Ridge gourd skin chutney (GosaLe shire chutney)

There are few people in this world, with whom you can share your happiness and also your worries, who’ll always be there for you. They laugh with you in your happiness and give you help and support when you are in sorrow. You feel very comfortable around such people, who you don’t get to know often. They are pretty rare, aren’t they? We think we are very lucky to know a person like this. He is a mentor to V and like a big brother to me. We got to know him because he is V’s colleague and since then, he has become like a family for us here. His name is Sunil (Not to confuse with our other friend Sunil).

Since Sunil(I call him Sunilanna) is also a Konkani, we have similar tastes. So we go to his home sometimes and make him cook for us and sometimes he comes to visit us. We chat a lot on these occasions and enjoy a lot. Last week, he invited us for a small get-together. He had prepared a lip smacking good spread for us. This chutney is one of them. I took the picture of the dish and also took the recipe from him(this is his mom’s signature dish). Since then I have prepared this at home and each time we taste it, we love it more. Did I say V is a ridge gourd hater who never ate anything with this gourd? He has become a fan of this dish. I am happy that I can buy this vegetable now :).

Ridge gourd is called gosaLe or ghosaLe in Konkani. Shire is the sharp edges of the vegetable. Usually these edges are discarded when this vegetable is used. This chutney is made of these skins. It gets its very nice taste from the ghee and also from the cumin seeds. I have seen many different recipes for this chutney before but had never prepared it. I loved this simple version of the chutney and I am going to prepare it again and again in coming days.

1 cup skin(the sharp edges) of ridge gourd
1/2 cup fresh/frozen coconut
1/2 tea spn cumin seeds
2-3 green chilies
1/4 tea spn tamarind extract (optional)

Heat ghee in a pan. Add cumin seeds. When they start popping, add green chilies and skin. Fry for about 7-8 mins till the color of the skin starts changing (do not burn anything, you can fry one ingredient at a time if you can not manage frying at a time). Take it out on a plat.
Add coconut to the same pan and fry for about 3-4mins.
Grind all together with tamarind and salt.
Serve as a side dish with rice, dosa or idlis.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 15mins

38 thoughts on “Ridge gourd skin chutney (GosaLe shire chutney)”

  1. It’s real blessing to have special people in our lives.

    About V liking this dish, isn’t it a welcome relief that you can now buy and cook something that the other person likes? 🙂

  2. Yeah, my mamama and the rest of the ladies in the family prepare it exactly the same way. I love it Shilpa.We add a little buttermilk and dilute it to make tambuli. My hubby too hates ghosale, but when it comes to simple upkari or ghosale shira chutney , he loves it. The picture and the colour look excellent.

  3. Shilpa,
    It is a age old traditional recipe in our place-andhra pradesh- also.but the oy difference is that we add til seeds instead of coconut. you please try that also procedure is ditto.

  4. Ya, me too love this chutney. We make same way. I learnt another chutney frm a friend but with the whole ridge gourd and no coconut in it. Except for these 2 chutneys, I hate ridge-gourd too ;)..So true about the friends in life..

  5. Shilpa, I find it fascinating – I know of peels chutney but not one with only the sharp edges used. It looks nice and cool. The chutneys I make are full of mustard seed, curry leaf, garlic, etc 🙂

  6. I made ridgegourd subji today and preserved the skin to make chutney..and lol!!! I find the recipe here..i was planning to make it in a diiferent style …now i wil try this.. thanks..looks lovely

  7. yes, good friends are rare 🙂
    amma makes ridge gourd skin chutney with little twist. my recipe is in blog draft and u reminded me of that.
    thanks shilpa for another version. i am bookmarking this recipe to try next time. i have frozen some ridge gourd skins in my freezer 🙂

  8. Looks like my kind of dish! 🙂 I have recipes for bottle-gourd-skin chatni and watermelon-skin chatni, and have read of how very nutritious these are…and seeing these recipes has caused me to stop and think each time I discard the peels. I would never have thought ridge-gourd skin would also be made into something as well, but here you are! I find these gourds often in summer around here, and will definitely return to your tasty-looking recipe to try it. I bet its great with dosas. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  9. Oh…and I forgot to add: yes indeed I agree…good friends are very rare. I could say that I have many friends, but only a handful are true, devoted, and just like family.

  10. Shilpa, good friends are indeed a big blessing! The chutney looks really delicious! I make something with bottle gourd, its time that i try this one with ridge-gourd! I never thought of adding ghee to the chutney, that must ahve added so much to the flavour! Thanks for the lovely recipe!

