Happy New Year 2013

Wish you all and your loved ones a very happy new year.

I wish this new year brings loads of happiness and prosperity to you all. Hope we hear more and more peaceful news this year.

I am currently in India and enjoying with my family and aayi is busy in feeding us with her specialties. It has been a much awaited and relaxed vacation so far. We will be back soon with more recipes here. So keep visiting. Wish you all show the same support to us like you did in last 7 years.

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5 Years And Counting ….

Today this blog turns 5. Thanks to all of you who supported this venture.

5 Years of Aayi's Recipes
We had started this place, 5 years ago as a place to save our home-made food recipes and also some new trials by us. In the beginning, I had no clue about blogs, let alone food blogs. I only discovered them about 4 months after I had gotten started. I was really happy to find so many like minded people. The day I received the first comment on the blog, I was ecstatic. I cannot believe this has lasted so long and the amount of love and admiration I have received from you all.
So to sum it up, Aayi’s Recipes is a place with the following purposes
1. Preserve and document food recipes that my family enjoy and grew up with
2. Log the experience and preparation of new learnings spanning across a variety of cuisines
3. Connect with like minded food lover readers, friends and bloggers

I think it is time, I answered some of frequently asked questions.

Why don’t you post your family pictures?
At this point, I like to keep this place, focused on food. Occasionally you might find some personal posts, as you always have. I may think otherwise in future, but at this point, I like to keep it that way. I hope you all respect my decision.

Why should I leave comments?
Comments are the only way I get to know who is reading and what they are liking here. Recently some people who had never commented here before said they read the blog for some particular type of recipes and I have posted some other type of recipes. Well, if you have never commented here, how would I know that? It may not be possible for me to always post what each and everyone wants, because each day I get so many different requests. But atleast I would know what you want to read here. I encourage you to write atleast a single line here when you try out a recipe. Tell me what you liked about it or what you did not like. If you have genuinely taken advantage of this blog, please let me know. Please be polite while commenting. It takes a lot of hard work – time, energy and money, to maintain this blog, so let us make it a homely and nice place. Please do not spoil it for everyone, it is my sincere request.

I asked for a recipe many times and it did not get posted yet.
As I said before, I post what I cook here. Many a times, when I get a request, I try to find the recipe and prepare it. But it is not always possible. Sometimes I don’t know the recipe, sometimes I cannot prepare it here for various reasons. I don’t post anything unless I try it myself.

Post some videos
I know it would be incredibly helpful for some people. But videos take a lot more time and equipment, which I do not have at this point.

I like xyz feature from another site/blog, please provide it here.
I would love to make this site better, but as I said earlier, because of time constraints, I am unable to work on many things that I would like to. But I will definitely try.

Why do you post Konkani recipes or why do you post non-Konkani recipes?
I get this all the time. My non-Konkani readers don’t want to read the Konkani names and the recipes with coconut(most of the Konkani recipes have coconut). Please ignore the recipes with coconut and read the others.
My Konkani readers want to read ONLY Konkani recipes. Well, that is not why I started this blog. I want to share all the recipes that I try. If you don’t like non-Konkani recipes, then ignore them and read the Konkani recipes. I have posted so many of them and I try my best to post more in this category.

I want to post some recipes on this blog. How can I?
At this point, there is no option to post reader’s recipes. In future I may provide this. In the past, I asked some people to help me out with recipes. I don’t say it always worked well. So I decided to keep it to my family’s and my recipes only.

Once again, Thank you so much for all your encouragement. I hope you continue to like this place.

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A New Beginning

I am very glad to let all my readers know that we are blessed with a baby boy couple of weeks ago. Life has changed ever since he came into our life.

We are all trying to get adjusted to our new roles. While we will try our best to keep this place updated, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to spend as much time on blog as before. Hope you all will understand.

Request all your blessings for our little one.

Update : Thanks to each and everyone who took time to write a comment and send us your wishes. We all greatly appreciate. Thanks again.

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Happy New Year

Wish you all and your family a very happy and prosperous new year. Hope this year brings peace and happiness to the world.

We will try our best to keep this place interesting in the new year. We request all your support and blessings. We also have many plans for this blog, lets see how many of them we can actually follow.

