Masala Puri – 1

Have any of you visited Bangalore? If yes, you must have tasted the chaats and the most popular chaat in Bangalore is Masala puri. You will get it everywhere. It is as popular as (or rather more popular than) any other chaat. I tried my best to make this at home, but was never successful. It would taste great but nothing like the original masala puri. I don’t know if this is available anywhere else or not, because I never found it in Indian restaurants here(though all other chaats are available, this is missing). Few days back, I even googled for this recipe, but all I found were normal puris(deep fried ones) with some kind of masala in them and not a ‘chaat‘.

While talking to my friend Poornima few days back, she accidentally said her friend had given her the masala puri recipe. Do I need to say I pestered her to send that recipe?? (these days everyone gets scared to tell me any new food experiments, because I start asking the recipe :D). She sent this recipe and this is one of the best masala puris I have ever had. I will not say more than that, try it yourself to know what I mean.

I will give the recipe in steps.

Sour soup:
1 tea spn jaggery
3/4 tea spn tamarind extract
1/2 tea spn cumin seeds
1 cup water

If ready made extract is not available, extract the thick juice of one small lemon size tamarind.

Roast the cumin seeds(fry without oil) and powder them. Mix all the ingredients and boil for around 5-10mins.

Sweet chutney:
9-10 dates
3/4 tea spn tamarind extract
1/2 tea spn cumin seeds
1/2 tea spn coriander powder
1 and 1/2 tea spns jaggery

If ready made extract is not available, extract the thick juice of one small lemon size tamarind.

Roast the cumin seeds(fry without oil) and powder them.
Make a smooth paste of all the ingredients.

Spicy chutney:
1 tea spn oil
1/2 tea spn mustard seeds
3-4 strands coriander leaves
3-4 green chilies
1/2 tea spn chili powder
1 tbl spn dessicated coconut

Heat oil and add mustard seeds. When they start to pop up, add green chilies, coriander leaves, coconut, chili powder, salt and fry for 2-3 mins. Grind it into a smooth paste.

Other Ingredients and preparations:
– 8-10 small puris(ready made puris used for pani puri)

They can also be made at home with this recipe

– 1 and 1/2 cups dry green peas(green vatana)
– 1/4 cup boiled and mashed potatoes(optional)
Soak the peas overnight and cook them in cooker along with salt. They should be cooked till soft (they take a long time to cook). Mix potatoes with peas.

– 3/4 cup grated carrot
– 3/4 cup finely chopped onion
– 1 tea spn chaat masala
– 1 tea spn red chili powder
– 3/4 cup sev(optional)
– Rock salt(optional)

To serve:
In the serving plate, take some puris. Crush them lightly with hand.

Spread 2-3tbl spoons of peas on the puris.

Pour 3-4 tbl spns of the soup.

Spread 1-2 tea spn (or desired amount) of sweet chutney.
Spread 1-2 tea spn (or desired amount) of spicy chutney.

Spread onion, carrot(I didn’t add carrot in below picture). Sprinkle chaat masala and chili powder.

Spread sev if desired. Serve immediately.

Preparation time : 30mins
Serves : 2-3

PS: Fresh or frozen peas cannot be used for this dish. They give a very different taste not suitable for masala puri.
Roasting and powdering cumin gives a very different aroma. Any dishes where raw cumin powder is required, use roasted cumin powder instead of ready made one.

Note: This is just one way of making masala puri. I have tasted many different versions in Bangalore. Check out another recipe of masala puri

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  1. Wow!its me first to comment ur receipe.First i like to appreciate for ur gr8 job.Nice Pic of step by step process.

    Clear explanation with good receipe…Hats off!!!!

    Advance Diwali wishes…..

  2. This looks delicious,but instead of roasting and powdering the cumin
    seeds you can use readymade cumin powder,also the best chaats
    including masala puri are made in Mumbai,cos I have been in both
    Mumbai and Bangalore,they use kabulichana(the one which we use for chole)instead of green peas in Mumbai.But this looks yummy and I am soon gonna try it.Thanks for the recipe

  3. Thanks Usha, Priya. Let me know if you try it.

    Deppa, Cumin is one thing I wanted to explicitly mention, but forgot. Roasting and powdering cumin will give very different aroma as well as taste than normal cumin powder. For any raw dishes, ready made cumin powder is NOT used as it gives that raw smell. I even read this in one very popular recipe book recently. I tried it twice once with readymade cumin powder and the other with roasted cumin powder, the aroma was very different.

