Simple Egg Cake

Simple egg cake

Simple Egg Cake
Simple Egg Cake

Sharing the cake recipes, that I have tried recently, was on my to-do list for a long time. I thought may be I can start with this cake. I have posted banana cake recipe a few days back, but this will be the first recipe anybody will give you, if you want to learn baking cakes).

I am successfully pursuing the baking art and its whole and sole credit should go to my Pachi(Aayi’s sister). When I was a kid, many times I observed her baking some delicious cakes. I always wondered, ‘How she manages to do that? Only professional bakers are supposed to do that!!! Its such a big procedure’. I never thought one day I would bake cakes!!. I never even tried to ask her about the recipe.

Then when we got our first oven, Pachi gave me this recipe. I prepared it and it was so good and it was so easy :D. Still this cake is on my favorite list.

1 cup butter
1 and 1/4 cups sugar
1 and 1/2 cups maida or All purpose flour
1 tea spn baking powder
4 eggs
1 tea spn vanilla essence/extract

Preheat the oven at 350F for 10min.
Sieve together flour and powder. Keep it aside.
Beat sugar in butter till it becomes a smooth paste. Then add one egg at a time beating it all the time. Add essence and mix.
Add flour 1 tbl spoon at a time mixing slowly.
Grease an oven safe dish with butter. Then sprinkle some flour on it and spread the flour. Now pour the cake mixture into this dish and bake the cake for around 40min at 350F (or till a knife inserted in the cake comes out clean).

Serves : 4
Preparation time : 1hr

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    1. Hi Shilpa,

      I’m new to baking…hav a question..can I use any cup for the measurement ? Or does the cup have a certain capacity in terms of grams?
      Thx in advance

  1. hi Shilpa,

    thats a nice & simple cake, i make it the same way too. Just one request..can you post recipe of brinjal curry dharwad style if possible, i tasted it back in India & it was mouth watering!!

  2. Suma, I think you are asking for “Ennegayi”. I will post it soon. (Just have to wait till I get those small brinjals, may be I can go to market on weekend to get it).

  3. Hey shilpa….thats right!! its exactly what it is called…i had almost forgotten the name. Thanks for reminding and will eagerly wait for your recipe.

  4. Thanks Pushpa. Now I am sure it is good, a comment from baking queen herself is a big compliment :). Thanks.
    Sheeba, Thanks for your comment. I used the normal pyrex bakeware(1.9 L round one).

  5. hi Shilpa,

    yesterday was my engagement day, It be 7 years now I wanted to do something nice and simple and tried your cake recipe. It was simply superb, I am glad that my family liked it.
    Thank you so much for sharing.


  6. hey Shilpa
    i was looking for this cake recipe .. n u know what i am trying this recipe now !!! please wish me luck ..

  7. Shilpa… I made this cake today. So simple and tasty. It came out very well. Thanks a lot to you and pachi for such a wonderful recipe.

  8. hi Shilpa,
    Thannks for this simple’s gr8..but kindly help me….i tried banana carrot cake all spilled out…please help me out…i have an oven which is set on percentages like 0%, 20%…..100%…no temperature setting….whenever i try baking a turns out to be messy…..kindly guide me to bake a cake…………

  9. Thanks Aruna.
    Liz, Spilled out? may be you used a small vessel. Usually when I bake cakes I make sure to fill the vessel only till half (use a bigger vessel if you have more dough). About the settings, you need to do trial and error. Set to 80% (I am just guessing) and keep checking the cake every 10mins or so. I hope you get good cake next time (if you have any more doubts, please mail me and I will be happy to help you. My email address is at the top).

  10. hi shilpha ,i tried ur cake today….But instead of the sugar i had added the splenda….I dont know whether i over cooked it or not , but i had cooked it for 40 mts, the cake came out crisper…..It had brown crust on the both the sides….Can u kindly tell me what went wrong??

  11. Nandita, please follow the instructions I gave to Liz in above comment. As the ovens differ, atleast for first few times, you should be very careful. Also use the middle rack for baking the cake.

  12. thanks a lot shilpha…Anyways i had used the middle rack for baking…….Just wanted to ask u whether it make major change in the softness when u use sugar and the sweetner ……Will try it out next time

  13. As i do not like the smell of eggs here in US, i used 3 eggs and 1/4 spoon baking soda. It came out exactly like the way i baked before and also the good thing was i did not get the smell of eggs.

  14. Hi Shilpa,
    I am new to your blog (to cooking also). Tomorrow is my hubby’s birth day. So, I prepared a cake following your recipe. It came out really great. Thanks alot for the simple recipe.

  15. Hi shilpa,

    Your cake recipe looks good and simple. Am not good at baking cakes. Have tried out few times and the result has not been very impressive. I seemed to something wrong . Just one quick dumb question, butter should be softened /melted ?

  16. hello shilpa,

    thnx for the recipe…just wanted to ask can we do icing on this cake,,and if yes can u plz tell hw is it done??

  17. hi shilpa,

    I was too impressed to see all different kinds of receipies posted here by u…
    i would really like to know how to prepare a simple cake without oven as i dont have one….plssss…thanks

  18. Hi,
    Tried this cake yesterday.It came out too good.The batter was too thick unlike other cakes I have prepared(this is my third) so there was no need to worry about bubbles in the batter!It wasnt even dropping consistency!Do you get thick batter too?Do reply.But cake turned out perfect.This is a recipe to keep for me!Thanx.

