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Hi friends,

Here’s a new design that was in the pipeline for quite some time. Finally it is live. I’ve tried my best to give a unique identity to Aayi’s Recipes with a matching color scheme, a header and more.

Please leave your comments if you experience any problems with the new look.

I also invite you to provide your feedback and constructive suggestions. Thanks to those of you that have already provided your feedback. Thanks a lot.

As always your support and encouragement is the backbone of Aayi’s Recipes.


Friends, I appreciate all your comments, feedback and suggestions. I’ve fixed a few problems with the new design.

It’s so fulfilling to see so many of my regular readers, who normally wouldn’t leave comment, – come forward and comment since last few days. It’s really getting more interactive by the day. I love getting feedback from all of you who visit Aayi’s Recipes and try out recipes posted here. Please keep sharing your thoughts.

And yes, ofcourse, I get encouraged immensely by my blogger friends who make the food blogging community a better place.

Thanks… 🙂

Stop plagiarism

(Icon credits – Sandeepa of Bong Mom’s cook)
I’ve posted about this before on Aayi’s Recipes. But this post is here to support the drive to stop plagiarism in the blogging world.
Why did I start blogging? It was because I wanted to save the traditional Konkani as well as other recipes which I keep trying. We all bloggers give a lot of time to blogging because we think many food enthusiasts can get benefited from this knowledge sharing. But what happens when we see someone lifting contents of our blogs and don’t have the courtesy of saying thanks or crediting the source. Just think for a moment about someone coming into your garden and taking your favorite flower without even bothering to ask you. It would not be encouraging or supportive of all the work and time you had devoted for your garden. Same is true for the beautiful knowledge sharing medium – blogging.

Last time when I wrote a post about someone lifting my contents, there were comments that suggested that the traditional recipes can’t be copyrighted. I agree that these recipes cannot be copyrighted, someone else can have the same recipe on their blog, but is it possible for two people to write the exact same text? Is it possible for two people to take exact same picture? It might be possible that they didn’t know about copyright issues or that copying on the web isn’t encouraged. Fine, but the question is what did they do when they come to know? Did they had the courtesy of apologizing? No..

This was just a blog, but what if the same thing is done by giants like Yahoo!? what would they do if we copied their content? Would they keep quiet? Is it okay for them if we say one of my friend gave me this content, so this is not my responsibility?

Background for this post : Yahoo! India’s Malayalam portal lifted contents from a blog by Surya Gayatri. When she complained about it, they removed the contents silently without even apologizing. They blamed it on WebDunia who is the content provider for them. So all the bloggers have come together and are protesting against yahoo! in an event organised by InjiPennu.

Please let us know what you think and support the drive to stop plagiarism.

Happy new year

Dear all,

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

I hope this year will bring peace and goodwill all over the world.

Above is a beautiful picture of sunset taken at my native Kodkani.

The year 2006 was a great year for this blog. I tried my best to post a lot of recipes, both elaborate and easy ones here. This was the year I took a break from my career and I used every single day to develop and enrich this blog. My family – dad, mom, brother, SIL and hubby gave me all the support in doing so.
Each and every reader has supported me in a big way. I hope you all will continue your support in the coming years.

Soon I am going to start working fulltime again, so I might not be able to post here as regularly as I did in 2006. I could not visit most of my fellow bloggers very regularly from past few days, as I was extremely busy. I will surely try to visit you all and also respond to all the queries on this blog as and when  I get time.

Redesign (beta)

After the persistence of the previous ‘Watermelon’ theme for so many months, it was time for a change. Aayi’s Recipes has a new look and feel now. The redesign is an effort to improve neatness and reduce clutter. At the same time improve usability.

Still there is lots to do and fix a few missing elements from the earlier theme. That will be done in a phased manner.

The design is still in beta (as they say), so any constructive suggestions, comments are most welcome.


