Spreading cake fever

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When I was posting the recipe for date cake, I had mentioned it becomes a huge hit with anyone who tries it. I never knew it would become such a big hit with my readers also. I can safely say, this cake has become one of the most popular recipes from this blog. Even those who had never baked before, had success with this cake. So finally I decided to revisit the recipe.

Last week, there was a Art Of Living event in town and Sunilanna asked me if I can bake a cake for the lunch. I was a bit nervous because I have never cooked anything for large group of people (we had about 30+). Since my friend Purnima had baked this cake many times for different get-togethers, I asked her about the quantity needed.

I decided I had to bake a quantity that is 5 times this amount. I first mixed everything in a large bowl and then divided it among 9″ and 10″ spring form pans which had a zig-zag bottom. Made a simple decoration. It is done with butter cream icing. Since it is eggless recipe, everyone enjoyed it thoroughly.

date cake

62 thoughts on “Spreading cake fever”

  1. I agree, this cake recipe of yours is a hit among my friends who’ve tasted it also. I’ve baked this a few times myself, so a big thanx to you. The icing decoration and the pattern on it gives it a whole new look Shilpa..

  2. hi …

    without oil ,butter or egg..thats great..will try it out definitely….i know it will turn out good as i saw so many people appreciate it…thanks a ton for such a wonderful recipe…

  3. Hey shilpa,
    cake looks yum… one question ??? I have a loaf pan…Should I need to reduce the quantity to bake in that?? Thanks,

    Shilpa: Gowri, I am not sure about the size of your loaf pan. So I won’t be able to tell you if this will fit in pan. But when you make it, make sure the pan is filled upto 3/4th of its volume. Anything more than that and it will overflow(less would make a thin cake, but that is fine).

  4. Gosh, gorgeous cake! Looks like expensive cakes from a nice bakery. I bet you were a “star” at that lunch!

    Shilpa: 🙂 Thanks Pel. So when are you baking it?

  5. I have never made a cake Shilpa… This one has got so much rave reviews, may be I should start with it… 🙂 It looks gorgeous…

    Shilpa: Sig, it is so easy compared to your gorgeous pumpkin loaf. If you can bake that, you will be fine with this too. You should try it sometime.

  6. Congratulations to you. This is a superhit on aayisrecipes.com. I have made this for many potluck parties and indeed spread the cake fever. If pachi could also write something on her superhit recipe, it would be gr8.

  7. Hi shilpa,
    I made this cake several times for different sets of people and it is a huge hit with all age groups.A b…….ig thanks to you again for that Shilpa.

  8. Shilpa, the cake looks beautiful. I agree, this is one super cake, easy, tasty and eggless. Even I have heard so many of my friends talk about it. The conversation goes like this:
    Hey, I know this one super eggless date cake
    I know, I know you found it at Aayisrecipes….
    Huh! How did you know :-))

    Thanks Shilpa!

    Shilpa: Hahaha..thats so sweet :D. Thanks RC. So when are you baking it?

  9. Hi
    What a fantastic cake!! It makes you want to dig in right away, at the same time the cake decoration is so gorgeous, I wouldn’t want to spoil it!!! 😀
    Love date cakes and had been looking for an eggless low calorie version, I think your recipe fits the bill!!

  10. I really am so grateful for you to take the time to make this cake for our event. I always told my students about your cooking and that we should have a class with you….. This cake was the icing on the event. Thanks to you. So when are we having the cooking class ?

    Shilpa: I think it was bcos of the grand introduction you gave about me :D. Anytime you tell me to take the class, I am ready.

  11. Shilpa – the cake looks amazing dear. and what u said is true.. ur cakes are indeed a hit. I still remember the Halloween Cake and the New Year cake u made.. Loved all of them..:))


  12. hey Shilpa ! This cake looks very very pretty !! The dark brown and silver color blend so beautifully giving it an appetizing look.