  19. Swarna, I think this cake batter is a bit thicker(I am confused as I bake so many different cakes). But I think, if it came out well, the consistency does not matter. I can tell for sure the measurements I have given above are the exact ones that I use. I have baked it so many times and it was always a hit.

  20. hey shilpa, wanna try this cake. I have oven but i donno what kind of container do i use for baking a cake? also, my oven goes till 250degree only… what do i do? can i bake a cake without using vanilla extract or any flavour?

  21. Zen, use any normal oven proof dish. I think your oven temperature is given in Celsius and I have mentioned Fahrenheit here. So you can keep your temperature at around 175. I don’t think it would taste good without any flavor. I would suggest to use vanilla.

  22. Hi Shilpa..

    That was a good recipe.I am new to the cake preparation.Have some doubts.

    The color of the cake was dark brown both the texture and inside.I used baking soda instead of baking powder.Will that be the reason?
    Also,can i reduce the quantity of the egg?is it possible?

    And finally a request..could you put a soft carrot cake recipe…i enjoy the way you narrate the steps…easy and quick for begineers like me!!:)

    Once again thanks for the lovely recipe made simple yet yummy!!!


  23. Sridevi, Did the cake get burnt? Baking soda/powder does not make them dark brown. I am not sure what went wrong.

    Decreasing the egg might not be a good idea. It might make the cake hard and soggy. You can give it a try by baking a small cake.

    There are two carrot cake recipes on the site. Please check out the cake section under “Main Menu”.

  24. Thanks Shilpa for the quick repsonse.
    No the cake was good…did not burnt but was confused since it was not that golden brown color in the top and yellowish white inside.So thought of asking you.

    Yeah i got the carrot cake recipe in the site.

    Could you tell me what are the additional accessories needed for giving icing.I wish you bake the carrot cake and give it a cream coating.Is this possible?


  25. Sridevi, If you want to decorate the cake well, you will require a lot of different accessories. Each decoration requires different tip. It is okay to put buttercream or simple vanilla icing on carrot cake, it tastes good.

  26. Hey, Shilpa, I don’t know what kind of butter to use for the cakes. Everytime I bake one, it turns very hard and sometimes get burnt.

  27. Sarah, did you try this recipe? I think getting burnt or hard may not be the problem of butter. You can use any normal butter for this.

  28. Hi Shilpa,

    Just curious to know, should i soften the butter before beating it with sugar for any cake recipe? or can i directly use it after taking it out from fridge? should i measure it before or after softening?just wondering if it makes any difference.

  29. Nayak mayi, you can keep the butter outside for about 2hrs before using, or else, you can microwave it for 50secs. If it is soft, you can easily mix it with sugar, otherwise it is too difficult. If you are using the store bought butter, they have measurements written on it (usually one stick is 1/2 cup). So you can use it directly.

  30. hi shilpa
    i read yr recipe for cake. i m just the biginner so i m afraid to try the cake . but since i love it very much i cant stop trying it. i tried doing cake for three times but they super flop. pls send me the simplest way to prepare eggless cake with much smaller quantity. i will be very thankful to you and will be waiting for your reply

  31. Gauri, Did you try this recipe or something else? I bake this cake almost every week now, so I am not sure what went wrong when you tried. There is a date cake recipe on the site which you can check out and try. If you want less quantity, you can proportionately decrease the quantity of all the ingredients.

  32. inder from canada


  33. Egg cake was fabulous. I baked for the first time. everybody appreciated the cake. I have a question can we minimise the sugar quantity given? if we minimise the sugar quantity will the cake taste in the same manner. Thank you Shilpa for the recipe

    Shilpa: Fio, if you decrease the sugar, cake will not be that sweet. I like so much sugar in it because this cake is mildly sweet and I would not want to decrease the sweetness. You can give it a try if you felt it is too sweet.

  34. Thanks for the receipe Shilpa. I baked this for my hubby’s birthday and he loved it 🙂 I guess you missed to write when essence should be added. I added it after beating eggs. Hope that was right.

    Shilpa: Thanks Geetha. I have updated the post

  35. Leena Udhayakumar

    I tried this cake for the first and it was a super duper hit. Everyone loved it at home. Have a query – can I reduce the eggs to 3? Also while baking, the cake cracks open on top what do I do to prevent this?

    Shilpa: If you decrease eggs, the cake might not become so pluffy. I am sorry, I don’t know the procedure to stop the cracks on the cake.

  36. Hi Shilpa,

    I am new to this site. I am new to cooking an o microware oven also.

    I tired this egg cake and it got burnt. There is no temperature settigs in my oven, I preheated it for 4 mins and then kept the cake mixture in the oven and set the minutes to 20 minutes. what is the time limit for cookking. It got burnt even before 10 mins.

    Shilpa: Uma, I think the temperature in your oven was too high. Please find out in the oven manual about oven temperature adjustments.

  37. Hi Shilpa

    I’m new to oven using, may i need to put lid to the dish when we baking the cake..

    Shilpa: No Sonum, you should not put lid on the baking dish.