I am noticing that some people are blatantly copying images as well as recipes from this blog along with exact text and description and posting on their blogs. This is seriously disappointing. Especially when thousands of readers have benefited and appreciated the effort that has gone in to developing, maintaining and creating content for AayisRecipes. So many of you have written to AayisRecipes appreciating efforts and time that is spent here. The testimonials in the form of emails and contents have been huge and I highly appreciate that gesture and feel encouraged to continue posting content on AayisRecipes. No one would want to discourage this effort, as far as one can think. Copying this effort would certainly be discouraging.
It is neither respectful, nor appreciative of copying the content of this blog in any form without acknowledging or crediting the source. While this is not a claim for 100% ownership/copyrighting of the content here, I expect that the effort on AayisRecipes should be recognized,respected and attributed.
It is a sincere request to those who copy content, to delete the copied images and text immediately and stop copying in future. This would also mean that I continue to work on improving and adding recipes you like to AayisRecipes. Please take copyright and attribution seriously.

Read more on Manisha’s blog on why you should take this seriously.
It is also a sincere request – If you are regular reader, occasional and/or you have benefited from AayisRecipes in whichever small way, then please do not support copying content and continue your encouragement and show your support.

Please stop blog piracy.

About kid’s lunch box recipes

Our dear friend Meeta is doing a great job with The daily tiffin. She updates it regularly with amazing pictures of her kid Soren’s lunch boxes. Now as she is busy with work, she needs co-administrators to continue regular updates to the blog. Read more about it here. If anyone of you is interested in sharing your ideas, please feel free to contact her. It would be a great help for all the mothers out there.

Read some great lunchbox ideas here.

Five things to eat before you die

From last few days, I am reading about this event in different blogs. But never actually thought what I would write if someone tags me. This ‘event’ (or rather a meme) was started by The Traveler’s lunchbox and I am tagged by Meeta.

If I have to pick up some dishes which I want to eat before I die, they would be anything from this list. But then, I eat them frequently and It’s kinda become normal. So let me write something else. I am writing a lot about my mother’s food which is infact my first preference, but for this post, I will choose one entry each from my mom’s kitchen, from my state Karnataka, my country India, the continent Asia and one from the other part of the world.

1. Bread fruit is my all time favourite vegetable. We make a variety of dishes with this vegetable and anything with this vegetable in it tastes heavenly. We have this tree in our garden at my native. We use this vegetable to make fries(phodi), different side dishes, chips etc all of which are my favourites.

2. I have never tasted Ragi -mudde. This is the main food for atleast 30% of people from Karnataka. Being a cooking freak, I would not wait so long for any dish, but somehow I feel I have waited very long to have a Ragi-mudde. Never got a chance to eat it. (Read Ragi-mudde recipe from Madhu).

3. Pani puri is one of the most popular chaats in India. Every state has it’s own way of making this. I love all the different varieties I have tasted so far. Every major city in India has these Pani-puri stalls. (The traditional Pani-puri recipe followed at my home is here).

4. Samarkand is a very popular Afghan restaurant in Bangalore. A fantastic ambiance and feels like entering a cave. All the waiters wear the traditional black Afghan costume. After getting seated, they give you a small newspaper, you start wondering and start reading assuming that it would be an Afghan newspaper. But actually it is their menu :). The food is just superb. I have eaten only twice there, but I can never forget the taste. (When you are coming out of the restaurant, you will find a big hole in your pocket since this restaurant is pretty expensive :D). Everything I tasted here, from dry chicken dishes, curries to Biryani were amazing.

5. I loved all Mexican dishes that I have tasted so far. The Tacos, Chalupas, Burritos, ChipotleBurrito bols etc. I wish to go to a proper Mexican restaurant sometime and taste more of their dishes. I even tried reading a book on Mexican food culture and recipes, but the names of the dishes were something too difficult to remember. I am sure once I taste them, I will never forget the names.

Sudha, Shaheen, Asha, Manisha, Archana, please write about this if you are interested. Thanks in advance.

First Bloggiversary

Today is a very very important day for me. Yes, you guessed it right. Aayisrecipes completes its one year today. So I thought of writing a few things about it in this post.