  11. Oh yes shilpa, just now i mentioned in my blog how my friends have made my son’s birthday a very special one to remember when things went little out of my hands.
    These unconditional friendships cherish shilpa!! So wonderful to hear about your SunilAnna and his mom’s recipe!!

  12. Hey my mom made this a lot but it was made super dry — a gooli not a chutney, it could be rolled into a ball . We ate it with Paj and it was delicious. When going on train trips this was a standard along with chapatis.

  13. Hi Shilpa,

    Nice pics.. We make the same recipe, just that we do not fry the coconut and the chutney is made without adding too much water to it. It is a dry chutney wtih very lil water. We make tamboli out of the chutney to have with rice by diluting a lil chutney with water. Also we use roasted red chillies instead of green ones.

  14. Dear Shilpa,
    I love this chutney. my aajee always made this one. She used teel in addition. because teel are tasty chutney with teel tastes more mouth watering. Instead of ghosale shires Aajee made chutneies from Dhudhee saal, or laal bhopala saal, or padval biya (seeds). All other ingredients remain the same. Tastes of all chutneies are different but all are tasty. In those days they were utilising every part of vegetables. We should thank them for their intelegence.

  15. Shilpa, I first came across this chutney during our stint in Kolkata…our house help was a wonderful cook and taught me to make this…in fact, she flew into a rage when she saw me on the verge of discarding the skin :-D…her version was slightly different, but was lipsmackingly good…you’ve revived fond memories with this recipe 🙂

  16. I never knew this, that ridge gourd skin can be used in making such a lovely chutney….
    till now I just throw them, I am really thankful to you shilpa for sharing this here, shall try it next time i get ridge gourd, I love that veggie a lot, now i think there will be no part of it wasted.
    Thank you again for sharing this recipe 🙂



  18. Hi Shilpa,

    This chutney is indeed yummie and one of favorites when it comes to optimum usage of all parts of vegetables. 🙂
    My mother prepares one dish out of Ridge gourd “ridges” to be precise, called “tambooli”. It tastes yummie and serves as good accompaniement (kaalvan) with rice. The only difference being adding enough water added to make this dish posted by you. This is to bring about a brothy consistency. If its with rice she adds more green chillies. Try it out, tastes good.


  19. I dont remember my aayi making this but im sure going to try this…also what a nice way of using the skin which we often discard.

  20. HI Shilpa,
    I love this chutney so much that long ago when i couldn ot get ghosale (77) i used to make it with grilled zucchini which was a passable substitute. Its still a favorite esp with paan pole. Thanks for reviving the taste buds with your compilation.

  21. hi shilpa,
    while reading ur blog today, i was so surprised that i made the same chutney today, but i do it with a variation, i grind the skin and the green chillies with roasted peanuts and lemon juice, and season it later with mustard seeds and hing…………enjoying ur blog as always

  22. Just a little different – the tamil brahmin version tastes, ver add roasted red chillies, broken udat dal, and the rest the same. Roast all and grind. I should make this the next time for myself, as I am the only one who loves these at home.

  23. It is very common dish in maharashtra. over there we get 2 types in Ridge guoards. One with ridges which is called as Dodake and and other one with plain skin which is called as “Ghosawale ” . The cutney is prepared in the same way but instead of coconut we use fried peanuts.

  24. Hi! Shilpa , it is really vey nice to hear that konkani people in us are also fond of ghosalya shiraa chutney. I think we konkanis do not waste any part of vegetables. Specially skins contain a lot of vitamins. I too like the taste of this chutney. My mother makes sanna polo of snake gourd seeds [ poddalya beeyo], upkaris of kelya saali, vatanya saali.

  25. hi this chutney looks good dear like to try it. i do in little different way i boil the skin when skin clour change drain water
    take 4tbsp coconut, 2 g.chilly, ginger, imli,and cooked skin grind with water(if nessesory) into smooth paste

  26. yes, we too prepare in the same way told by you Shilpa, do you have karela chutney recipe – if not i have one for you where and how should i sent the same for you


  27. Hi Shilpa, I usually make a variation of Jeere-Mirya kadi with gosale Shire. Just presurre cook the Gosale shire with 2-3 green chillies. Drain the Water and grind it with Coconut, tamarind, Jeera, and pepper. Rest of the procedure is same as for Jeere-mirya kadi. This kadi is turns out tasty too !!

  28. Hi….

    I never expected this dish on the website….
    This is also my mum’s one of the specialities…

  29. Shilpa,
    made this chutney and liked it very much ..I had dessicated coconut +some sesame seeds so added that …Thanks for sharing the recipe as in my wildest of dream I would not have imagined the use of ridge gourd skin this way :)…thank you !
    hugs and smiles

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