– Varada, Shilpa and Family

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Happy New Year

Wish you all a very happy, prosperous and peaceful new year.


Thanks to you all for your kind support here. Aayi and I have tried our best to keep this place going in 2008.

Recently, we have been having many technical problems with the site and we are trying our best to resolve them. I hope we can get around them soon.


Looks like new year is going to be a bit hectic for us, but we will surely try our best to post something here whenever possible.

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Donate for heart

Our dear friend Srivalli is organizing a fund raiser to help Lakshmi, who is suffering from Coronary heart disease. It is very unnerving to know about Lakshmi who is 28 years old, mother of two, fighting for life. If we can help even in a small way, it may save a life and along with it, life of those two small kids.

So please please do whatever you can for this humble cause. Please head on to Srivalli’s blog and check out the details.

The fundraiser will be on till September 15, 2008.

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A nonvegetarian Konkani thali

Fish thali

Many Konkanis who live in the coastal areas are seafood lovers. This goes to such an extent that, some people call all seafood as “vegetarian” :)). I have seen some people who eat fish 6 days a week. One day -usually Saturday or Monday, are purely vegetarian. Some have started eating chicken from the last one generation, but still seafood wins hands down. I think it is mainly because we get very fresh river as well as sea fish as we live on the coast. Not that all the Konkanis are non-vegetarians, many are purely vegetarian, but today’s post is all about seafood lovers.

My Aayi was a vegetarian before her marriage. But after she got married, she started cooking as well as eating fish. Her fish dishes are just out-of-the-world. Usually all Konkani seafood dishes are served quite hot. At my home, we all love seafood. But SIL and I, not so much. Pappa and Aayi like it, but they won’t miss it if they don’t eat it for a while. My bro and husband are huge fans, so whenever they are at home, fish is cooked.

Everything changed for me after we moved to US. I have tried lot of different seafood here. But it is never the same. Our local Chinese grocery store has some “known” fishes but most of the time they are spoiled by the time I bring them home. Since they are frozen, the taste is never the same even if I buy the freshest looking fish. I thought it was because the way I cook them, but when Aayi visited us last year, she tried and the result was same. They just don’t taste good.

So when we visited India in March, we were all set to eat some of our favorite fish dishes. The day we reached Bangalore, my bro took us to “Fish Land” – An old style restaurant near Majestic, which serves Konkani style sea food. For the first time, I finished everything in my thali (that’s an achievement, if you know me). Then we went to seafood heaven. Our native. Aayi prepared us everything that we loved. So I decided to write this post and clicked few pictures.

This is one of the favorite Konkani seafood thalis which everyone loves. Writing about this is like a torture for me as I know I won’t be able to eat it until I visit India again :(. But anyway, I want it on this blog, so here it goes.

Fish thali

– Plain rice (some people like to serve boiled rice/matta rice but at my home, we always eat white rice)
Alle kande ambat
Alle kande ambat
Kokum kadi
Bangde dhoddak
bangde dhoddak
Bangde fry
Fish fry
Mango pickle
– Onion rings and lemon

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Click for Bri

We all have seen one or the other person in the family/friends circle who has suffered with Cancer. Its difficult emotionally, physically and financially. So here is a great cause to help a dear blogger friend who is suffering from cancer, an event organized by Bee-Jai, Manisha, Shankari, Garrett and other food bloggers. Please read through.

This is an appeal on behalf of a group of food bloggers who are friends of Briana Brownlow @ Figs With Bri.

Bri was diagnosed with breast cancer two and half years ago. A mastectomy, chemotherapy and two years of relatively good health later, the cancer is back. It has metastasized to other parts of her body. At the age of 15, Bri lost her 41-year old mother to the disease. Now, she’s waging her own war against breast cancer. More about it here.

She is going through intensive chemo and other treatments and needs to focus single-mindedly on healing and finding what treatment works best for her. Her health insurance, unfortunately, does not cover holistic alternatives which she would like to try. Bri and her husband Marc have enough on their plates right now in addition to worrying about her medical bills.

The team organising the JUNE edition of CLICK at Jugalbandi has organised a fundraiser to help Bri and her family meet her out-of-pocket medical costs for ONE YEAR.

