Garlic Chutney (Losney chutney)

This is a very famous chutney in North Kanara. My mother prepares this with coconut dosa(soyi polo) or rice roti(alayle pita rotti). But some people make this with urad daal dosa or as a side dish with rice. Ilike this chutney-coconut dosa combination very much.
4-5 cloves garlic
1/2 cup fresh/frozen coconut
4-5 red chillies
1/4 tea spn tamarind extract or 1 piece of tamarind

Heat oil and fry garlic till brown (always remove the skin before frying garlic. Otherwise the garlic may splutter. My neighbour had serious burns on her face due to this). This step has to be done with extra care since the oil may catch fire sometimes.
Grind the fried garlic with coconut,red chillies,tamarind,coconut and salt.
Serve chutney with hot dosa.

Serves : 4
Preparation time : 10 min

22 thoughts on “Garlic Chutney (Losney chutney)”

  1. A different chutney..I’d love to try this next time when I prepare dosa.Just now I went thru your coconut dosa as well.My hubby is really fond of coconut in dosa.So i used to sprinkle some grated coconut when cooking dosa ..Your recipe gives me a better way of making coconut dosa..Thanks!!

  2. Shilpa, I’ve tasted similar chutney in Maharastra.. It was yummy!

    Just confirming a few things.
    1. You dont add water while grinding the chutney, rt?
    2. Only the garlic is saute-ed, and the rest are raw. rt?

    Please let me know. I’ll try this chutney. thanks!

  3. Giving a tadka (tampering) of 1/4tsp mustard seeds, 1/2tsp urad dal, 1 broken red chilly & 8-10 curry leaves in 1-2tbsp of oil enhances the flavour.

  4. To avoid the garlic clove from spluttering, crush it slightly with a pestle “Khalbatta stone” before frying and you will not have any splutters… This is one of my most favourite chutneys.. but unfortunately, here in North American grinders, the consisitency of coconut chutneys is atrocious…the heat of the mixie makes the coconut a little ‘bubuli’ can we avoid this ?

  5. hi, I want to know are interested in only south indian traditional recipes or in other states from north as well??? I am a total foodie n I am absolutely enjoyg ur website n ofcourse learning.

  6. Asha, I am interested in all kind of vegetarian and sea food. Whether it is South Indian or not, does not matter for me. I love to learn more about all kinds of food.

  7. This is the exact type chutney I was looking for as my mother used to make all the time (now I learnt that It is good for heart too), and we used to call it “Losne Goli”. I had difficulty in making it in Osterrzer mini blender or any mixer. But I brought Lakshmi brand (has wide SS jar and thicker ragade Daanno for grinding weight)table top Ragado from Mumbai last month and I can make better almost paste like chutney (with minimum amount of water) as this Garlic Chutney should be.

  8. I am in business of Garlic Chutni.There are 2000 to 5000 Kg order.Can you tell me how can i avoid smell of garlic from chutni. How can i make it good looking and better test. please suggest.

  9. hi Shilpa,
    I love garlic n this was great, one more thing wanted to tell you,
    the same way but instead of putting red chillies to be added green chillies while frying garlic n rest are to be grinded raw but without adding tamarind and at last a cup of curd n water {if required} to the mixture that makes a dish called Thambuli in south indian style which is served with rice as a starter…..try this its great as well.

    Thank you

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