  38. Shilpa,

    I tried it, it was so excellent. And I tried yours Sabudana khichdi..that was also Superb…. Thanks alot

  39. Hi i’m new to blogs and i liked few of ur recipes…i tried ur simple egg cake receipe it came out well but it was n’t really that moist and it smelled a lot like egg …how do i get rid of that smell and how can i make the cake have more moisture in it..thx

    Shilpa: Sirisha, I am not sure how to make it more moist. The cake recipes are usually like mathematical equations, need to follow exactly, which I have done here. This is a bit dry cake. Since it is a egg cake, it has a slight eggy taste. May be you can increase the vanilla extract amount to reduce the taste.

  40. I have read it somewhere, to get rid of egg smell in cakes use 1 tbl spoon of honey in the batter. Sirisha, you may want to try honey next time.

  41. Hi shilpa,

    i am new to ur blog.
    just now started learning cooking
    ur receipes are awesome…
    going to try ur cake..
    u r doing a gr8 job
    keep going

  42. Shilpa,
    I tried this cake, it came out very well..i too added baking soda to it. The outer layer was crispy the inner part soft,melted in mouth. Cake got over in minutes!!

  43. Hi Shilpa
    Could you please tell me which brand of butter is most suitable because i m scared if i use amul butter then the cake might taste salty.

    Shilpa: Any unsalted butter is fine. I use whatever I get in grocery store. But have to make sure it is unsalted.

  44. HI Shilpa,
    I am gonna try this cake but with whole wheat flour. Is there any advice you can give me in it?

    Shilpa: Sorry, I haven’t tried with wheat flour.

  45. HI Shilpa,
    Cake is in progress. Let me update you once its done. As well, I had only Baking soda not Baking powder.

  46. Hi Shilpa,

    Yesterday was my Son’s B’day.
    I tried this cake & it came out excellent.

    I am not a very good cook.
    But whenever I need to try out something good. I pick up receipe from your site.

    Thanks a lot for all your postings & your site..

    I will appreciate if post Soups as they are made in Hotels.


  47. Hi Shilpa,

    This looks like a very good recipe but recently my Oven has blown up and my husband’s bday is nearing.

    Can you suggest a recipe that i could use thru steaming or an alternate way?

    Shilpa: Sorry Preeti, I have no idea how to bake it without oven.

  48. hi ,
    I love your site. u have done a really good job. keep it up. have to try this receipe. will let you know the results

  49. Hi Shilpa,

    Just wanted to let you know & thank you for this sweet / simple recipe. I tried your recipe a few weeks ago and it came out delicious. I just reduced the amount of sugar to 1cup and it was just awesome. I’ll make this cake again for my 1 yr. old daughter, she loved it, too.

    Happy cooking / baking,

  50. Hi Shipa,

    I tried this cake yestrday evng,n it came out really well.The cake tastes gr8 n luks rose well n hs become fluffy also..!.my hubby loved it.
    This is an acheivement 4me in baking…. thnks to u..ofcourse..!
    N hey,i was lil woried reg the taste at begining,coz i tried d cake with salted butter;..but d taste of d cake is not salty at all.its jst perfect..
    Thnks agn 4d simple n gr8 try n bake this cake agn somtime adding som fruit pulp n dry fruits….n let u kno abt same.

    Thnks n regards,

  51. Hi shilpa,
    I have a Question , for this cake can we use pineapple essence instead of vanilla essence?please give me reply,
    Thank you in advance.

    Shilpa: Yes I think it would be fine. It will taste like pineapple instead of vanilla.

  52. I am a collge student n am planning to bake a simple cake for my friend’s birthday.So some basic queries…
    1.Preheat t oven??
    2.Butter melted??
    3.Sugar castor or normal?
    4.How to add chocolate flavoring

    Shilpa: Find my answers below
    1) If I understand your question correctly, you are asking what is preheating oven?. If yes, it means heating the oven before keeping the cake dough in it for baking. It is usually done because, oven takes a long time to come to correct temperature. So it is preheated to make sure it is at right temperature when you start baking.
    2) Butter at room temperature so that it can be mixed with other ingredients easily
    3) Normal sugar
    4) It is not proper to just add something to make it chocolate cake. It might not come out well. So use some chocolate cake recipe like eggless chocolate cake or fudge cake with chocolate topping

  53. Hi Shilpa,
    I have been waiting to make cakes… i am new to baking.. I bought oven safe cake pan and baking powder yesterday…
    Now in your recipe I have all the ingredients except the essence flavor. But i do have pineapple fruit. Is it a good idea to add few drops of pineapple juice instead of the essence???

    Now i m stuck because of this.Help !!!

    Shilpa: Pineapple essence would be more concentrated and would have a strong flavour compared to few drops of pineapple. So my advice would be to either buy any essence or pick up a pineapple cake (I don’t have it on this blog, but you can google for it)

  54. oh thanks for your immediate response…

    today i m in a good mood to bake… let me try to bake small quantity using 1/2 the measurments of each one without the essence…and let me test out how good is my oven…may be the next time i ll pick up the essence extract…

    Shilpa: Lavanya, keep in mind, the cake would smell of eggs if you don’t use any essence in it. So don’t get disappointed….

  55. ohk let me buy the essence today… 🙁 i have to wait till my hubby returns

    Now Let me try some eggless baking recipes…

  56. Hi Shilpa,
    Thanks for the simple and wonderful cake recipe.
    I have one quick question Shilpa,can i use crisco shortening instead of unsalted butter?