    Your website is so famous among our groups that whenever I say I cooked something new, they ask me if I followed Aayis recipes :-)) Its almost a no-brainer to think that I used your recipes :-)) Now I think I shouldnt have introduced them to your website…heheeee!! :-))

  13. hi, your cake looks absolutely beautiful. Perfect deco. You are so talented… :). I’ve baked caked but ‘am yet to get to the deco part. Hopefully soon…

  14. Wow, Shilpa !!!

    That’s a wonderful cake – and a low-cal version too !!
    You are just amazing..and gutsy too ..changing the recipe (without oil) for a party !!!

    Do you need to add more milk since there is no oil ? Does it bind well without the oil ? What am I asking..the result is there to see.. only wish I could taste it too !!!
    You are spreading the sweetness around, Shilpa…not fever !!!

    Shilpa: Chetana, to tell you 100% truth, I forgot to add oil :(. I didn’t realise it till I was updating the post with pictures. No, I didn’t change anything else, it was exact same recipe, minus oil. Try it, it works fine :D. I think it just made the cake a bit less dense.

  15. Thanks for this cake recipe. Being a vegetarian who doesn’t eat egg, I have really enjoyed this cake and has make this for several occasions and recommended to many friends. It has always been a hit and thanks for sharing this recipe.

  16. Shilpa, I haven’t yet made this cake. But the taste of the cake you brought with you is clearly imprinted on my taste buds and my mind. It’s been the best date cake I have ever had. So moist and it just melted in our mouths.

  17. Hi,
    That is a wonderful cake. I am sure everybody must have enjoyed it. I am also in Art Of Living.

    I will try the cake soon.

  18. Hi Shilpa, First of all a BIG Thank you!! Your site is really nice and inspiring for lazy cooks like me. Blv me i have started gettin so much appreciation for my cooking offlate…all thnx to wonderful bloggers like you…
    This was my third attempt at baking a cake (First two are just not worth mentioning) and it has been by far the best result. My only problem was that the upper crust had burned, the taste neverthe less is pretty good. I have read somewhere tht if the upper crust starts burning too fast u can place aluminium foil loosely over the cake tin. Do you think it’ll help? Or shoul I jst reduce temp? I baed at 180 celcius. Plz respond

  19. Hi,

    Your cakes all look really good. I enjoyed looking at the cakes you made in your Wilton Classes. I just finished class 2. Next week we are making the clown cakes. I have been having a problem with my cakes though. Do you have any suggestions for baking just a regular white or yellow cake? The ones I have made so far have been DRY. Or they don’t get completely done in the middle. I got a thermometer for my oven and it’s the correct temp. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any suggestions?


    Heather 🙂

    Shilpa: Heather, there is a simple egg cake recipe on the site. I have tried it many times and each time it comes out well. So give it a try with that recipe and check if it works.

  20. Shilpa,

    I tried ur banana rava cake.It was amazing!!Everybody in the family liked it.Thank you Shilpa…

    I have to ask you one doubt.Can whole wheat flour used in date cake??pls reply…


  21. Shilpa,

    What can I say but Thank you & Thankyou for sharing the receipe of the date cake. This is the first time in my life that I have made a cake and woh was it perfect!!!!!!!!!No one believed I had made the cake as everyone knows I cannot bake or make sweets to save myself. Now I will try the other receipes on your website. If anyone else has easy sweets or cake receipes please, please send them to me.
    Thanks again Shilpa.

  22. hiiiiiiiii,

    so………….yummy….cake……………..delicious………wanna eat it right now……….yum yum………******************………..

  23. Gayathri Bhandarkar

    Hi Shilpa,

    First of all – I LOVE your site. I am a vegan and can often find recipes on here to suit my needs.

    I decided to veganize your eggless date cake yday which was very simple, just used Soy milk instead of regular milk and it was DELICIOUS!!!

    Thanks so much for the recipe! Do you by any chance know how long the cake will keep?

    Shilpa: Gayathri, thanks for your kind words. I have kept the cake for 2-3 days.