CLICK is a monthly theme-based photography contest hosted by Jugalbandi. This month’s theme is: YELLOW for Bri

Yellow is the colour of hope. Through the work of the LiveStrong Foundation, it has also come to signify the fight against cancer.

The entries can be viewed HERE. The deadline for entries is June 30, 2008. The fundraiser will extend until July 15, 2008.

The target amount is 12,000 U.S. dollars. We appeal to our fellow bloggers and readers to help us achieve this. Bri deserves a chance to explore all options, even if her insurance company thinks otherwise.

There’s a raffle with exciting prizes on offer. After viewing the list, you may make your donation HERE or at the Chip-In button on any participating site.

Your donation can be made securely through credit card or Pay Pal and goes directly to Bri’s account.

This month’s photo contest also has some prizes. Details HERE.

You can support this campaign by donating to the fundraiser, by participating in CLICK: the photo event, and by publicising this campaign.


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A vegetarian Konkani thali

Konkani Veg Thali

It’s an ultimate feast for the eyes, and a hungry pet (stomach).

Eversince the inception of Aayi’s Recipes, I wanted to post a traditional Konkani thali here. But somehow could not manage to post it. First of all, whenever I cook, I try to make only 2-3 items as it is almost impossible for me to finish off leftovers. So I had to wait till I got back to India to do this. When I was at home, I was a bit hesitant to ask aayi because I didn’t want to pester her with my foodie ideas. But it looks like she knew what I had in my mind, and she said she will cook a traditional feast for me :).

So we decided what we will be cooking. Aayi told me about 4-5 items. I promised her to help her in cooking. The previous day I stayed at my in-laws’ place. Considering the places are just 11km apart, I told aayi that I will reach home early morning and will help. But next day, we got a call from a friend who was visiting Kumta and wanted to meet us. So we had to go there, and then we had to pick up a couple of things. It was already 11 and I called aayi to tell her I will be late. She said I need not worry because she had already finished cooking. I got upset because I could not help her. We reached home by 12 PM and I asked her what she had cooked. I could not believe she had made such a huge spread. Everything was so delicious and perfect.

Now coming to the thali, usually in any functions at our place, the main dishes served are rice, dali thoy (Konkani traditional dal), one or two kinds of coconut dishes(randayis), upkari with different vegetables, pickle, phodis, fruits, papad, a sweet. In all the functions, food is served on banana leaf, although these days people are switching to steel plates.


There is a particular way of serving food.
– The narrow part of the banana leaf(Suuv) always has to be on the left hand side.
– Salt and pickle are served at the top left corner.
– Sometimes when the leaf is small, another small leaf(cholko) is attached on the top.
– A spoonful of sweet is served on the right hand side.
– In NK, 99% of functions include dali thoy and muga moLe randayi. Sometimes kolmbo replaces dali thoy. But as far as I know, muga randayi is not included in all the functions in SK.

Usually food is served in 3 courses
– In the first course, all the side dishes are served with rice and gravy (usually dali thoy)
– Second course is usually sweet dish, even though a little sweet dish (any paays or kesribhath) is served in first course, more of the same dish is served in this course.
– Third course is normally called taaka (buttermilk) sheeth (rice). Here rice is served with buttermilk.

Kokum kadi is usually optional. But during kokum season, it is usually served.

Below are the list of dishes on the thali

– Salt
Instant mango pickle (karmbi nonche)
– Snake gourd side dish (padvale upkari) – recipe coming soon.
Moong dal kosambir (muga dali kosambari)
Raw jackfruit side dish (kadgi sushal or kadgi chakko)


Sprouted moong side dish (muga moLe randayi)
– Cucumber
– Mangoes
Urad papad
– Fried buttermilk chilies (taka mirsang) – recipe coming soon
Fried green chili fritters (Mirsangi vadi)
Banana fry (kele phodi)

Kokum kadi
Ivy gourd – cashew sidedish (tendli bibbe upkari)

– Rice
Ghee (it got melted, so cannot be seen in the picture)
Konkani dal (dali thoy)
Bottlegourd sweetdish (gardudde paays)

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