    Shilpa: Yes Smitha, you can use.

  57. Hi,

    I tried to bake cake in my new oven yesterday but it was total flop and after that I tried looking for some recipes and ways of baking cake in microwave oven and found your website.
    Though your recipe and time of cooking is very simple and explanative but before trying my hands once again I would like to ask should i use the convection option or microwave option to bake the cake? Yesterday I microwave the dough for 15 mins and it got burnt from inside.

    Shilpa: You should use convention option.

  58. Hello Shilpa,

    I was searching for some recipes in google and hit upon ur site.. I liked ur ways of explaining and the response u give to all viewers. I have the same problm like Dilpreet, I too have a LG convention model Microwave. Can u tell me when shld i preset the microwave, in mine oven i get only upto 180 degrees.. Is this ok. After preset is over i place the dish with cake into it and now how much time shld i set it for.. b’coz last time i made this recipe, even after 30 mins the cake was unbaked inside and so i set it for another 10 mins… later the dish came out to be a biscuit then a cake.

    Plz tell the procedures to use the microwave for baking and grilling too.


    Shilpa: Sai, I think your oven is in centigrades. I have mentioned the temperature in F. So convert it accordingly. You should keep your microwave on baking option while baking the cakes. For more instructions, you need to read your instruction manual that comes with microwave. I have not used LG conventional microwave oven anytime.

  59. Hi Shilpa,

    I am a regular at your site and I love the recipes posted by you.

    I recently tried this cake with the exact proportions specified by you, and it turned out great!!! 🙂

    The only difference was, I prepared it in a microwave. I kept the cake in it for 7 min and let it stand in the microwave for 10 min. Though I did not get the brown crust on top, but tastewise it was good. Thanks for sharing such wonderful recipes with us.

    I also have some query, do we need to melt the butter before using and is eating soda and baking soda the same.

    Shilpa: Butter should be at room temperature. Do not melt it. I think both eating soda and baking soda are same, not sure though

  60. hey lady…

    i tried out this cake(had never baked a cake before)and it came out so well..loved it sooooooooooo very much..than fr sharing the recipe specially fr beginners like me..:)

  61. Hi shilpa,
    i tried your cake,it came out very good.
    can i put this cake as cup cakes??i mean in cup cake pan??please tell me.

    Shilpa: Yes Sarvani, you can make these in any kind of oven proof. Pan does not make any difference

  62. I’m going to try this receipe now. Please tell what is “Pre heating”. Whether I should do preheat with food in the oven or without.



    Shilpa: Preheat meaning heating the oven without any food in it. It is mainly done to bring the oven to right temperature before keeping the food.

  63. I tried to bake chocolate cake yesterday in the microwave oven. But the top most layer of the cake (thin layer) turned to be crispy. But my mom cooks in the oven (not microwave) but it comes out well. Was this due to difference in temp settings. or the consistency of cake don’t know.

    the chocolate cake ratio was 4:3:2:1
    four eggs
    three cups flour
    two cups sugar
    one cup butter
    and four level teaspoon of baking soda
    and four level teaspoon of cocoa powder

    please give some suggestions

    Shilpa: Is this tried and tested recipe Sibi?? because to me, 4 tea spns baking soda for 3 cups flour looks too much. I think you should have baked for less time, I have heard that in microwave cake bakes much faster.


    Shilpa: Viji, this cake is quite dense, not very soft because of all fruits in it. May be next time, take it out at 30mins and check. You should not close the oven while baking. I am not sure if tupperware is oven safe, check it out before using it again in oven (I know it is microwave safe, but not sure about oven).

  65. Hi,
    “Happy New Year !”
    You said to Sieve together flour and powder. Keep it aside.”How many hours i have to keep it for Fermentation ?”
    “Can i open oven and check while baking?”.

    I will try your Recipe tomarrow itself.
    Please reply soon…..

    Shilpa: Deepa, Sieving is done to aerate the flour and remove any lumps in it. (Sieve – Separate by passing through a sieve or other straining device to separate out coarser elements). Its sieved and used when the liquid ingredients are ready.
    Usually when you open the oven again and again, cool air gets into it and due to this many times the cake sinks. (I used to check by opening it in initial days of my baking, I came to know about this sinking cake recently). So I would advise not to open it for atleast 20mins.

  66. Hi Shilpa,
    When ever I see a cake recipe Iam excited but the problem is my microwave has no option for pre heating . It has % like 10,20..Upto 100% + Grill mode . Idont understand how to mange
    Kindly Help me Plz………

    Shilpa: Sorry, I don’t know. Check out microwave user manual.

  67. Hi shilpa,

    Have some queries running in mind .Can you pls guide over these.
    1. Which is better for making cakes -either microwave oven or OTG .
    2. I have samsung microwave oven.I had once tried to prepare cake and it became never experimented again.
    3. In ur preparation u mention ” Preheat the oven to 340F for 10 mins ….I could not understand ..can u explain me.

    Shilpa: Manjula, I prefer OTG for baking. But some of my readers said they tried it microwave. I think in microwave the cake bakes very fast, so you have to take out very early (again…I have never tried in microwave, so I am not sure if both give same results).
    Preheating means, before keeping anything in oven, its heated at the said temperature. This is done to bring the oven to right temperature before keeping the cake for baking.