  24. hi, i have been baking this eggless date recipe together with an eggless chocolate cake recipe too….since we have become health conscious everyone who has tasted the cakes loved them….even suggested i make a business out of it…but dates are very expensive here in the philippines…walnuts too…..the date cake goes well with brewed coffee or turkish coffee a great break……..

  25. Hi!

    Really liked ur site … whenever i get time … I make it a point to checkout the recipes … This date cake looks yummy … want to try it …I have never ever baked a cake … can u bake a cake or make a pizza in a microwave as I dont have an oven …
    Keep up the good work

    Shilpa: You can bake cake in microwave.(like most of the above readers have done). Pizza may not come out very good in microwave, unless you have a convention option on the microwave.

  26. even though i am a good vegetarian cook i still drool over your recepies. i tried many and succeeded. one things i request you to pl give me some microwave recepies. i have a micro oven with a convection for the past 3 years but i still don’t know to use it. i don’t know what is to pre-heat a oven. i bake good cakes but in my aluminium gas oven. can u pl help me on how to use the micro oven for baking cakes?

  27. Hi Shilpa. Thanks for the lovely recipe. I just tried it this morning…and since I had run out of maida…I had just half cup of it…I used 1/2 cup maida and 1/2 cup wheat flour….and it turned just nice…soft and tasty 🙂 When I was mixing it…mine was a lil thick batter….as compared to your’s which looks a lil liquidish?
    I thought of adding more milk..but I stuck with the ingredients you had given. BTW just 1/2 cup milk ground with dates…will be sufficient for 1 cup flour?..I mean minus the oil?

  28. I have tried this cake many times.Once or twice it has come out very good. But the rest of the times I get a very weird taste – not edible at all. I used to think the dates were spoilt. This time I tried with really good dates,I still have it and they taste awesome but still the cake has that weird taste. I did the heat milk for a minute and grind dates instead of soaking dates.Not sure if this is what I did the other times it turned out bad too. Any idea what else could cause the cake to taste bad – it rises perfectly and everything just tastes bad.I wanted to check with you if this has happened to you.I am thinking I will try again soaking dates this time.But I am sad to throw away the whole cake again if it doesnt taste good again.Any idea?

  29. Nice one… I used microwave to bake the cake and it came out well. It takes about 8 minutes [and 1 extra minute standing time]. I made Pizza too:15-20 minutes if you are making pizza [base, sauce et al] from scratch. If using a base bought from a store it takes about 3-5 minutes. The taste is just as good as what one might get when using an OTG

  30. Tried out now.It doesn’t come out well as anticipated.Not spongy either.i have a confusion of temparature.In my oven temparature is indicated in celcius.So i started baking in 175 appro but i was afraid that my cake will burned out.So i reduce to 150c then increased then decreased and so on.Can i do the whole process of baking in same temparature?i had done the spoon test after 30 minutes.spoon comes out clean.So i stopped baking after 3 mins.But when i cut the cake it looks like i need to cook it for a few more minutes.Do u have any solution for this?when can i use the cake after baking?(after how many hours).Excuse my baking knowledge.Im just a begineer in this field.I will be thankfull if u reply.

    1. You have to bake at 175C, no need to keep changing the temperatures. You can eat the cake as soon as it cools a bit. This is a moist and dense cake, not very spongy cake

  31. Hi Shilpa,
    I made this cake twice…No doubt the taste was very good..BUT when I tried to flip it on a flat dish middle portion of the cake was stuck to the baking pan making my cake break..I ensured that the cake was cooled at room temp for 30 mins…I want to make a princess castle cake for my daughter’s birthday from this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqOP4iygW2k….I will have to bake 4 square 9″ inch cakes..how much quantity will I have to bake if I plan a date cake or if I go for 1-2-3 cake..Thanks in advance…

  32. Hi Shilpa,
    Can honey or jaggery be used as an alternative to sugar, for diabetic people , in the dates cake ?

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