilpa: Interesting comment there. While I wouldn’t stereotype Indians to be the carrier of the concept of a particular food being ‘hot and cold for body’, it’s a matter of personal experience and belief and that’s what I have shared here. It’s up to each individual to decide what suits best for them or comforts them.

  11. Could you please urgently post the recipes of Nachne sattva – the one that is made like pudding & also of the porridge consistency type? I need to make any one tomorrow. Could you post the recipes ASAP please? Thank you.

  12. Hi,
    Do you know how to make nachni satv? It’s almost like a pudding…I believe to be made with coconut milk. If you could share this recipe I wud be very greatful to you 🙂

  13. Thank you for posting this lovely recepie. I am half maharastrian and Kanadiga. In our house we used to call it Ambli I used to love it too when my mom and Doddama used to make these. My hometown is Belgaum,india I miss this food so badly.

  14. hi shilpa,
    i like ur recipe very much it is very nice and simple.i have more recipes of ragi do u want to know,if u want i will give u all details.
    best wishes for ur work

  15. ragi neeru recipe is good.also we can do this(using ragi powder,which u can find in indian groceries in usa) in other way.boil 2 glasses of water in one vessel, meanwhile take 3 spoons of the ragi powder in one glass add a cup of water ,stir it nicely,then add this mixture to the boiled water.simmer the flame,and let it boil for 10 to 15 mins. add a pinch of salt,then switch off.
    after the mixture is cool,add curds and drink. if u like it thin dilute with water as per ur requirement

  16. can u pls. tell me weather ragi atta and rajgira atta is same?
    thanks and appreciate ur help

    Shilpa: No, they are not same. My answer is based on this article, since I am not familiar with rajgira atta. I have seen both raggi and rajgira atta in Indian stores.

  17. Hi @Ayi,
    I have tried this Ragi water dish , please tell or mail other uses of Ragi. Since it is good for health and maintains balance in body

  18. Shilpa, I think the raagi ata would need to be roasted before being cooked in any dish. Otherwise, it feels a little muddy to me. Moeover, the roasting being part of a cooking process aids in digestion.
    You, your dedication to the site and your eye for detail is very appreciated. I bet the whole bunch of us comment’ers would like to see a pic of you and “V” in your kitchen !!

  19. This drink can be made using flour of roasted chana dal (grind it to a fine powder). And also wit germinated, roasted barley (jav or jau)In Bihar & Bengal they use the one made of chana dal. In Punjab, U.P, etc, the one made with barley is more prevalent. But it is called sattu in all these ares. I too remember having it during the hot summer months befor the monsoons. I still have it, but since I like the one made of barley, the labor discourages me from making it. I heard that in Dilhi it is now available as a quick drink on the roadside carts, by glasses. & that people prefer ir th the coke & pepsi etc.

  20. i came across ur site only today and find very interesting,hereafterwards i log on to it for any reciepes,spent whole day on it
    ragi neeru otherway how my grandmas prepared was grind the soaked ragi and extract the milk by filtering, do it 3 times by adding fresh water,run in a mixie and filter, add jaggery to it and drink .It will be white.

  21. Hi Shilpa

    R u sure, we need not roast raagi powder. Can we drink just plain raagi powder? There will not be any digestion problem.

    Thanks in advance and waiting for your reply.

  22. sorry shilpa, now i read that before making powder itself, raagi was roasted. Please ignore my comment and thanks.

  23. Recepies are Interesting Shilpa. Thanks. my mother used to make Porridge out of ragi (Goa) as it was grown in our backyard. Sure thing it is a very healthy thing. I still do make porridge for my son who is born with a heart defect and catch cold very often and allergic to dust (we are now in kuwait). Ragi helps build your immune system. Since childhood i used to think its heaty, but now i have read its good to have it in summer as well. never mind as long as its healthy.

  24. Hi – I came across your site while doing search on Ragi drinks. I have a problem and here hoping you could shed some light on it . I do the ragi malt , which is boil water add jaggery , cardamom powder while i mix 2 spoons of ragi powder with some water on the side and then add slowly, I dont understand what Im doing wrong because there are lumps of ragi in it instead of smooth drink.
    Please advise.

  25. I sprout ragi, blend it in mixer and drink it without heating or cooking, almost everyday. I like it. But I don’t find anyone in the net doing the same as I do. I would be very happy if some experts commented on this “raw juice of ragi sprouts”. Thanks.

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