Onion-Coconut Chutney

This is a chutney based on a coconut chutney I tasted at my cousin’s home during Christmas holidays. We both loved the chutney. When I came back, I made a different version of that chutney. I had a very little coconut in my fridge, so I mixed both coconut and onion. It turned out delicious. I have been making this chutney with dosas and idlis ever since.

1 cup onion
3/4 cup fresh/frozen coconut
1 tea spn coriander seeds
6-7 red chillies
1 tea spn jaggery
1/2 tea spn tamarind extract
1″ ginger

Heat oil and add coriander seeds. Fry for a minute. Add red chillies, onion and fry till onions are translucent. Add coconut and fry for few minutes. Grind with all other ingredients to a smooth paste (add very less water to help in grinding).

Serves : 4-5
Preparation time : 20mins

24 thoughts on “Onion-Coconut Chutney”

  1. I ate something like this with Tomato Onion on the side for masala dosa at Saravana Bhavan in Atlanta, was really good. Sometimes they add raw onion this which smells odd a bit. Sauteing them first is great idea. Looks great .

    Have a great weekend Shilpa, hugs to you.

  2. Yummy chutney. I have tried onion chutney before and I added raw onions which turned very bitter. Your method sounds good…will try this way next time.

  3. Shilpa,

    I make this cutney without roasting anything and minus the ginger.. tastes great. Try the no-roast version and it’ll surprise u.


  4. I love this chutney a lot… When I worked @ AOL, me & my friend would literally “DIE” to have our breakfast, mainly Idli & dosas at the mall below…. as they served just a spoonful of this chutney…. And I simply loved the taste of it…. I wanted to know how they prepared, but did not know exactly, from where… Now that u have posted this, I’m grateful to you…… THANKS!!!!! This is totally awesomely tasty…..


  5. hi Shilpa,

    this is a regular chutney at home.Generally i make with the small sambar onions(shallots??) which gives this chutney amazing taste and flavour.If these r not available then only i use onions,try with the small onions and c the difference:))

  6. Along with onions, you can add tomato + radish/bottlegourd/ridgegourd etc. Saute it till the raw smell goes away. This way the chutney is yummy and also kids get to eat these vegetables.

  7. I usually have a hell of a time blending small quantities of chutneys. (I usually cook for one person.) It also seems to take forever. Are there techniques I can use to solve both these problems? Thanks.

    1. I have Sumeet mixer with me. If you regularly cook, my advise would be to invest in an Indian mixie. I have used blenders before, but was not very happy with the results

  8. Hii shilpa…tried this chutney yesterday. me & my mom-in-law are open to new items. we were not sure if others would like it. but unexpectedly everybody liked it and nothing was left-over 🙂

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