Red Beet Soup

After a long time, we bought red beet. I prepared the usual side dish.He said, “Wah!!! its nice. Beet is good for health”. I was beaming with pride as I always do when he likes and appreciates the food. Then he continued, “Why dont you prepare beet soup, it tastes too good”. I was surprised, …

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Spring Onion Soup

I read this somewhere. They were using palak and other leaves also for this. But I had only spring onions. I usually bring a lot of different vegetables whenever I go to market. I never think what I can cook with those vegetables. Then while cooking I do some R & D and make something …

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Tomato soup

Before learning this, I used to make soup from the ready made packs. But it is always good to make it fresh than making from ready made powder. This I learnt from Ajji(Mrs Diwan, unfortunately I forgot her name, used to always refer to her as Amit’s ajji). Ofcourse I have done some modifications to …

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