Alu Papad Chaat

This is my first entry in chaat section. While in India, I never tried preparing any chaat because we used to get very good chaats at a walkable distance from home.

Some 3 years back, I never had any roadside chaats. But once I tasted it, I felt the taste is better than any good restaurants. So I just stopped eating them in restaurants and always used to have in roadside chaat vehicles. By god’s grace I never fell ill because of them, So it encouraged me to eat it more.

This is the first ever chaat I prepared.

Maida or all purpose flour 1/2 cup
Wheat flour 1/2 cup
Cumin powder 1/2 tea spn
Sweet chutney 2 tbl spns
Curd or yogurt 1 cup
Potatoes(cooked) 2
Red chilli powder 1 tea spn
Chaat masala 1 tea spn
Coriander leaves 4-5 strands
Tomato(finely chopped) 1

Method :
Mix wheat flour, maida(or all purpose flour), salt and little water to make a dough. Cover it with damp cloth and keep aside for 10min.
Make small balls of the dough, roll it into tiny puris (make it to chapathi size and cut into small puris) and deep fry them in oil.
Mash potatoes lightly with hand. Keep the puris in plate, stuff them with potatoes. On this, spread sweet chutney, then a layer of curd or yogurt. Spread salt, chilli powder, chaat masala, coriander leaves, tomato and serve.

Serves : 3
Preparation time : 30min

15 thoughts on “Alu Papad Chaat”

  1. Hi,
    I also haven’t preapred chaat.I thot it was very difficult to prepare,but your recipe sounds very easy..But may I ask you,whyat do u mean by sweet chutney?how can I prepare that one?

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  3. hi shi;pa i tried ur masala puri turn out good but the puri were not according to ur pictures i mean they did not come well they were too soft not crunchy plz do let me no wht might have gone wrong bcoz i need to try pani puri too ..P.S.. i added little baking soda to it..

  4. Just thought of telling you that shankarpali (sweet and salted ones) can be prepared without frying and just by baking them .Good for diet conscious people.

  5. Hi
    Thanx this chaat was amazing.i tryd it jst superb my all family like this chaat item.thanq and plz give us some cooking books provide cooking books too thanq onces again.

  6. shaikhmohammed

    i wud like to suggest to name this dish as alu papadi chaat instead of papad chaat. as u have used papadi not a papad. “papad” gives different impresson since there is wide difference between papad and papadi. thanks

  7. hiranmayi sharma


    i really love street foods…..n sumtimes i used to feel bad coz though i feel lik eating them i couldnt make time…….so wen ever i get time i alwaz prepare these things at home by guessing abt the way of preparation…..n thanks for this recipe coz this is my fav of all

  8. Hi Shilpa,
    I tried making the puris like the way you have described – but they did not turn like the way your pic looks nor did it taste like the ones we get in the store. Can you tell me what could have gone wrong – should they be rolled very thin? The ones I made tasted just like puris with a miniature size. Will appreciate your reply.

  9. if it seems difficult to make papad or papdi, just cut the tortillas in squares & fry them or bake them or just put in the microwave until they are hard & your jhatpat papdi is ready. You can add aloo, channa, yogurt, sweet & hot chatni & spices & papi chaat is ready.

  10. Hi shilpa,
    thanku very much for the detailed recipe…
    But.. the poori…I followed the same proportion and the dough was bit soft I can say it was not firm/hard… and the poori didn’t came crispy …was the dough too soft and watery and didn’t I rolled it properly ?… pls reply…

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