  68. Hey Shilpa,

    I’m a bit late in posting this comment, tried this recipe for New Year’s eve. I needed something quick & easy due to lack of time.
    It just turned out delicious, was a hit with kids & hubby. Thanks dear.

  69. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks!the cake recipe is simply fab. Actually i used to make cake with a similar kinda recipe in past but last few times i messed up the proportion.So stopped trying it, but when i saw this it was definitely worth a try.

    P.S. I used Canola oil instead of butter in same proportion as u have said, but the cake seems to be a bit dry, tasty though.Will appreciate ur response.

    Thanks ,once again.

    Shilpa: Sorry Archana. I haven’t tried this cake with any oil.

  70. Should the oven be preheated without placing any microwave safe utensils (rack, plate etc.) and should the food be placed within 10 mins after the desire temperature is reached? Please suggest.

  71. hi
    i want to try the simple egg cake but how do i bake in the convection microwave?

    Shilpa: Dhara, I haven’t tried this in microwave. But few of my readers said they tried. You can also try, make sure to take it out of microwave in 5mins or so and check (I remember someone saying it bakes very fast in microwave).

  72. Hi Shilpa,

    I am new to your website. Last week I was browsing for methi paratha suddenly the name caught my attention -aayi ( i think it means mother atleast in marathi). And immediately i tried methi paratha and this cake as my son and husband love to eat something in the evenings and weekends. This was really good. I also tried your coorg style chicken as my husband loves variety. That was also very good. Most of them are simple recipes and delicious. Thank you again to you and your pachi.

    Shilpa: Smitha, aayi means mother in Konkani also. This blog is dedicated to my mom and all mom’s in general. I started it to share my mom’s recipes and now I include many more that I learn. Good to know you enjoy the recipes

  73. Hi
    Its a very good thing to learn bakery items. Thank you so much. This type of sites are very helpful for every woman especially who don’t know cooking

    have a nice day

  74. this receipe is amazing. I tried this receipe and I could make such a soft and tasty cake with your help. thank you so much. you are doing a great job

  75. Hi akka…trying this today.
    BTW whats the difference between baking soda and baking powder. I just have powder.

    Shilpa: Varsha, baking powder is baking soda + some more ingredients. I have noticed that baking powder makes the cakes more dry. I also noticed, when baking powder is used, it is added in more quantity than baking powder. I am yet to understand when to use what and how they work :(. I will try to understand when to use what and will update.

  76. hi shilpa,

    i tried this cake many times in different manners(recipes) . At last this came out well .. but it was not so soft as in ur pic. i used bak. soda .. tell me what i can do for more softness……. thanks

    Shilpa: Hari, what do you mean by different recipes? Since it is a cake recipe, you are not supposed to change it. It needs to be followed exactly.

  77. Hi Shilpa,

    i should do in this process only ……. i started with eggs then added sugar then butter then flour … is this wrong
    Thats y i didnot get soft i think … is it so?
    plz advice me ….. thanks shilpa

    Shilpa: Yes Hari. Thats a wrong sequence. The butter does not get mixed properly if you add it in that sequence. Please follow the recipe EXACTLY.

  78. Hi akka
    My cake turned out soft,tasty and fluffy but I managed to burn the crust. I had to peel it off to eat the cake. The cake was done in 10 mins only. Could it be because I used half the quantity you mentioned? Also my oven is an old GE one which is very small. My cake tin (rather it looks like a bread loaf tin) occupies almost all of the oven. Could that be the reason the cake got cooked rather fast?

    I tried the moist chocolate cake. But it was a big disaster. There too I managed to burn the crust. But the inside did not rise at all…..There since I didn’t have vinegar I was “smart” to replace vinegar plus soda by baking powder since it has acid as well as base (nerdy, heh heh heh).

    Also can we try using whole wheat flour in cake since its healthier than maida? What difference would it make to the cake in terms of softness, taste etc?

    Shilpa: Varsha, I remember I had a small oven in India and 50% of the times, I used to burn the cake :(. I think it is because of the small size of the oven and also the temperature adjustments. Try keeping it on a lower temperature next time. Usually cakes are baked in middle racks so that it gets even baking. In your oven check for any settings which gives even baking (mine had two different coils. Top one and bottom one which had individual settings). Some of my readers have tried these cakes with wheat flour and they say it comes out well. I am yet to try it. So far I have made only one cake with wheat flour and it was good.

  79. Hi shilpa ..your cake looks yummy …one cup butter ???how do i measure that ?thanks

    Shilpa: Baljeet, measuring cups are available in markets. Please buy them. Or else, you can use the butter sticks, the measurements are usually written on them.

  80. Hi Shilpa,

    I tried your simple egg cake, it was really yummy
    we enjoyed it very much. I would try your cake recipes too.


  81. hello shilpa
    i got a microwave oven with grill can u please tell me can we bake a cake in it? for what time it should be prheated and all….

  82. Hi,

    I am new microwave oven user. I don’t know how to use the equipment for making your recipe. If I put cake mould (aluminium in my case) on glass turn table, is it OK? or should I use glass bowl to bake the cake in oven/ Please, nobody is able to give me proper answer. Can you help me out?


    Shilpa: Kishore, please check the microwave manual before using it. If your cake pan is “microwave safe” you can use it. But if it is not(I don’t think aluminum pans are microwave safe), do not use them. Please remember, any glass pan would not work. You have to look for “microwave safe”.

