Bhel is a very famous and tasty chat one can find anywhere in India. Everyone has a different style of making bhel. Any version of this dish is delicious.

Puffed rice or churmuri is the main ingredient of bhel. What will you do if you cannot find it nearby. Here is the solution.
Take thick avalakki(poha/flattened rice) and deep fry it in oil. While deep frying, keep in mind to do it on a very low flame and the oil should be very hot. At a time, fry around one table spoon to make sure all the flattened rice is puffed evenly. (If any mistake is done in this step, the complete bhel will get spoiled. So be careful).

Puffed rice   1 and 1/2 cup
Onion(finelly chopped) 1/4 cup
Carrot(Grated)  1/4 cup
Tomato(finelly chopped)   1/4 cup
Cucumber(grated)   1/4 cup
Green chillies(cut into small pieces)   1
Oil   1 tea spn
Peanuts(fried)   1 tbl spn
Chilli powder   1/2 tea spn
Coriander leaves    2-3 strands
Lemon juice     1 tbl spn
Sev     1/4 cup

Heat oil and cool it or else use the oil which was previously used for deep frying.
In a vessel, mix all the ingredients(except puffed rice and sev) thoroughly.
Just before serving, add puffed rice and mix. Spread sev on it and serve. (After mixing the puffed rice, serve it immediately).

Serves : 2
Preparation time :15min

14 thoughts on “Bhel”

  1. I am the first one to comment. Yay!! Your Bhel looks colourfully delicious, Shilpa. And that’s a nice tip about poha being used instead of Churmure. I have big problems with deep-frying, but I’ll keep this tip in mind for people who don’t have that problem. Churmure are anyway not so easily available outside India.

  2. Vaishali, I could not get the churmuri here when I wanted to prepare bhel. It was a pain to go to some Indian store, which is very far from home, just for buying this.Then my friend gave me this tip and it worked fine :).
    Thanks Sury.

  3. Your Bhel recipe looks very delicious. Puffed rice tip is a good one. I recently found out that the Rice krispies which you get in cereal section also makes a very good substitute for churmuri.

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  5. hey can u give me some diet recipes which i can do it at home and bring to office also..can u help me in this

  6. Hi Shilpa,

    This sounds yummy. I have got a packet of churmure at home right now.

    about the fried avalakki, my mom used to make “kurkurit fov”. Fried avalakki mixed with coconut, green chilli, salt and sugar. It tastes yummy!

  7. Hi Shilpa,

    Your Bhel recipe is simple & easy, but i have usually eaten it with sweet&hot Chutney or sauce.
    Pls do post reipe with this sauce also how to prepare these sauce.

  8. I think your website is amazing. I got some recipes that I was looking for, for quiet a while. Great job and thanks.

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  10. I first had Bhel Puri at a pre-wedding reception several months ago. Since then I have made it for several picnics. Several people at those have gone on to make it for other picnics/gatherings. I buy the Bhel pre-made, and the chutneys, so my only preparation is dicing the onions, green peppers, tomatoes and potatoes. It is a fast, simple, refreshing, light meal that is perfect for hot, muggy evenings when I don’t want a heavy meal. Eventually I might start making my own behl…. as well as adding other ingredients.

  11. Hi Shilpa
    You have said
    “Heat oil and cool it or else use the oil which was previously used for deep frying.”

    Why not use unheated oil?

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