Aayisrecipes is a small way of saying thanks to my mother. Yes, I feel she is the best mother in the world. if anybody knows me personally, they would also know that my world revolves around my family. (Well, I do not want to continue talking about it, I would become too emotional). She is the master of innumerable mouth watering dishes. When I started cooking, though I could prepare few dishes properly, I was pathetic in the traditional cooking. I would add whatever came to my mind, whether it is necessary or not. Finally I would end up in a mess and still I would expect all to eat it quietly and if possible appreciate :D.

So we (meaning my brother and I) always thought of preserving those delicious recipes in some way. We thought a lot about opening a restaurant, but we both were very busy and there was no way we coculd get capital investment for our restaurant. I thought of publishing a book, but that too required a lot of work. Finally I asked my mom to write down all her recipes in a diary so that I would get them easily. Since she was always busy in one thing or other, she hardly found any time to write 🙁

Last year, my interest in cooking reached its peak. I started watching all the Cooking shows on TV. My brother and hubby repeatedly told me to send my entry to a Kannada TV show, but I was all too hesitant. Mainly because, I thought people would say ‘what is this kid going to cook?’, that was the thing my friends said when I told them about my culinary interests.
Before my marriage, I never knew anything about blogging. It was my hubby who introduced me to the blogging world. But yet, I didn’t know about foodblogs. So when I refused to go to TV shows, hubby started telling me about starting a food blog. But I was never interested in a blog. I told him, I am fine with a recipe site, but not blog. One fine day, without my knowledge he started a blog for me. He casually asked about ‘site name’. I first thought naming it after my mom, then I thought it wouldn’t give that impression as ‘aayisrecipes’ would give. It would be my tribute not only to my mom but to all moms in the world.

Though we had created a blog, I never knew what to write in a post. I started by posting some of the easy and very famous recipes (like cauliflower-carrot pickle, coriander gojju, pav bhaji, appe, potato dosa, ankre tambli, soyi polo, cabbage vada, egg pepper and many more) . I never had time to take pictures. Few friends were very happy to see this blog. Then, one fine day, I got a comment from Courtney of Naughty Curry and I felt on top of the world!!!. She was the first outsider (I mean a person who didn’t know me personally) to comment on the blog. Next was VKN from My Dhaba and it continued from there. I still don’t know how they came to my blog. VKN suggested to post pictures of the dishes. In my busy schedule, I couldn’t take even a minute to take pictures. So I continued posting without pictures until I came to US.

In US, I got much awaited break from my career. So I got all the time to develop my blog. I started reading other blogs too. When I started getting more and more visitors and a lot of mails from my readers, I thought of moving to my own domain (again it was a forcible move from my hubby, who had bought a domain and moved the entire contents to the new domain).

I had never thought ‘aayisrecipes’ would get so much attention. The entire credit goes to all my readers and fellow bloggers. I get a lot of encouraging mails daily from all around the world, sending recipes, requesting recipes etc. It is such response from all of you which encourages me to keep going. To tell the truth, I have learnt a lot of recipes(to be precise, traditional recipes) in last few months and I have become a better cook, if I can put it that way. Whenever I get a request, I call my mom to get the recipe and I am trying my best to post all of them.
I hope all of you will continue to support and encourage me with all your feedbacks/comments and suggestions.

Thanks again.

10 things I miss of Mom’s cooking Meme

Sonali tagged me for this meme. I felt this meme is very unfair!!!. Only 10 things??? How do I pick up 10 things, there are hundreds of them :). I miss each and every dish that my mom makes. I wish I was in India, I could have run to her whenever I wanted :(.