  83. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks for your immediate response. I will search for microwave safe cake pan and will try to bake the cake (of course, your recipe). I am still looking your site only after submitting my earlier request to you. I am surprised. How did you make it to put all these things in your site. Amazing. Very useful to other. I am going to recommend your site to my friends. Thanks once again


  84. this is a nice & simple cake recipe, i make it the same way too. Could i know the details about how to bake a good cake in OTG and i wanna know the temperature adjustments of OTG for baking

  85. Hi Shilpa,
    I tried out the cake today, it turned out well ! Thanks. However – The center part of the cake did not get cooked. I used a convection oven, i placed the pan with batter on the glass base since the stand that came with the oven was too high and I could not see the cake baking thru. the transperant door when placed on this stand 🙁 Guess, thats where I went wrong… any suggestions anyone???

  86. Hi, how are you? Tks for your receipe. I tried , it good. Pls send me some easy cake receipes. Tk cr.



  87. Hi,

    I tried baking a cake for the first time, after lot of search on cake recipe, i found your recipe to be very simple and great.

    I tried this for the first time, and it was a hit, iam so happy, the cake was delicious and my hubby my collegues liked it a lot.

    Thanks for this.


  88. Can u pls send me the recipe for Kastoori Kabab ( A Kabab I tasted at a restaurant Gazebo.Its really nice ..Can u post the recipe and Recipe for Phirni also ..Thanks in advance

  89. Hi,

    I have brought OTG . Want to prepare the cake .can you please guide me the kind of vessel that i need to buy to bake cake .I stay in Bangalore.

    Shilpa: Oven proof dishes are available in many stores in Bangalore. Please buy anyone suitable for you.

  90. hii shilpa
    i made this cake today but it was a disaster 🙁 don’t know why. I used the same proportion. My oven temp is in Celsius. I kept it on 130degree. Is the right temp? please guide me.

    Thanks in advance

    Shilpa: Manju, please explain what you mean by disaster

  91. Hi Shilpa

    Thanks for a quick reply. I am new to baking. I kept the cake in oven on 130 degree Celsius temp for 40min. But i could not see the brown col. on top and I checked with the knife it was still like the mixture. so i kept it for 15 min more. And then there was a brown col. layer on top and it was crispy and the botton was like a custard. Please help. I don’t want to give up. I am planing to bake again tom.

  92. Hi Shilpa,

    I tried this cake earlier turned out fantastic, wanted to know can i add some tutifruit, cherry and orange marmalade, if yes then pls let me know the propotions to be used.


    Shilpa: I have no idea Smitha. Sorry.

  93. For Manju

    I have baked this cake the maximum times. You need to keep your OTG at 180c to get the right results for abt 45 to 48 min. Check the cake after abt 40 min using a tester.

    For Smitha

    I have added tutti fruity, on many occation. At present i am not able to find tutti fruity. You need to add abt 1/4 cup. If you adding cherries then you have to make very small peices and add. Sprinkle a little all purpose flour on the fruits before you add, so that they do not settle in the bottom.

  94. Hi Shilpa

    As per Aruna’s suggestion, i tried this cake with 1/4 cup of tutifruity and cherrys it turned out excellent.

    thanks to aruna.

  95. Hi Shilpa,

    I have visited this site and this recipe for the first time. It looks very tempting. But can you please tell me when you say ‘1 Cup’ of some ingredient how do i measure that. Is it the same as the measuring cups we get? Sorry, if the question sounds too simple, but i have that question for almost all the recipes on this site. Please, please let me know.

    Shilpa: Yes, it is measuring cups.

  96. I just wanted to say that I’ve made this cake recipe three times so far and it is by far, the best tasting egg cake recipe I have ever tried. The first time I made it, it turned out beautifully! We didn’t even put any icing on it because it was fine without. The second time I made it, I learned a hard lesson that sometimes cakes can be sneaky : ) After 40mins, I checked it with a knife, which came out clean, so I took the cake out and let it sit for a few hours. When I went to take it out of the cake pan to apply icing, I discovered that the inside was un-cooked!!! What a surprise and disappointment. My third cake is in the oven as we speak, and I intend to watch it like a hawk and leave a bit longer and keep checking it. I still think it’s the best cake recipe ever! Thanks for sharing it!

  97. Thanks a lot for the cake recepie.This is the first ever cake I made and it came quite good.

    Thanks a lot..

  98. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks for your wonderful recipe. I tried it and i dont belive that i made it so delicious. I mixed some chocolate crunches in cake mixture and added coco powder on the top of cake. and it was so yummy and looking much preety.

    thanks for ur recipes and making such nice site..
    Keep it up.. 🙂

  99. hi shilpa,
    cake lookyummy and irresitable love to bake it please can u tell me whether i can bake it without oven.i have no oven but love to try it.

    Shilpa: You can bake it in cooker. I will be doing a post soon on it.

  100. hi shilpa ur recipe is quite simple n i wish to bake this cake as soon as possible bt the only problem is tht i have a microwave n nt an OTG and i don’t know for hw many mins should a microwave(convection mode) be preheated before placing cake dish in it and wht is the perfect timeand temp. for baking cake in microwave.
    please suggest…
    i ‘ll b waiting for ur reply.

    Shilpa: If it is convention mode, I think it should be similar to OTG.

