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Lunchbox: Prawn pulav, fruits and chakli

Todays lunch is Prawn pulav(will post the recipe soon), fruits(cantaloupe, grapes, apple) topped with honey and chaklis.

I usually don’t include any munchies in lunch. Yesterday I tried moong daal chaklis. They came out very well. Hubby wanted to take them to office, but I included just 4 in his lunchbox :D. I know he will not eat them with lunch, but still included them.

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Lunchbox: Jolad rotti, Engayi and fruits

Few days back when I had requested for kids’ lunch box recipes, one of my readers asked me to post lunch box ideas for adults. I gave it a thought and finally decided to click pictures of hubby’s lunch box and post them here. I do not know how long this category will continue, because it becomes very difficult to click pictures early morning when I usually run here and there to finish cooking lunch and breakfast before 8AM. This category will only have pictures and the links(if possible) of the dishes.

I use the tupperware boxes which I got from India. I have tried with different types of lunch boxes but liked tupperware because the food does not smell in these boxes and also even the watery dishes do not come out from the boxes. I like to fill all the 4 boxes though I perfectly know half of it comes back without being touched :).

I could not think of any good way of including fruits in our diet. And we hardly used to have any fruits after dinner as well. Mostly, because I prepare a very heavy dinner after which we are so full to have anything else. I know a heavy dinner is not a healthy habit, but still dinner is the only meal when we can relax a bit and eat, whereas lunches are had in our busy schedule/office. So I started including assorted fruits in lunch (I was inspired by Meeta’s blog).
Today’s lunch is jowar roti, engayi(I filled it in two small boxes, am sure one will come back untouched :)) and fruits – watermelon, grapes, pineapple, apple mixed with one tea spn honey.

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