  4. WOnderful recipe shilpa, I do this at home and some how figured out the recipe by trial and error, but nothing can beat the ones that u get in those carts in bangalore. I think yours looks very close to that and I am sure it will also taste as good. Will try your version soon and will let you know how it will turn out.

  5. i luv all chat items ….we have a restaurant called spice cafe here in orlando and they have the best chats in town. ur recipe looks soo yummy and i want to try it soon…i have tried some of our fellow bloggers recipes and just need to have a collection of pic to put together in my blog to appreciate their talents.

  6. shilpa- this looks really nice, i’ve always wanted to try making these “pani puri” chats, but haven’t yet… would be nice for a party…or….just myself!! πŸ™‚ your sev is beautiful too BTW…i use roasted cumin/jheera seeds along with chilli, black pepper/kala mirch, and salt for quick fruit salads/snacks…i think it should always be roasted for raw foods too.

    thanks for a great recipe!

  7. Hey Shilpa,
    Yummy looking chaat. Masala Puri is my absolute favourite. I make it all the time. Ever so much that during potluck parties people are always asking me to make this. Will share my recipe when I make it next.
    I love your pictures. I feel liek reachign out for your plate.
    I have been lookign at all your lunch box recipes and been trying to use them. Thank you for those. Thsoe are really helpful. The honey with the fruits is an excellent idea. I loved the sound of the Potato biryani recipe. Have yet to try it. Will let u know when I try it.

  8. Oooh! Lovely, Shilpa! The only thing I might add are chopped coriander leaves. Are masala puris are a specialty of Bangalore/Mysore? My Bombayite husband did not know of masala puri but enjoyed it thoroughly when we had it in Mysore from a roadside gaadiwala.

  9. Humm yet another Bangalorised chaat. Its just like having desi chinese and Domino’s pizza called southern spice

    I know you guys will gimme those looks for writting this.

    In the North and Mumbai too we don’t add carrots! But I guess unless the recipe is adapted to the local taste it does not recieve appreciations.

    I am born and brought up Mumbaikar, travelled all over so ……

    I think my Blr friends would like this taste.

  10. Hi Shilpa,

    I love the way you showed the assembly step-by-step – with green peas this sounds really great! Thanks for sharing the recipe and the procedure πŸ™‚

  11. Recipe looks tempting but everytime i make the puris for pani puri they dont puff up and i end up making papdi chaat or sev puri, pls let me know the exact recipe for the puri and also can i have the recipes for making the namkeens like the one we get from Haldirams made of dals(moong,chana) and the gujrati ghatia

  12. Hi shilpa…
    i am great fan of ur website….honesty must say itz because of ur recepies i am surviving here :).
    I tried the masala puri yesterday….i was good. My husbands compliment ” it looks exactly like how it is in the wesite”…..that was good enough for me !
    It surely did remind me of my blore masala puri….miss it sooo much
    thanks a lot !!

  13. Shilpa,

    I’ve fallen in love with the way you present your recipes ! Since i saw the puff recipe in your site i’ve been a regular visitor here and i love the pics and the recipe looks delicious. My mouth is watering already .

  14. Hi Shilpa……I read in my mails, abt masala puri comments from readers. When i saw the recipe and your gr8 pictures, i realised what it was. I have eaten this only once at a roadside stall near Aanegudde Temple abt 3 years ago. (famous Ganapathi Temple in Kundapura district). I still remember the taste, but have no idea how to make it. Now i can try it this weekend. We were abt 40 people who visited the stall at abt 6 pm although we told him in advance we would be there. All of us finished the entire stock and gave him extra money too for serving us well. My cousin told us that he is very famous for masala puri. Only one diff, he did not use carrots as maybe they are not ready avble. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I have become a great fan of ur website.My daily routine was to check tarla dalal or other cooking sites,but from the time i have come across AAYISRECIPES i have not logged on to any other site except for this.Keep up the good job, and i will also try to share my recipes in the future.

  16. Thanks Shilpa for the detailed post. I made this exactly as you mentioned. I used a lil more of sweet chutney (sweet tooth, cant help) It tasted excellent and my son loved it too. Very nutricious too. A good snack from Karnataka. Thanks again.

  17. Waiting to try this out, Masala puri is my favorite chaat and specially the one with green peas, In Bangalore restaurants usually serve with chic peas, but the chaat bhandars on the streets use green peas and my God its so delicious.

