Fish Caldinha

This recipe is sent to me by Sheetal. Before any of the people who know this dish bash me for picture of entirely different dish than the authentic “Caldinha” , I request to read my introduction. Some background of Caldinha in Sheetal’s words – “There is a Goan fish curry which is mostly made by …

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Spicy egg

Finally I have found a hobby that is becoming bigger addiction than blogging or cooking. I have been knitting a lot these days(Check what I am upto at my art blog). I am enjoying it thoroughly, so I am spending very little time in kitchen. For both of us, eggs fit in any meal of …

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Stuffed eggs

We both are big egg fans. We can take them in any form(except for uncooked versions), anytime. I just cannot have the same dish each time, so I keep collecting all possible recipes for egg. But I have few which I like to cook again and again. If they are simple to make, I love …

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