Munchies (dabbe khaaN)

Chudvo/chooda/chivda (Konkani style)

This is one of the most popular Konkani chivda/chooda (In Konkani we call it ‘chudvo’). There is a very popular(but very old) restaurant called ‘Alka’ in Kumta(they also sell munchies and sweets). Their ‘chudvo’ is one of the best and loved by all. During the wedding functions, people make this at home. This is served …

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Thikshe kare

This is one of the most popular munchies for Indians. We call it tikshe(spicy) kare(sev). The recipe was requested by one of my reader. I have no idea what these are called in any other languages (I think they are called ‘Janthikalu’ in Telgu). This is usually(but not always) prepared to make use of the …

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I always wondered how this name originated? Since ‘kodu’-horn (as in cow’s horn), and ‘bale’-bangle in Kannada, I thought since this dish looks like bangle made of horn, it is called as ‘kodbale’, when I read this same definition in one of yahoo groups, I was really surprised!!!. My mom’s Kodbale are one of the …

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