    Never seen that version of masala puri in teh Indian restaurants here in the US. Miss U Bangalore

  18. Extremely well presented. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been trying to get the recipe for the spicy chutney (Masale – if you know kannada, you know what I mean, That’s what the cart guy calls it) for a long time. I’m going to make this tomorrow. I miss Bangalore. (although it’s changed so much…. miss those old peaceful times)

  19. Hey the recipe sounds great and am a pakka bangalorean. I stay in Dubai and as mentioned by few people above here in middle east they have all kinds of chats but no Masala Puri. I have tried hunting it in every restaurant possible but no use. I love masala poori and would do anything to go to bangalore to have 3-4 plates of masala puri. i will soon try out ur recipe and post the feedback.

  20. Very well presented, thanks

    to add a bit of more spice for people who really love spicy chat….”include Cloves and Cinnamon while preparing spicy chutney, this will surely tickle your taste budds. But quantity should go proportionately, never mind if it is less but certainly not more else it can spoil your chat”


  21. hi shilpa,
    ur recipe looks grrrrrrrrrrrrrt .
    step by step explanation…right now iam in boston,USA 5and half months pregnant ..
    i dont get any of those stuff here hope u can understand my cravings after being in bangalore so many years..we can give up anything not gaadi masala chats…
    i will try and see how it will turn out …
    but somebody plzzzz tell me what he puts in the plate will be even more watery and thicker right ?he will just use sweet and thick gravy ..but how do i do thick gravy?

  22. Hi Manjula, Thick gravy is the spicy chutney and sweet chutney mentioned above. The watery(thin) thing is sweet soup. Just try this and you will know.

  23. Hi Shilpa,
    I have tried ur recipe but the spicy chutney or thick gravy as specified by manjula….. is not the taste of the gaadi masala chat in sanjaynagar… please let me know about thick gravy….me and my husband love masala puri and we sta
    in abu dhabi so missing it…

  24. i tried this new chat dish called naram garam.. itz really yummy n very very simple..

    peel the potatoe skin.. half boil it.. than cut it as cubes.. than shallow fry them til golden brown on both sides.. than put salt, chilli powder,garam masala,chat powder and squezze lemon..!!!

  25. .. many of u love churmuri,tomatoe masala which u get in ghadis..!! first i’ll tel de proce to make churmuri..
    green chutney: 3 green chilli n 2 cloves of garlic, make a paste out of it..
    chop onions, grate carrot..
    take a vessel put the puri into it(white color) , than put salt,2tbsp of oil,onion,carrot, green chutney,fried ground nuts .. than squezze lemon.. if u wan wan u can put chakli bits!!
    tomatoe masala:
    cut in de tomatoes.. thin slices…!! than put salt,pepper,green cutney ,lemon n spread over them.. then put fried ground nuts than put puri(white color)…
    thatz it.. it’s good 4 evening snacks!!

  26. Kavitha, the gravy cannot be made thick since it does not have any thickening agent. You ca ad both the chutneys to it so that it gets a bit thick.

  27. Hey… answers to all of the above, i just make the thick spicy green chutney. To the above recipe, add a boiled potato and 2-3 table spoons of sour cream. The gravy will just be so thick, creamy and rich. Add sour cream and potatoes according to how much cilantro you are putting. Mix and match.

  28. Acutally… another thing you can do to make the spicy chutney thick is put some over boiled peas in it and let it grind with the potatoes and sour cream.

    you can also put a green pepper or a brocoli in the spicy chutney while grinding it if you are health consicous. It doesn’t change the original taste.(unless you put too much in it)

  29. Sangeetha Prabhu

    Hi Shilpa,
    Discovered your site by accident while looking for a bride for my brother. You have put in a lot of effort in your site and it is beautiful. I hope to learn a lot of new recipes and maybe make a few friends too. I just loved the step by step photos in your recipes. keep up the good work.

  30. Hi Shilpa,

    Looks good and yummy. I have freaked out a lot on road side Masal puris in Mysore and Bangalore. My husband also loves it. I had got a recepie sometime back from my aunt, I made a lot of modifications to that and now I am more or less close. Even my husband has approved it. All are same except the green spicy chutney where I use Pudina , rosted cummin seeds, Cinnamon , clove , Khus-Khus . I grind all these with Pudina ginger and green chille and handfull of cooked green peas. Put water and boil it for some time.

  31. Hi Shilpa,

    I have got hooked on to your site πŸ™‚ I not only find your recipes good…but also the interaction happening for each recipe. I read through the recipe and end up reading all the comments too. Good job! Happy cooking and sharing!

  32. Shilpa,
    I chanced upon your website while doing a search for North Canara and South Canara food. This is a foodie person’s ultimate delight. I would be trying out the recipe for Masala puri soon.
    Thanks for sharing!

