Tomato Chutney

Ripe Tomatoes 2
Onion 1
Green chilles 2
Mustard seeds , cumin seeds 1/2 tspn each
Ginger(optional) 1″ piece
Curry leaves
Sugar 1/4 tea spn

Heat oil. Add mustard, cumin seeds. When they splutter, add curry leaves. Add onion and green chillies. Fry till onions turn brown. Add tomato and other ingredients. Cook till tomatoes become tender. Grind to a paste. Goes well with dosa.

Serves : 3
Preparation time : 15min

29 thoughts on “Tomato Chutney”

  1. I love indian dishes, so I went to your website hoping I will take that recipe and cook. But I have no idea what most of the incredients are. They all written in Indian name or something.

  2. Ashu, thanks for pointing out. These posts were written too long ago and I know there were many grammatical mistakes in them. Now whenever I get time, I am updating the pictures as well as the posts, but it is taking a lot of time. I am still working on my English.

  3. Hi Shilpa,

    I was at my wit’s end yesterday wondering what to make for dinner. I was tired of making the same old side dishes for chappathis. Though I have noted down a lot of recipes & even tried most of them, I wanted something diff & easy to cook. I came across ur site..Lo & behold!!! most of ur recipes seemed so easy & less time consuming.

    I decided to try the Potato-capsicum side dish. (My hubby is not very found of capsicums, thou i like em :-). It came out wonderful & I must say here that adding the tamarind pulp defntly adds to the taste.

    My hubby started eating & after his first mouth, raised his eyebrows & said “how come this dish tastes diff”..(these husbands can b a pain at times, they feel outright good comments wud be an ego booster to their wives)…so I had to finally pull it out of his mouth that the dish was VERY NICE…:-). Wow!!!

    Then I decided I would try another dish for breakfast this morning, the TOMATO CHUTNEY as a side dish for. That too came out gr8 & my hubby did agree to that too.

    I would like to thank u Shilpa, for posting such wonderful & easy recipes. Cooking is easy provided one should have the interest to do it whole heartedly. Experimentation & Innovation makes it all the more enjoyable.

    Thanks & Keep up the good work. Waiting to try out more of ur recipes.

    Liju Kishore

  4. Hi Shilpa,
    just a suggestion for your website…
    if you could have a glossary of indian ingredients, guess it will be very helpful for people of other races if they’re want everything at one place. in that aspect, your website will be a ONE-Stop area for indian recipes and more….
    a sample website which i meddled accross may deem express what i suggest…

    Shilpa: I have been working on this Veera. But it takes a lot of time since taking the picture and writing the description is not very easy task. But surely, I will release it soon.

  5. I tried your recipe & as always turned out just excellent. Moreover it was hit with my Hubby too. Thanks!!!tastes good with Idli & dosa.

  6. Hi Shilpa…

    tomato chutney is my favourite chutney..
    I tried this chutney..
    taste is yummy …
    tell us some more tomato chitney’s..


  7. I tried out the recipe yesterday along with your masala dosa recipe . The chutney was just yummy .My husband loved it . Thanks a ton 🙂

  8. You are doing a tremendous job by providing delicious recipes to the community. I might have tried many things from this mouth watering website. I always thought of leaving some comments but never did it. In fact this is the first site I visit whenever I want to cook some of our konkani food.
    Last week we went for a picnic and we prepared Tomato Chutney, It came out so good that it became an instant hit. I was tired of telling recipe to everyone 🙂

    Thanks again..
    PS: You must start thinking of publishing ‘aayisrecipes’ book, in case you haven’t started it yet!

  9. hi Shilpa,
    not sure if you do recall.. i had written in earlier for recipes on basic making of tea or coffee or a lime juice or buttermilk for that matter.. these beverages which are needed everyday and yet are so different with each home we visit.. could u please work this into your site.. I’m sure many more than just me would benefit.. its been very long since i had asked and you had replied saying you would look into it.. but i don’t see a follow up as such. Please weave it into your busy schedule..
    thanks for keeping the flavours alive in our kitchen 🙂

  10. hi Shilpa..

    i hv just started cooking recently .. not a very good cook..
    but trying to improve..
    was just goin thru different sites…i hv juz gone thru your site today the first time.. its really so amazing to find everything at one go.. i really liked it .. m goin to really start trying one by one… it really looks so yummy and tempting… that i ve started to feel hungry…
    today m planning to start with tomato chutney…
    n in a few days plan to make chapathi..

    i ve one question for making 11-12 chapathi’s how much dough n the amout of water will i have to use … please suggest me.. i really need your help…
    once again i really thank you for this site for helping me to improve on my cookinig..


    Shilpa: About 2 and 1/2 cups(may be). I am not very sure, as it depends on the size of the chapathis.

  11. hi shilpa,

    yesterday as i told u i will be trying out the tomato chutney…
    and yes i did give it a try… n believe me it came out so tasty…
    i cant believe that i had made it… wow!!!!
    would like to thank u Shilpa, for posting such easy and wonderful recipes…

    and next m goin to try out the chapathis the way u have mentioned it..
    thanks for your help.. n keep up your good work..

  12. Hey Shilpa – I looooved this chutney’s taste and the simplicity of making it! I am not into making chutneys too much but was looking for a simple non-coconut chutney one day and found this! Absolutely loved the taste – ekdam restaurant quality! Thanks a lot!

  13. Hi,, This is very different from what I make.. I add Urad dhal / Channa Dhal and Garlic (5-6 cloves).I dont add cumin seeds or ginger.. But I am going to try urs as I am bored of doing mine.. Thankyou


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