Masala Dahi(curd)

In Bangalore “Kamat Ahar” restaurant, they serve hot alu paratha with masala dahi. I guessed what might be the ingredients, since then, paratha and masala dahi are favourite combination at my home. I cannot guarantee that they use the same recipe, because I never get the courage to ask for recipes in restaurants :)… (whenever I come across with new recipe at my friend’s or relatives house, I shamelessly ask for recipe).

Curd 2 cups
Red chilli powder 1/2 tea spn
Chat masala 1/2 tea spn
Salt a pinch

Mix all the ingredients well and serve with hot paratha.

Serves : 3
Preperation time : 2-3 min

Updated on Sept 9
This is the seccond method for preparing the masala dahi. Thanks Avita and Aruna for the recipe.

Curd 2 cups
Pepper 1/4 tea spn
Cumin seeds 1/2 tea spn
Black salt (Rock salt)

Dry roast(fry without oil) pepper and cumin seeds. Powder them. Add the powder and black salt to dahi and mix well.

8 thoughts on “Masala Dahi(curd)”

  1. The masala i use for the dahi:
    Pepper and jeera have to b dry roasted on a tawa and coarsely pounded and also not 2 forget instead of the normal salt i use black salt. This masala combi. was given by a dear friend of mine who is a typical punju. May be u cud use it share this tip with others.

  2. hi guys pl try this for any raita/dahi serving:

    roast one part jeera (cumin) with 1/4 part saunf (fennel) and few grains of methi seeds. powder. u have a ready flavourFUL powder for any raita or flavour enhancing requirement.

  3. Your website is amazing and has nice recipes to try out sp the jollad roti.Yes its divine at kamat bugle rock in B`lor
    Another variation is grind 1 chilly and 1inch peice ginger and add to the curd.Add half tspn sugar ,mix well till sugar dissolves.Chopped dhania.This tastes great even with chopped spring onions and carrots grated in the curd.

  4. hi love your recipes

    please could you send me a recipe for how to prepare curd for
    making my curries
    thanks carol

  5. This is the way I make Masala Dahi

    1. Hand 500gms of Dahi in a muslin cloth for 20mins. Remove and put in a bowl.

    2. Make a tadka by heating 1teaspoon of oil. Then add quarter teaspoon rai, half teaspoon jeera, half teaspoon red chilly powder and 1 whole red chilly. Remove from fire after one minute.

    3. Add tadka to Dahi. Add salt to taste (rocksalt will also do). Also add a bit of finely chopped kothmir. Mix well and serve chilled.

    1. Thanks. I was looking for this one. Will try it one day, probably when i will be alone at home.

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