  33. Shilpa,

    Thanks for posting this recipe. I couldn’t have asked for anything less when I ate them. It reminded of my trips in Bangalore to have this with my Dad while I was a little girl.


  34. hii shilpa,
    thnks for sharing this recipe,,the best part is u have mentioned everythnig systematically easy to understand and follow,,,and it looks yummy tooo..
    ill definetly try tht..
    thnks again


  35. Bindu Basavaraj

    Hi Shilpa

    Thats the perfect recipe. But i have tried adding green peas to spicy chutney for taste and thickness. U know peas n coconut gives a great taste, n may not be the B’lore masala puri. But its a recipe followed in my native place (Sagar). Its quite yummy and pleasent taste. Anyway try it out once…


  36. Leena Udhayakumar

    I have searched so many sites for this receipe, I was thrilled to find it here. The dish looks yummy. Can’t wait to try this out. thanks a ton.

  37. hi
    well i am a banglorite but the masala puri u said is good but u HAVE to try the one u get in sukhsagar in magestic.
    the trick to it is not the sweet chutney
    make a gravy with
    green peas and some strong spices.
    then do what u did above no carrots as it makes it sweet….
    try it. its awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    Shilpa: Anu, Some strong spices??? Do you know what are the spices used there? have you tried making it at home? I have searched for the masala puri recipe everywhere possible. This is the only one that I liked so far even though it is not exactly same as Bangalorean recipe

  38. Hi Shilpa, your Masala puri recipe was really great and excellent. i just had it and i am writing to you. but instead of the puri i used papads. Wow it awesome. I enjoyed it so did my family. Thanks for your great recipe.

  39. Hi Shilpa,

    I just made masala puri using your recipe and it came out soo well!! I now know what you meant by “authentic Blore taste”!!Both my husband and I enjoyed the chaat…thank you so much for the nice recipe πŸ™‚


  40. srinivas from hyderabad

    hi its great but i want a recepie of panipuri masala in powder form can u provide plz ill be grateful

  41. Hey,

    Perfect Recipe. No one could have put it any better. Every time I go to Bangalore ( i am in Uk) i dont miss to visit the favourite Masala puri fella and make him richer. I always asked him for recipe, and do you think , he would have given it to me? Naa, he never gave, he always fobbed me off saying, that he got it made by someone and he just sold it.

    But guess what,,, ALL THANKS TO YOU, I now know the recipe. I cant wait to get started on making it. I will post a message after I have licked my hands clean.

    You have made some real good efforts to post this recipe. It is great. Perfect. Keep up the good work.


  42. Hi Shilpa,

    I love looking at your site trying out recipies…i read this masala puri recipie it is quite inteesting i just have doubt can we use dates syrup instead of dates..


    Shilpa: Ramya, I donno what a date syrup is. But if it is something like a paste of dates, then you can use it instead of normal dates.

  43. Hai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanx a lot for sharing the receipe. really it is fantastic. I being at Bangalore
    for 18 yrs I had really experienced the chaats. The real taste of Masala Puri & Panni Puri. But now as I had settled in my home town Trivandrum, I really missed the chaats. on visiting your site i got to know more about the receipe. I shall try the same at home. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Ravi Kumar PT

  44. Hi Really good stuff. Keep shareing your recipes Welldone. Me & my family travel to orlando every year please advice us any good restaurants in orlando with tasty food like yours. Thank you. Bobby

    Shilpa: Sorry Bobby, I have never been to Orlando.

  45. Shilpa, Congratulations on your wealth of recipes that look so enticing! I have been looking for the Bangalore Masala puri for a while now in vain…until I bumped into you πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to make it!! – Chaya

  46. Hi

    My favourite chaat !! Mumbai is the best place to eat all the various chaats !!

    In North America, you should be able to find the puris in any Indian Grocery Store and these days you also get Knorr Sauces which include the green sauce and the sweet tamarind sauce. So this recipe is very easy to make. You can even make “Ragda” with the white peas and use for this recipe. I normally make large batches of “ragda’ and can then serve with Patties, Masala Puris or even normal puris !! Try it.

    Shilpa: Chetna, I know chaats are a speciality of Mumbai. But this particular chaat is one of the most popular ones in Bangalore. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. I think the masala puris that are available in Mumbai are different (thats what some of my readers have mentioned above). I use ready made puris too. But I don’t like the sauces, I like the freshly made ones because I can control the taste as I want.

  47. hi,

    keep posting the new recipes . Even i am interested in cooking. Thanks for the delicious recipe. Can mail to my personal id.

