Ragda pattis

I am a huge fan of chaats. I never tried making them myself before coming to US, since I would get them easily in Bangalore. But when I came here, I started missing them. Though I don’t make them often these days, thanks to an amazing chaat center nearby my home here, I still like to learn how to make new kinds. We could get almost all kind of chaats in Bangalore but I never saw ragda patties anywhere. I had tasted it long back in Belgaum and for some reason I could not recollect the recipe. Still I know the taste of it.

One cold evening my husband comes back home and asks me to make ragda patties. My answer out of sheer laziness, “I don’t know how to make it”. He goes, “I know you can search it and make it for me”. I just try to ignore. Next day again, “Please make ragda patties for me, you used to cook everything I asked for. Stop watching Food Network. If you cook ragda patties for me, you can post it on your blog, people would love it”. Now, he knows how to convince me. He knows I would cook anything when it comes to posting the recipe here. So my search for this recipe began.

I got many recipes online. But was unable to decide which one to try. Then I realised, I should have asked my dear friend Aruna. I was 100% sure that she would know the recipe, since she is from Mumbai and she loves cooking different things. As usual, she did not turn me down. She sent me this recipe. It turned out just superb. This may not be the only version of ragda patties available, but I can assure you will love it. Though it has many ingredients, it can be prepared in 20-30mins. One or two bowls of this and you can easily skip dinner.

2 large cooked potatoes (around 1 cup after peeling and mashing)
1-2 slices of white bread
1/4 cup finely chopped onion
A pinch turmeric
1/4 tea spn coriander powder
1/4 tea spn cumin powder

I also added 1/2 tea spn chili powder to spice it up. But in original recipe, chili powder is not there.

Soak white bread in water and squeeze off excess water. Mix it with all other ingredients. Make small balls of it, flatten on the palm of your hand and shallow fry them from both sides.

1 cup dry yellow peas(vatane) soaked overnight
A pinch turmeric

Pressure cook the peas with turmeric and salt till they are soft and mushy. I had not soaked them overnight, so cooked them for a longer time till they became soft.

Sweet chutney:
2 tbl spns jaggery
1 tea spn tamarind extract or 1 small lemon sized ball of normal tamarind
6-7 dates(khazoor) soaked in warm water

Take jaggery and 1/4 cup water in a pan and cook till jaggery is completely dissolved. Grind together dates and tamarind. Add this mixture to boiling jaggery and allow to cook for 5mins till the chutney becomes thick. I added a little salt to this chutney. Cool and strain the chutney. If it remains, it can be refrigerated for few days.

Green chutney:
1/2 cup chopped mint(pudina) leaves
1 cup chopped coriander leaves
6-8 green chilies
1 tbl spn lemon juice

Grind all together with minimum amount of water to a smooth paste.

Dry Masalas:
1/2 tea spn chaat masala
1/2 tea spn rock salt
1/2 tea spn cumin powder

Mix all and keep aside.

8-10 puris used for pani puri
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
4-5 strands of chopped coriander leaves
1-2 tbl spn lemon juice
1-2 tbl spn grated raw mango(optional)
1-2 tbl spn sprouted moong beans (optional)

Serving instructions:

In a serving bowl, take hot ragda, mix all dry masalas. Add sweet and spicy chutneys depending on taste. Mix well. Now add a patties, such that it soaks ragda.

Add chopped onions, lemon juice, chopped coriander leaves, crushed puris.

I also added some sev as we like it very much. Serve immediately.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 30mins

Updated: Here is how I managed to cook this in 30mins
– Collected all the items necessary from pantry and refrigerator and kept them readily accessible to my cutting board.
– Kept peas and potatoes in pressure cooker on high.
– On another burner, I kept water and jaggery for heating.
– When the peas and potatoes were cooking, I utilised the time to cut onions, lemon, coriander leaves etc.
– Grind the dates(I did not soak them) and tamarind, add it to the boiling jaggery.
– Used the same mixie without washing, to make green chutney(I did not cut any leaves, because they will anyway get ground).
– Kept a tava for heating to fry patties.
– Kept the dry masalas, puris, sev on a serving plate
– By the time I finished all these, my peas and potatoes were ready.
– Fry the patis on piping hot tava.
– Assemble everything

This recipe is as simple as this, even though it looks very long at first glance. You can count how long it takes. For me it took 30mins :).

