Pickles and powders

Chili pickle

I have posted many pickle recipes so far. Aayi makes many amazingly tasty pickles. ‘Chili pickle’ is one of them. This was prepared very rarely at home since the chilies available at my native are very hot. But whenever this was prepared, I would eat it like a side dish (that may be the reason …

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Coconut-peanut chutney powder (Shenga chutney pitto)

I think every Indian cuisine has a set of ‘chutney pitto/chutney podi/chutney powder’ recipes. We too make different types of ‘chutney pitto‘ (pitto-powder). Usually most famous chutney powders are the ones with coconut in it. We serve it with bhakris, dosas or idlis. Everybody will have their stock of chutney pitto all the time. I …

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