  48. Hi,
    I am from Bangalore,this recipe looks yummy,but doesnot look like the original version.Everything is ok but, it is lacking a thick spicy sauce which is poured on the plate on puri and peas, almost felling down from the plate. Even I have been searching for the recipe of that sauce, but in vain.Anyone who knows the recipe,please post it so we can have the original masala puri, from bangalore

  49. Venkatesh Prasad

    Thanks you very much for the Masala Puri recipe. I tried it out and came out great based on my kids reaction as well as my wife.

    Appreciate the step-wise description of the recipe along with photos which helped me a lot. Only one thing though while preparing the Sweet Chutney. I had to soak the date overnight before I could grind it.

    Great recipe and thank you very much.

  50. Venkatesh Prasad

    I understand what Disha is referring to and I did ask the same question to a neighbour of mine who prepares chats @home. She gave me the following recipe and was not very specific about the qty of each item and that was something she says ‘kannu althe’.
    1. Ample qty of Onion
    2. Mint Leaves (Pudina)
    3. Tomatoes
    4. Green Chilli
    5. Chat Masala
    6. Pav Bhaji Masala
    7. Salt to taste
    8. Coriander Leaves
    All these items should be ground using Mixer and add water to form the sauce which should be mixed with the other Masala Puri ingredients.

    I tried it out and was good but not as good as they serve in the chat outlets in Bangalore. You can try variations of the above to get the correct mix as well as make sure that you keep on adding the paste while boiling the sauce in low flame else gets diluted after a few servings.

    Shilpa: Thanks Venkatesh. I will try it sometime.

  51. wow its really a nice be frank my childrens r very happy with this and also they liked the taste than the readymade one.thank-u very much.

  52. Dear Shilpa

    Your website is not only great for recipes – you also express your thoughts so well that everytime I visit I feel I am visiting a friend. I have successfully tried many of your recipes and look forward to more.You have not posted what you are packing for lunch these days. Its amazing how you manage to cook and work and indulge in various other hobbies as well. You are indeed Super Shilpa. Do post a picture of yourself – I imagine you to be a smiley young energetic konkani kid
    Am I right?

    Shilpa: Thanks Tiba for kind words :).

  53. Wow you have masala puri too on your blog!!! It’s my favourite.I have tried it at home twice.The second time i got it close to what we get in Blore/Mysore…I had a recipe and i altered it completely so that i could get the taste i miss so much.Me n my hubby were so happy eating it, really nothing can beat our love for chaats :)))
    After seeing your post I want to eat it again and NOW!!! πŸ™
    I want to try your recipe also.But you havent mentioned the sauce they use? I used to eat from chat stalls and always saw them using the hot sauce/curry,never saw them using any raw chutney except the green paste for extra spice.Let us know if it’s a different version.Is this eaten hot/cold as only peas are cooked.It looks yummy.

  54. I see that many people left feedback. Still I wanted to leave my feedback. Because I was not able to keep my mouth shut. This is an Excellent Recipe. I was totally amazed. I prepared it and shared with my friendÒ€ℒs family and everybody got amazed. You should have been putting this into website step by step very carefully with lots of patience. Really it is a great job and also sharing to the public is another wonderful job.

  55. Hi,
    receipe for masalapuri is good and clear. I usually prepare pani puri. let me try masala puri also. thanks for sharing preocedure. we can avoid eating out


  56. hey
    this is amazing! i am originally from bangalore, am now in Chicago… and needless to say i miss the bangalore masala puri soo much!
    I tried it yesterday and it was great!
    was desperately looking for this recipe! Thanks soo much

  57. Hi Shilpa

    I’m a new bee to your website……..i tried your masala puri sterday ……i couldn’t believe myself….wow… was amazing ..tasted great …i’m basically from bangalore… in NewZealand……thanks for the great receipe………. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Hi Thanks a lot for the receipe. Its a great one. I tried it out and my bangalore days are back to me. I think all bangaloreans who are staying away will definately thank you in tons like me.simply owesome.

  59. Hi Shilpa,
    I tried this out.. The taste came out very well. It was tasting more like ragda pattice than masala puri. I think we are missing out on one more masala soup which is little spicy and which gives the strong and authentic taste to the masala puri. Time around wehn i had been to bangalore, i tried gettign reciepy from from gadiwalas.. but failed to get full list. no one as ready to part with it… if u get to know that please do share.

