Pineapple juice

I found a very good article about summer juices and drinks a few days back. These days we get very good pineapples here. I never really liked pineapple juice before. But this one tasted just amazing. Chilled pineapple juice for a hot day, what else can I ask for?

Pineapple pieces    1 cup
Saffron strands     4-5
Sugar   2-3 tea spns
Water    1 and 1/2 cups

Blend all together in a blender to a smooth mixture. Strain the juice.

A few variations to this juice are –
– Use cardamom instead of saffron.
– Add few  pepper corns while blending.
Serve the juice chilled.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 5mins

9 thoughts on “Pineapple juice”

  1. Wow Shilpa…. This juice is a nice one. But i dont know yet, the art of cutting a pineapple. I have seen pineapple in plenty now at the stores. Why dont you try pineapple sheera? Have you heard abt Pineapple rasam. My hubbys collegue prepares it. Also awnasa sasam. So many things to prepare with one fruit.

  2. Aruna, I haven’t yet tried pineapple sheera and rasam. But pineapple sasam, is my favourite too. We add mangoes also to this dish (if they are available). This recipe is there on this site. If you have the recipes for the first two, please send me and I will also give them a try. Thanks for your constant support to aayisrecipes :).

  3. Hi Shilpa …Will send you the same. I have seen pineapple sasam in your site. I too love it very much. In native place they make it of pineapple, mango, grapes and add oranges too. I guess citrus fruits are added to it. Yummy

  4. Hi Shilpa,
    i love the pineapple very much.I used to drink in night times when i was a kid without my mom’s knowledge from fridgeand end result is cold and cough.But,now i changed my habit to take it on daytime.Thanks.

  5. I used to lovepineapples but have become allergic to it these days… even a small bite of it, I’ll start throwing up…:( : ( 🙁

  6. Hello Shilpa,
    It’s a cool recipe for a hot summer.
    Some how I feel apple is sick mans fruit. I dont like to eat it as a fruit. But due to its nutritional values I feel it should be consumed as a drink atleat. But whenever I prepare the color of the juice is not appealing (due to apples browning- inspite of many precautions). There are some real measures which can prevent / prolong browning – if can share it& also give in detail the recipe it’ll b much more cool in summer. Jo 🙂

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