  101. Hi, Shilpa,
    Thanks for this great recipe….

    I tried it and it turned out good, it was too delicious to write in words…
    I have one query … twhen I baked it the edges of the cake were little more dark and were not as soft as other part of the cake , can u tell me the reason so I can do it properly next time because I am sure I will be making this yummy cake again and many more times…


  102. hi shilpa my 5 yrs daughter loves to eat cake…i tried this simple cake it really comes out so nice we really like the taste…it ‘s YUMMY………..thanx for sharing the receipe

  103. Hi Shilpa!
    This cake is a nice basic recipe…….not one that you can eat every other day because of the amount of butter that goes into it!! My 7 yr old loved it!! She has been eating it morning, noon & night !!!
    Thanks for the recipe !
    The date cake is my favorite though !!

  104. hi shilpa
    thanx for the recipe,you really saved me
    it`s my first time bakeing anything and i wanted to try somthing that i can actually make.
    thank again

  105. Hey Shilpa,
    I have been alway a cake fan esp choclate cakes but then this one if yours is truly amazin.It was so dense but soft,the REAL kind that i love.Mebbe i should try the choclate version of this too,pls let me know if u have already tried it.This one was so easy and simple to make,i highly reccommend esp for beginners.

  106. Hi shilpa,
    I was looking for a simple cake recipe to begin with my baking experiments. Today i tried urs and it was sooo tasty…and easy too. tried ur spicy egg recipe too. ur recipes r too gud n u r doin a great job..posting such nice recipes. thank u.

  107. Hey Shilpa,

    This cake turns out excellent!! I normally divide the batter into 2 part and mix one part with cocoa powder and make a layered cake.

  108. Dear Aayi,

    Your cake recipie looks wonderful.I am beginner for
    baking and i want to try ur recipie first..before i start i have a doubt.Can i use baking soda instead of baking powder..pls help me.


    Shilpa: Yes, you can use. But I noticed baking powder makes it more pluffy.

  109. Hi shilpa

    Today i tried ur cake recipe and it turned out reallly good and tasty. I thank u alot for helping me such beginners…thanks once again.


  110. Is it better to use maida or all purpose flour?
    Is it okay to add rava for better taste.
    Can i use soda of bicarbonate instead of baking powder?

    Shilpa: You can use maida or all purpose flour, both work well. I have never used rava in this cake. I feel it will change the texture of cake if you use it. Yes, you can use soda bicarbonate.

  111. Hi Shilpa!
    I tried the cake today and it was disaster.I have Sharp microwave.I made the mixture as suggested by you and put the mixture in microwave for 7 min timer as commented by someone for the microwave but it got burnt in 4 min itself.I want to try again but can please someone help in determining what went wrong.

    Shilpa: Sorry Aruna, I don’t know anything about baking in microwave.

  112. Hi Shilpa.. thanks for u r reciepe..
    before trying I wanna make sure that.. Is it going o affect if I substitute ghee for butter..Plz let me knw can I use Ghee instead of butter? If yes..what will be the quantity for this?

    Shilpa: I haven’t tried it Khushi. Sorry.

  113. sahipa can u tell me in which mode to bake a cake in convection , combination, microwave.
    my cake always becomes too hard especially the top portion and at what temperature at degree celcius my oven temp starts from 95degreec to 230 degree
    pls reply soon

    Shilpa: Convention mode. For this particular cake, bake it at 176 C.

  114. Hi Shilpa,

    I am a starter in preparing cakes, liked your simple egg cake so tried it, but the cake didnot turn up very smooth, I followed the same steps as you said. I have used a microwave to prepare it donno what went wrong. Please suggest if I missed out anything.

    Shilpa: I have never baked this cake in microwave Lavanya. So I have no idea. Sorry.

  115. I tried this cake and it turned out way too good !! I and my husband truly loved it [:D] we also gave it to our friends and they too loved my first cake [:)] Thanks a ton for your website !!

  116. After 3 very bad attempts i tried Simple Egg cake….. it turned out just superbly amazing !!! WOW !! Never imagined it could be this easy !!!

    Thanks Shilpa !!!!

  117. Hi Shilpa,

    This is the first time I ever baked……..and the cake was very yummy……and my hubby loved it……..All thanks to u

  118. thanks shilpa for your wonderful cake recipes.i am a new comer to the baking world .i tried your eggless date cake recipe and simple egg came out wonderful.i baked the eggless date cake in microwave oven,pre heated at 180 degree celcius and baked in MICRO high for 7 mins.the simple egg cake ,pre heated the oven at 180 degree celcius and baked in MICRO 70% Power for 7 mins.the time may vary for different brands of MW.

    Shilpa: Thanks Dhanya for commenting here. Many of the readers will benefit from this.

  119. Hi Shilpa,

    One question–which vanilla essence do you use, natural or artificial? I use the natural one but it simply does not give the same flavor as the one we used in India ( that might have been artificial, don’t remember).

  120. Hey der,
    just wanted to thank you for the recipe, i have’nt tried it yet but i am about to go nd bake some cake..! hehe,
    thanks again, nd i hope everyone at my home loves it..
    umm, hope everythni’s fine with you too Aayi .:)


  121. Hi, your all recipes are very good. Thnx for giving us such a wonderful recipes. I follow your method to prepare this simple egg cake recipe, but the cake was not done soft, its little hard. Please give me the right method to prepare this cake.