  60. hey good news, try this out for the masala puri gravy.. i did this and beleave me it is gives exact taste of the gaadi masalapuri.

    one big onion chopped into pieces,
    fresh ginger pieces 2 tbl spoon,
    garlic cloves – 4/5 medium sized
    maharastrian ghoda masala/ any garam masala – 4 tbl spoons
    green chilli 6/7
    black pepper – 10
    Chakke – 1inch or little less
    coriander leaves – one fist full

    Grind all the above ingredients into a smooth. Use the extra water available from the boiled peas. Never add plane water. If the water in the peas is less then add little water to some part of the peas and mash it properly before adding to the grind.

    In a kadai heat some refined oil and add the above paste and heat it for few minutes.In the begining the smell will be raw and after few minutes the raw smell goes and the masala smell starts to give out.At this time add the one big cup of mashed boiled peas, salt to taste, amchur powder 1 tea spoon and 1 tea spoon of garam masala. Boil this gravy for about 15-20 mins. More u boil more will be the taste. while boiling make sure that the gravy consistancy is not made into very thick. Remember the gadi wala keeps adding the water from the center of the peas plate? this gives us the exact taste of the gravy. other procedures remain same. add this gravy before green chatni.

    I had not added potato for base and for topping i had added few small peices of cucumber.


  61. Tried this one today. Was a little apprehensive because the peas had nothing but salt. It turned out to be a winner. Thank you for posting this recipe.

  62. hi shilpa….

    i really appreciate ur efforts that u put in to make it so appealing…i will give it a try..basically from now in Boston…good job…go ahead..

  63. HI SHILPA,



  64. I really like your presentation of all your receipe in a step by step with photos. I really want receipe for kala jambu with paneer if you have .
    with many thanks
    Aruna, Kenton, UK

    Shilpa: There is a kala jamun recipe on the site under sweets. Please check out.

  65. Dear Shilpa,

    i have eaten this UDUPI too. It was in some road side stalls. it was too tasty. but they were more liquidy.

  66. if you wanna make bangalore based masala puri. yo need to have the base a masala curry. try this method. one of the fellows whom i regular gave me this tip.

    for serving 10 people
    coconut – 2
    green coriander – 1 bunch

    for masala
    seasame seeds
    red chilli- mixture of andhra and badagi variety – 20-80 combo. – 5 pieces
    asafotedia – 1/2 tsp
    cumin – 1 tsp
    coriander seeds – 2 tbsp
    cloves – 1/2 tsp
    green chillies – 6-7 pieces

    lightly fry all the spices without oil and also half portion of the cococunt till golden brown.

    blend the spices in a blender and then add green coriander. now add fried coconut with water and grind well and then finally add leftover coconut and grind to a paste. add water for fine paste.

    take a wok, add 10 tbsp of oil and fry the masala till they are done. add water at least four big cups and of course salt. let it boil and settle.

    use this curry for the chat. pls give me your feedback


    p.s : kindly visit my blog .

  67. no dear
    this doesn’t look even remotely like b’lore masala puri…..that masala itself is different….chutney is not used in this big quantity….but i appreciate u’r efforts….


  68. dear shilpa
    it doesn’t taste sweet at all….i don’t know the way u have mentioned the usage of jaggery….it seems to come out as a sweetie thing….


    Shilpa: Samaira, there are thousands of ways of making masala puris in Bangalore. This is just one way.

  69. Ok, Since you mentioned bangalore I will let my tongue wag.

    Bangalore style street side masala puri is done with these ingredients and in this order
    – break puris (5-6)
    – spread yellow battani (pea)
    – spread the Masala (this is the main ingredient)
    – For spiciness, add thinly prepared green chilly paste
    – for sweetness, add tamarind-jaggery sauce
    – sprinkle salt, chilli powder, jeera powder
    – sprinkle onion-carrot-coriander mixture
    – sprinkle sev

