Cool summer drink(Thandai)

We are having a very hot summer here these days. We moved to a new apartment last week and it was extremely difficult under hot sun. All that we craved for was some cool drink which would cool down our bodies. I am not a great fan of any kind of sodas and I get bored of store bought juices very soon. I made a couple of cool drinks which I am going to post here in next few days.

I have heard so much about this drink Thandai – a cold drink made of dried nuts and some spices. This recipe was sent to me by Gowri last year. This drink also has poppy seeds which are supposed to have cooling effects on the body. The fennel seeds(saunf/badishepi) give a great flavor. I instantly became a fan of this drink. I have seen different versions of this recipe, but I really liked this version, so I am going to stick to it. Thanks a lot Gowri.

15 almonds
1 tea spn peppercorns
1 tbl spn dry grapes(raisins)
2 dates (wet)
1 tea spn fennel seeds (saunf/badishepi)
2 tea spn poppy seeds
2 cardamom with pods

Soak dates, almonds, peppercorns, raisins, fennel seeds, poppy seeds, cardamom overnight in the water(I just soak them for 2-3 hours). Next day grind to a very smooth paste. Add sugar (as per your taste) and Milk to bring it to required consistency. Strain. Serve chilled.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 15mins

22 thoughts on “Cool summer drink(Thandai)”

  1. “Thandai” is something I’ve heard of all the time but I don’t think I have tasted it. This looks delicious, and an unusual combination of flavors.

  2. This was a regular one during summers when we were kids, and my father(yeah my father) used to grind it in Mortar pestle(the huge oval stone made remember ?) It used to be fun watching him doing that, we also add some dried rose flower petals and they give a nice essence to thandai
    Nowadays we have this justonce in a year on Shivratri.Honestly speaking , the one made in Mixie is less time consuming but then it never taste same as that in good old days

  3. Hey, this very thandai is very popular in the northern parts of India. Especially it is consumed a lot in almost all houses of BIHAR during the festival of HOLI. The mixture of BHAANG is mixed into thandai & served. Oh! you feel really high! It just sticks onto you. It takes longer to feel high & once felt takes longer than expected to feel normal again.

  4. thandai sounds very healthy too. book marked!have heard about it before but never tasted it anywhere..

  5. It’s a totally new recipe for me. Peppercorns and nuts and dates all in one, gotta try this! Have a great long weekend Shilpa!

  6. Shilpa,

    First of all, kudos to you for making such a wonderful website.I have a question for you. For making the zucchini bread, did you peel the zucchini before grating it?

    Shilpa: No.

  7. hi shilpa,
    great recipe ….i tried it and loved it! thanx!
    i have one request…..can u plz post the recipe for pejje polo….made from whole urad?

    Shilpa: I don’t have it as of now, will ask aayi if she knows about it.

  8. This is a lovely drink…
    Try adding 2 tblspn rose water in thandai…it enhances the taste and gives a good cooling effect…

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