  1. Pathrode and ankre tamboli – This is the best combination I have ever had. I am a big fan of this combination from the time I was a kid. Its a must whenever I go to visit my parents at my native. Since we have a big garden, we find all the ingredients easily.
  2. Pickles – There are atleast 10 types of pickles I can remember. Few of them are the traditional mango pickle using tiny mengoes(appi ambli nonche), diced mango pickle (HinDi), ready to eat mango pickle (karmbi nonche), cauliflower-carrot pickle(flowera nonche), lemon pickles(with and without masala), bitter gourd pickle(karathe nonche), Chilli pickle, cooked and mashed gooseberry pickle (avale hindi) etc etc.
  3. Masala dosa – There are two types of bhajis that I love the most. Amma’s bhaji (fondly named after my grand mother), my grand mother was an expert in making this. Now my mom makes it exactly same as her. This is the BEST bhaji I have ever had. I could literally eat 2-3 dosas more than my limit :). The second is Pattal bhaji which we call as Aayi’s bhaji to just distinguish between the two. Though both bhajis have the exact same ingredients, there is an amazing difference between the taste and both are SUPERB :).
  4. Pani puri – I still wonder where my grandmother learnt this. She prepared the best pani puri. Since I come from a very small village, there would not have been any chance of tasting this chaat at my place. But my grandmom and then my mom always knew about my cravings of this chaat. So they prepared it whenever I asked for. Unlike the pani puris that we get in bigger places like Belgaum, Bangalore, this home made pani puri had sprouted moong stuffing.
  5. Kolmbo and Jeer-meerya kadhi – I am a big fan of Kolmbo from my childhood. My mom used to ask me “what do you want for lunch/dinner?”(because I always created a lot of fuss about eating my food!!! I was a bad kid when it comes to eating). My stapled answer would be ‘Kolmbo’, all others at home had got bored of eating Kolmbo. Since I would eat quietly when my mom prepared kolmbo, they all would tolerate it somehow. But after sometime, all used to protest and vote against Kolmbo!!!. Once my grandfather, who was irritated because of this, told my mom to “prepare kolmbo and dry it in sun. whenever she asks, dilute it in water and give her!!!” that clearly says how they all were fed up of this dish :D. Of late I have picked up the taste of Jeer-meerya kadhi. This, rice and pickle, what else anyone needs in life??
  6. Crab gravy(kurle ambat) – I was always the ‘Kurle’ kid at home. Even the person who catches the crab knows about it. Because whenever I go home, he brings a bucket full of crabs!!!. I learnt cleaning of crabs at an early age. I would tell my mom, ‘I will clean it for you. You just make the curry’ and she always agreed happily. Isn’t that a good idea? she felt, my kid is taking so much of troble, so let me make the gravy :D.
  7. Mumbri and smoked eggplant(vayngana bajji) – Mumbri is one kind of rice flour rotti(akki rotti), prepared by spreading the rice flour batter on banana leaf and then frying it on tava. From the time I came here, I am searching for banana leaves so that I could make this dish. This combined with the smoked eggplant is a amazing breakfast. This one is not liked by everyone, but once you like it, you can eat it continuously. My mom used to make the mumbri and my father helped her in making the smoked eggplant.
  8. Chicken gravy – This is the traditional chicken curry with lot of masalas and lots of coconut. It has an amazing taste and an amazing smell. The entire house would smell of this even after 2-3 days!!!. Since I have stopped eating chicken now, I dont think I would taste it again. May be next gime I will tell her to make it with eggs or potatoes :D.
  9. Kalva ambat – ‘Kalva’ is a kind of sea food found in the big rocks near sea shore. These are similar to shell fishes but have a different taste. Once my mom had to go to meet my grandmother and I was alone at home with my father. I din’t know a thing about cooking then. My father prepared ‘kalva ambat’ and that is the best ever ‘kalva ambat’ I have ever had in my life. I still can feel the taste on the tip of my tongue. My mom gets annoyed when I tell her Pappa’s Kalva ambat is the best :D.
  10. Biscuit pudding – This is my Pachi’s dish. I am not a very big fan of sweets. But when it comes to biscuit pudding, I forget everything. Just amazing!!!. I can go on eating this dish forever. This is very very easy to make. I remember, I always had fights with my cousins to get a bigger share. Since I was the guest at there home, I was the one who got the biggest share. (This is the next recipe I am going to post on this site, so keep watching).

It was very very difficult for me to pick these 10. There are many many more of them. But already I am feeling too emotional. So I would not break the rule, and stop at 10 :D.

I would love to tag Sudha, Sury, Reshma for this meme.

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