    – Dont know how to make puris, but it from outside, chk other sources
    – Peas: Use yellow peas only and soak them for 6 hrs. Boil them with salt, and garam masala, until fully soft (this is for grinding, not for the chat itself). For the chat boil separate set of peas and boil with salt and little pani (use pani pur masala if u dont know how to do it, neither do I.)
    Masala: As mentioned above, grind the boiled peas along with all the water, masala etc with little dhaniya, 2-3 strands of coriander (for about 1\2 cup peas), 1\4″ ginger, one pod garlic, and little more garam masala powder (I make my own). This is the closest I could get for Bangalore taste, though I know there are more ingredients for the masala. But I can assure its almost 70% right. If you can crack this code, let me know, then rest all process I know and thats mentioned here.
    – For green chilli and sweet sauce, I buy them from Indian stores, its about 6 dollars together and lasts for almost 70-80 plates. So why struggle.
    – Onion, carrot, coriander mix: Carrots should be grated in longer strands (not like for carrot halwa), Onions should be cut finely length wise and it should be about 1\2″ in length. Coriander just chopped them and mix all together
    – Sev get it in Indian store, the north indian varitey which is thin and soft.
    – The masala in itself will not taste good, since it has no tamarind (so no sour), not much chillies (so no hotness), no jaggery (so no sweet). It just creates a base for other ingredients to fit in. Unfortunately I havent been able to get this one 100% right. Idea is to add other ingredients in the right quantity to provide the wholesome taste. Keep all ingredients as fresh as possible.
    IN case u get the masala right, then email me at [email protected].
    If you go to bangalore, and are in south part, go eat on road side cart right in front of vijaynagar telephone exchange entrance, or 8th \ margosa rd intersection in malleswaram. I want my chat to be like that, but am only 80% close.

  70. hi shilpa,
    thanks for this great recipe,i am a great addict of chaat and where we live in the usa we don’t have many good places to eat this lovely dish,thanks again,it is simple and very well explained!!good job!

  71. hi i am keerthana here. i was searching this kind of recipe from so many years.i am the great lover of masala puri.i liked the way you have explained in detail.

  72. hi shilpa, i am keerthana here, i am very thankful for sharing your recipe. you have explained so well that any one can understand it. it is very delicious.

  73. Hi

    I like your website , it has got interesting and easy to make recipes. Following your recipes (adding a dash of my own flavor to it of course) has given encouraging outcomes to novices like me :). However, I would like to make a small request – please post some interesting and tasty fat free low cal and onion free vegetarian recipes(no onions because we are strict veggies) I am sure you will have something for body conscious people like us :).

    Thanks in advance


  74. Hey!

    Thanks a ton for posting this! I just happened to google masala puri coz I was craving for it yesterday!!( it was pouring hard)!! hehe…I am a Bangalorean! and it remined me of the gaadi wala down the street!! awesome!! my mouth’s watering now!!:))

  75. I am a lover of snacks and chaats, Living in Blore with my hubby, I keep pestering him to take me to eat out joints often to have chaats..
    Now I can get one of my fav chaats prepared myself and savour it at home itself freely.
    Good one, I am out to prepare it right now !!

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  77. this is one of the best sites i have visited
    thank you so much.
    could you please mention the number of servings in all of you recepies

  78. but this seems to be the dry kinda masala puri, i have tried making somethign similar. Can you somehow get that “gravy” that these chaatwalas use? its usually in a huge aluminum bowl. i feel that the key ingredient to all their chaats tasting so great!! Good effort all in all though.

  79. thanks for the receipe but one query the soup /curry which the masala puri person serves is more juicy so could you tell what it could be and do they add cornflour …. please let me know

  80. thanks for this recipe.
    I live in chennai.I invite all my friends for haldi kukkum once a year and make one authentic konkani or karnataka dish.
    Courtesy my mother and my phone bill.
    Masala puri was a hit.Normally my friends who claim are on diet threw caution to the wind and relished the dish.
    Result: Normally left overs are for family but i had none left.
    Sukh sagar ,Rajajinagar bangalore has one of the best masala puri.He refuses to share the recipe though.

  81. Hi,

    I have doubt .. After we cook peas and potato we just smash it and serve for the masala puri or is there any masala to prepare with them ??

    Really its a very effort that you have shared with every one..

    Thank you very much,

    Veena πŸ™‚

  82. I’ve tried quite a many recipes from you site. They were really very good and all my family members liked them very much. Especially the recipes of some of the side dishes were too tasty.
    I would like you to post the recipes for potato chips, banana chips and home made chocolate(using cocoa powder and milk powder, not by using other chocolate) if possible. I’ve searched for the recipe to make the chocolate at home in many of the websites, but they were all using ‘waste chocolate’ for that.
    I would appreciate if you could post a recipe of chocolate to make at home using cocoa powder, milk powder, etc.

  83. Hi Shilpa ! I am so glad and thank my cousin who lives in California for recommending your website…I am from Mumbai and spent about 5 yrs in BLR ….indeed the credit for the success of Masala puri must go to Blr….it was or probably is still quite unknown to Mumbai…my Kittie Group(Gujarati’s Majority) draw a blank when you mention Masala puri (their perception being “Meet Mirsangeche talele PURIYO” or “Travelling Puris”)….