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  1. Shilpa ……One of my favorite chats. The road side vendors also add one garlic chutney, which is very spicy and i don’t how to make it. For me and my family the spice level of the green chutney is perfect.
    I make it always for us, but when my friend Savitha and her hubby visited us in Nov end i made it first time for guests and according to him it was the best chat they had ever eaten in US.
    In Mumbai they do add sev in some places. The toppings change in every food joint. Your presentation is too good and the pictures too with your new camera. Wonderful. Thanks for posting and sharing.

  2. Aruna and Shilpa,

    The garlic chtney tht they make in mumbai is usually by blending red chillies, garlic, vinegar and jeera. I usually make a bhaji with the ragda, blend some ragda with green chillies and mint leaves and add to it.


  3. Shilpa-
    This looks too good! And you made it look really lovely…did you make the sev for this too?

    I read over the recipe, and I am thinking to myself that I should make this, as I have everything handy except coriander leaves and moong sprouts, but these are easily obtained…I have some dried yellow peas that I was wondering what to do with- now I know! 🙂

    I have just two questions: where may I find a good recipe for chaat masala? Also, is “rock salt” meaning sea salt, coarse salt, or black salt/sanchar? ooops…I have a third question 🙂 does “chaat” mean “sour”? I was wondering if these snack foods called “chaat” were related to “chat chole/sour chickpeas” in some way…
    Aruna- great recipe, I will definitely try this out soon! Thanks to you both.

  4. Hi Shilpa
    Great presentation. I dont know how you made that it 20 min. Looks so professional.
    When in the US we would always keep readymade chat chutneys (I think swad brand). That made it easier to make pani puris and bhel puris at home.

  5. I love Chaat too,I made Masala Puri last week.

    Ragda Petis looks yum!! I have Delhi Chaat sauce which is very tasty for sweet chutney and Maggie Hot sauce,makes it easier.I have to try this recipe Thanks Shilpa.

  6. Hey Shilpa,

    This is a perfect entry for the JFI:Potatoes for March by Happy Burp.

    This was my favorite chat in my college days. I just can’t believe this can be made in 20 minutes!! Will try this some time and let u know how much time I took to make them. May be in hours or days :))

    One of my friend has made Radga Patties for a potluck party 2 weeks back. They were the hit of the party.


  7. Hi Shilpa
    i am also a big fan of chaat!!!!!!
    and love this ragda patties!!one of my friend introduced me to this dish .i did this once following pooja’s version.it was so yummy!! will try ur version too!!!loved the pictures!!
    i have tried ur maddura vada .it was so easy and very tasty!!!look at my blog .i ma going to post it today!!

  8. Hi Shilpa
    By chance I came across your site. I was trying to search some different dishes in veg. section. Let me tell u really create splendid enthusiasm among viewers to try your recipies and the rest credit goes to your fabulous photographs. Great……

  9. Oh…!!

    Mouthwatering shilpa…I have never tried any chaats so far…though Ammi used to make pani puri / bhel puri and ‘pori’ related stuff always…I miss her….cos though I love them…I cant take this much time for a simple dish…u know me…as always lazy ..but this one is lovely, by presentation and serving wise…let me see if i overcome my laziness for this!

  10. Hey this is my all time favorite chat.I always used to have this during my college days.Hmm miss those days and those hot ragada patties what they used to serve in my college canteen .Tasty ones. beautiful presentation and lovely pisture.Thanks for bringing back those good old memories.

  11. Thanks to you all for lovely comments.

    Thanks aruna. It was delicious.

    A, I will try your recipe next time. Thanks a lot.

    Pelicano, this time I didn’t have patience to make sev. So I used store bought ones.
    – I have never tried making chaat masala since it is available readily in all Indian stores. But here is Shynee’s recipe of chaat masala.
    – By rock salt I meant black salt which has a very different taste to it.
    – Actually I was trying to explain the meaning of chaat to one of my colleague also :). They are mainly street foods with spicy, sour, sweet taste. The best chaats are available in roadside carts in India. The most popular chaat is pani puri. They are usually eaten in the evening at around 6.

    Spice Lover, Asha, I never tried using store bought chutneys. I am gonnu use it next time. Thanks.

    Linda, yes i felt its really easy :).

    Swapna, thanks for trying out Maddur vadas :).

