Mashmelon milkshake(Chibda/karbooja milkshake)

This recipe was sent to me by Aruna. She has sent me a lot of recipes and I owe her for the immense support she is giving to Aayisrecipes. I have been trying many of her recipes in last few days and loved this milkshake. Here is what she said about this milkshake, “It is summer and the heat is killing. This is good milkshake, and in case it fruit is sweet then no need of sugar”.

Mashmelons are called as ‘chibbad’ in Konkani. The Indian name for mashmelon/musk melon/cantalope is ‘Karbooja’. They are used in a sweet dish called as ‘HashaLe’ (I will post the recipe soon). But I had never bought it here before. With the kind of heat we are experincing here these days, any kind of milkshake would catch my immediate attention.

Updated on August 21
I used ‘Honey dew melons‘ for this milkshake (Thanks Shobitha for the information). Read here about different melons available in American grocery stores.

I tweaked the proportions to suit our taste. This had the distinguising flavour of melon. Increase the amount of melon if desired.

Note: Honey dew melon leaves a tinge of bitter taste to the milkshake, so be careful if using this melon, since I had used this melon, I have reduced the amount of fruit considerably(have used just 2 pieces) in the milkshake. I think cantalope should solve this problem.

Updated on 29th August
Today I tried this milkshake with cantalope. It tasted amazing (no bitter taste at all)

Honey dew melon (around 2″ cubes) 2 pieces or Cantalope pieces  1 cup
Sugar 2 tea spns
Cardamom powder 1/4 tea spn
Milk 2 cups

If melons are too sweet, don’t add sugar.

Blend all the ingredients in mixer/blender. Strain through a tea strainer.
Serve chilled.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 5min

18 thoughts on “Mashmelon milkshake(Chibda/karbooja milkshake)”

  1. Hi Shilpa… I have made it a couple of times, and always liked it, although it is a little heavy. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Also thanks for your kind words, i love your site and will always send you any information which is useful. I thank you for posting. All the best to you and aayisrecipes and waiting to see it number one site.

  3. Thanks Krithika, Sudha, Prema, Pushpa.
    Aruna, you have no idea how much I am delighted to see your love towards AR. I feel honoured. Thanks a lot to you.
    Supriya, I did a bit of study on these after reading your comment. I think these are called as Honey dew melons. I have posted some pictures also, just have a look.

  4. Hi Shilpa,

    In India, Karbooja’s equivalent in the US is Cantaloupe.The flesh of the Karbooja’s in India are orangish-yellow in color similar to the cantaloupe’s we get here. Though they call it mashmelon, mashmelons are not available there.The link posted below shows all the different kinds of melons that are available in the american grocery/speciality food stores.
    The pictures u posted are of honeydew melon.

  5. Thanks a lot for the information Shobitha. Infact when I posted this milkshake, I was confused about the fruit. Still I am confused about the ‘chibbad’ because in India, it looked exactly like honey dew melon, I do not remember how the flesh looked like though. But atleast now I am sure that the fruit I used was ‘honey dew melon’. Thanks again.

  6. Honeydew has green color whereas Cantaloupe (equivalent to Indian kahrbooja or Chibad(in konkani) ) is orange in color.The chibad or kharbooja which we get in india could very well me ambrosia melon,since the skin is less netted,whereas the one you get in stores here is Cantaloupe which has a netted surface. Honeydew on the other hand I have hardly has in India,but has a green smooth surface.

  7. Yes, I thought Cantaloupe was chibad as well, until my MIL saw it when she was here and said it’s from the same family but not chibad exactly. I remember having chibad in India and it had white flesh. We would sprinkle sugar on it and have it chilled.

  8. Supriya, Preeti, I too think the chibbad flesh was whitish, the outer skin looked the same as honey dew melon. When it became too ripe, the skin came off by itself and the flesh would become like powder or rava instead of normal hard flesh and such chibbads were known to be very sweet. But I think all of them taste the same because the honey dew melon had the same distinguishing taste of chibbad.

  9. It seems yummy but i’ve heard from old people that dont have Milk with Kharboja or Water Melon or something like that. Is it true?

    Shilpa: I don’t think so. This is prepared in our home from ages.

  10. hi. well chibbad is my favourite toooo. i prepare it in a very simpler way. i just peel off the skin of ripe chibbad, cut it into small pieces (discard the seeds) and sprinkle enough sugar and mix it well and keeep for half an hour in fridge. then it is ready to serve cold… very tasty and easy as well… try it.. itz the best of alllll .. yummy

  11. Hi shilpa,
    Your blog is very informative.
    I would like to share one simple recipe sweet which one can prepare Using Chibda.
    Take one ripped Chibda.Remove the skin and seeds.Slightly mash the Chibda and add jaggery and pinch of salt.Keep in a cool place.Avoid keeping in refrigerator.Serve it after lunch or dinner as dessert.

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