    Your version of Masala puri is very interesting and i shall definitely try this one!!! …whatever be the authentic recipe! …. what i do is….whenever there is a leftover pulse gravy be it moong, chickpea or dhanv vatanya raandayi i convert it into a misal or masala puri …. i dont spare the north indian chole either !! … Great website once again…and keep up the gr8 work!!!

  84. pictures are too natural that make one to be tempted to eat. It is very useful to me as i dont know how to prepare it so far.

  85. Hi shilpa, recently discovered ur website.
    i love the way ur masala puri looks. Going to try it out soon and keep up the good work.

  86. Hi Shilpa,
    I think this is very similar to Papdi-Chaat from North India, so if you are eating out, try asking for Papdi-Chaat.

    I find lot of recipes interesting, thanks !!


  87. appreciate your sincere effort and presentation, but I believe this is not Blore style of masala puri, where is masala here?,
    In blore if we ask for masala poori, he will first crush 7 poori’s and then add boiled peas, then add masala to it and then add spices and finely chopped onion.
    serve it in only white porcelain plates. Thats bangalore masala poori.

    Shilpa: Please read the “PS” at the end of the post.

  88. Ashwini Acharya

    Hi Shilpa…
    I am a Manglorean n right now settled in Mumbai. I was very much in search of this recipe, as it is not available here.Thanks a lot for putting it up on the net. The Masala puri i have eaten in my hometown is more of semi liquid type. So if u could get that recipe I would be very happy. once again thanks a lot for creating this website….

  89. Hi Shilpa,
    Tastes very yummy.I have tasted this long back when i had been to b’lore.I will surely try this recipe at home.

  90. I tried your recipe and it tasted good. I wanted to know the recipe of the Masale Puri that you get in Mysorian Gaadis. During my visit to Mysore, I asked a Gaadi owner to give me the recipe. I made him cook it in my house in order to make sure that he gave me the correct recipe. It was right. I cooked it myself and had to spend three days to experiment with the ingredients to get the proportions right. I am so glad to have found the recipe along with the right proportions. I live in Corvallis, Oregon and Masale puri brings so much joy to me in this otherwise boring and depressing town.

    Interesting to see that no website has the recipe. Is it possible to patent it?

  91. hi,
    can u plz provide a recipe for masala puri in which some curry like is used in streets along with all those is that masala(curry)prepared?
    waiting for your reply.
    thank you..

  92. Hi shilpa, i have tried many of yur recipes and its wonderfully come out.As regards the bangalore masala puri, i got this recipe from a gadiwala in vijaynagar where i stay.Here it is,
    ingredients{for 4 or 5 people}
    grated coconut- 1 cup
    coriander seeds -3 to 4 tsps
    jeera- 3 tsps
    pepper corns- 3tsps
    lavang- 2 or 3
    cinnamon – 2 0r 3 pieces
    marati moggu-2 or 3
    jakayi -little(crush and powder it) jakayi and japatre are easily available in all provision shops.
    japatre- little
    red chilli powder- 2tsps
    sugar- 2 tsps – add while boiling the gravy
    salt to taste
    Grind the above ingredients using water to paste
    Cook 1 cup of thuar dal in a pressure cooker and peas separately.Cool the dal and and grind it smoothly.
    Take a thick bottom pan, put the masala paste, add water and start boiling to obtain a thick gravy.Now add the grinded thuar dal to obtain thick consistency.Cool it and now take a steel siever and put the boiled masala to extract a smooth gravy.
    Add cooked peas to the smooth gravy and boil for a little while. Now the masala for masala puri is ready.if you want to increase the quantity of the gravy, just add water to the sieved remains and boil again and repeat the process of sieving.
    Serve with puris , sev.onion, tomato and carrot.
    I have tried and its come out well exactly like the gadiwalas do.

  93. Sandeep Pand;ey

    Dear mam,I am not surprised with your delicious recipes, becasuse I know the best cook in world is always Lady and in my house that is my mom and my wife. Since I am an Indian Chef of a renowned chain of India and created few recipes but your work towards Indian and other cousine is mind blowing. I am writing this letter to you just to praise you for your work. So Keep doing great job.


    Sandeep Pandey

  94. Pavan kumar.melur

    Hi shilpa,

    Thanks a lot for this recipe. My free time I tried your recipe and it tasted wonderful. I wanted to know the recipe of the madur vade that you get in recipe plz send my mail id.

    [email protected]. This my mail id. Thank you shilpaji…..@
    your’s pavan.s

  95. This originaly is a north and middle indian chatt. But its different their. In south india its made spicy and different. If you ate it in banguluru and felt so good. You must try it in mysore. Its best in mysore.

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