    Thanks Suma, LakshmiK, Bhargavi, Manjula, Ambica, Shivani, A Yunus, Sowmya, Deepa. Your comments are very important for me to keep going,

  12. Shilpa-
    Thank you so much for the extra info, and for taking the time to locate a chaat masala recipe for me. I really appreciate it!
    I will go in search of a cart…and set it by the roadside(I’ll have to shovel out some snow for this) 😀 . Then I will serve myself this chaat from it, and I am sure it will be the best I’ve ever eaten!!! I have a feeling though, that people passing by in their cars will stop and try to buy some from me, in which case I’ll be forced to say “oh, no you don’t!” I’m not much of a businessman I guess…. oh well, more for me!

  13. My mom used to make ragda patis for evening tea[:)].I am not a great cook but will surely try this.Thanks for the recipe Shilpa.

  14. Hey Shilpa, I really appreciate the effort you have taken to give such a clear recipe for a dish that seems so elaborate and also with such good pictures at every stage. Also like the way you have given instructions on how to organise our time and finish this in half an hour. Thank you. Will be making it soon.

  15. Hi Shilpa,
    I too tasted this in Belgaum many times when we were there.I liked ur recipe + photos ,Its really mouth watering…..but now as i am busy with my kid + office,i dont have time to try it at home,I really want to try chats- when I get time in wkend!! Its really good site which tells about medical values too,good job done Shilpa! Keep going 🙂

  16. Excellent, being born and raised in Mumbai, Im love this and I will try it out. Also, I need Paav Bhaji recipe

  17. Hi Shilpa,

    For last two days i am going through your web site. I am simly amzed by your detailed description before each and every recipe and also your contribution to each recipe.I simly love ragda patis .So I will make it near future.

  18. Thanks Shilpa,

    This reminds me of the ragda patties i would have on beaches when i was in Bombay. I miss them but after reading ur recipe i dont miss thme anymore


  19. Hey, great recipe. Absolutely love the way you write your blogs, brings out the passion you have for this work and also makes me feel I know your personally.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  20. Hi!
    I have been a lurker on your blog for a while now. I liked your update on how to accomplish ragda patis in 30 mins. The 30 min thing encourages people like me to try it. Thanks a lot.
    BTW, congratulations on 500th post. Wish you good luck.
    Thanks and regards,

  21. Hi,

    I was looking for ragda patis recipes and i found it. Thanks.
    But i could not find yellow vatana anywhere. I got yellow peas from Sabji mandi but when i soaked they looked like yellow choras in shape. Is it alright but they do not taste like vatana too. I am in Vancouver, Canada. where are you? Pls write and let me know what and where i will get yallow vatanas
    best wishes.

    Shilpa: We get them in Indian stores here in US.

  22. sabina valayil

    wonderful ,
    i could see myself inthe kitchen when you wrote the faster way of making it.

    great keep up the good job

    enjoy chaat

    from santa clara.

  23. I live in US and here we buy cans of cheakpeas that are soaked in water(citric acid). Can we use that to make ragda. I don’t know if i can find yellow peas.

    Shilpa: Reema, usually ragda pattis has yellow peas. If you use chickpeas, the taste will be different.

  24. Aren’t chickpeas called yellow peas if im mistaken? where can i fing yellow peas in Chicago?

    Shilpa: Chickpeas are also called garbanzo beans (kabuli chana). Yellow peas are vatanas(please click the link provided in ingredients). They are available in Indian stores.

  25. Hi,
    I tried this dish out yesterday and it came out really well…earlier I used to make the ragda like chole with all the masalas…and what happened was it used to overpower everything else…but plain ragda tasted so well…thanks for the recipe..my hubby is from mumbai and i amfrom chennai so i don’t know much about the chaat foods…so you are giving me a good place to look at for recipes!

  26. Its gr8.I am a working woman.My most of the time spent in office. I used to search the websites for different methods of cooking.I tell u this recipie is the best.

  27. Hi Shilpa,

    Looks Awesome… A little suggestion… u could spruce up your recipe further by adding some dhania powder (dry coriander powder) along with a touch of red chilly powder…

    Try it out 🙂

  28. The recipe is so simple. I am definitely going to try it out. Also, the pictures appear very tempting 😀
    Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  29. Rain clouds are showing on the horizon of Mumbai and will certainly try ragada patties on a rainy evening. thanks.

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