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Spicy fish fry
Fish NonVeg Simple and Easy

Spicy Fish Fry

Being from the coastal region, fish was a big part of our food. While growing up, aayi would make the traditional fish dishes like this fish fry, tepla ambat, alle kande ambat, dhoddak etc. But over the years, thanks to TV and internet, our food has been influenced by other cuisines too. This spicy fish …

Fish Simple and Easy

Grilled Salmon

Since my childhood, our staple combo for lunch and dinner at home, usually has been rice and some kind of gravy/dal with one or more sidedishes. However it has gradually changed in the last 5 years or so. It sometimes amazes me. As much as I love my comfort food, I get pretty bored soon. I …

Fish Simple and Easy

Baked Fish With Ajwain

We visited California during Christmas vacation. The main focus of our trip this time was meeting our friends. Apart from enjoying a lot in their company, I also learnt many things from each one of them. Everyone treated us with such delicious homemade food. This particular dish was served to us at our friends Mehnaz …


Grilled Spinach Salmon

Finally we have started using salmon regularly. I have been cooking it with slight modifications every time. We love grilled salmon with different spices. This is one such recipe I tried recently. It tasted great. Ingredients: 18oz salmon fillet Olive oil Spinach paste (Make a paste of following) – 3/4 cup chopped spinach 1 tea …


Salmon Gravy

I am using salmon a lot these days, because of the high Omega-3 content in this fish. Usually I bake it or make some spicy dry dish, something we both really enjoy. This time, I wanted to try it in this spicy gravy. This was inspired by a fish gravy I tasted at an Indian …