Rice items

Methi Rice

First time I ate this when I was in Sydney. We were invited to Ganesh Chaturthi by one of our friend. All of us took some or the other dish. One lady, I forgot her name, had brought this. I asked her the recipe, as I always do. But had forgotten the masala she had …

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Curd Rice

Different people have different ways of preparing curd rice. I like this one the most. This is my aayi’s version. I used to run away from it when I was growing up. Now it is one of my comfort foods. Ingredients: 2 cups cooked rice 5 tbl spns curd(yogurt) 4-5 green chilies 5-6 curry leaves …

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Green Pulav

This is a pulav I grew up eating. These pulavs were considered as some fancy dishes at home. So aayi would prepare them once in a while and we would go crazy over them. It is very simple to make, healthy and very delicious. Ingredients: 2 cups basmati rice 1 cup chopped vegetables(Green beans,Cauli flower,Carrot,potatoes …

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