    Shilpa: Are you sure you followed all the steps exactly? Was the soda used too old?

  122. I was delighted to find your website.Can’t wait to try some of your recipes.Iam,however,confused about some of the ‘key’ ingredients,for example the souring agent.My guess was kokam but then I found that ‘it’ was used along with kokam.What is it in any other language?This is true for all the other ingedients which have kokan names in the recipes.

  123. Hi Shilpa
    Ur cake receipe is very simple to prepare only one request in microwave oven at what temtreature it shud be preheated and then baked.Could u pls mail.I have got samsung max temp is 250 degree.Pls helppp….

  124. Hi !!!

    I am regular at your site……..a small questionj, how about to make the same cake in microwave.

    Shilpa: Yes, you can make it in Microwave.

  125. I just prepared the cake as mentioned above it is in the oven for now about 45 minutes as suggested…. I add up a cup of dryed cranberry & then one of walnuts!
    an sure it will be delicious,
    gaby levy

  126. hi

    As i dnt have convection mode, i made the cake in micro power only. I kept for 6 min. But i guess the time mite change for different microwaves. So its alwayz better to check the cake in between. Trust me, the cake turned out very well.

  127. hi shilpa..

    i had bought my microwave last year but everytime i tried making a cake, it turned out disasterous!! but today,when i read all of these comments for the above recipe, i ve made up my mind to try it out tomorrow..i hope it turns out to be good.
    i’ll post again…

  128. hey Shilpa,
    thanks very much for the egg cake reciepe. i baked it yesterday for the Christmas and it turned out beautiful. I cant tell u how happy i am to be intiated into baking, cauz earlier i did not hv the courage or confidence of doing it.
    Thanks a lot.

  129. hi shilpa,

    I tried this cake, came out well. But one Q it doesnt get properly cooked in the middle. when i baked it for 5 more mins. the batter started oozing out from a small crack on the top..! after cooling when i cut it.. everything except little bit in the middle of the cake was uncooked. what cud be going wrong here. and yes it was not that sweet either..does that depend on what kinda sugar we use?

    Shilpa: Looks like the cake was not baked enough, bake it for longer time. How long and what temperature did you bake it. If you prick it before it is baked, the loose batter will ooze out.

  130. hi, u have mentioned 1 cup butter…..would that mean i have to use two sticks (100 gms each) of amul butter ? do i have to first beat egg yolks and add to butter-sugar mixture and then beat egg whites and add to the mixture separately or just the beaten whole egg ?

    Shilpa: Yes, two sticks. No, you can beat sugar and butter first and then one egg at a time and beat again.

  131. hi shilpa,

    I had kept for 40 mins initially at 350 degrees. When it was uncooked, I baked for 7 mins further same temp. Thats the time when the batter oozed out in the oven itself. I pricked it b4 it cooled at first time. Second time.. just left it to cool down n then I cut it directly to find little uncooked part in the middle

  132. Hi shilpa,
    I loved ur recepie..but i just wanted to know if i haven to beat the mixture with a hand blender? as I dont have one…so, is it fine if i beat the mixture with a spoon? will is become spongy and soft?

    Shilpa: You can beat it with hand too. I do it all the time.

  133. Hi Shilpa,

    I tried this cake last weekend and it came out so well. My husband usually doesn’t like sweets but he was so happy with the cake he asked me to bake this again today and it turned out so good, Very tasty Thank you so much for the great simple recipe.

    Thanks again,

  134. Hi shilpa,

    I tired the simple cake once, the taste came out very well…but it was bit harder….can u pls. tell when u say 1 cup….what wud be the exact measure….in oz or in ml….


    Shilpa: All purpose flour 1 cup = 5oz or 140gms according to google.

  135. Hey Shilpa ! it came out real nice, made us so nostalgic with the childhood cake hogging memories ! superb recipe ! thanks a bunch ..

  136. hi
    i tried your cake and it turned out really good.planning to try your date cake soon.thanks for the recipes.keep up the good work

  137. Can you I know that How to make a ispung Vanilla simple cake.
    Overall for what size how much time need to Bak in an Oven.

  138. hi shilpa,first of all let me thank you for reviving my interest in cooking…your blog made me fall in love with cooking all over again just when i was getting bored with cooking.another thnx for your precise and descriptive recipes which pushed me into trying them and needless to say they turned out very well…i started with the eggless banana cake…then methi dosa..then macroni soup…and thus goes the list.looking forward for many more joyful moments with home cooked food.

  139. hi,
    i wanted to ask u if one could use vegetable oil instead of butter?

    Shilpa: I don’t know Manmeet. But I think it will not work as butter makes the cake very fluffy.

  140. i really appreciate for what you are doing
    am not a good cook but with your baking receipes am trying and doing good. keep it up and many thanks

  141. hi…shillpa..
    how r u?
    r u having any cake receipe which we can do in microwave? tell me please………:)
    and can we do sponge cake in microwave?

    Shilpa: Yes, you can make all cakes in microwave. Many of the other readers have tried it. I haven’t tried it though, so I can’t tell more about it.

  142. Hi Shlpa,

    I always check your website for ideas about what to cook. I tried your eggess date cake, and it came out very, very good, I had to make it another few times by popular demand.

    I’ve just put the simple egg cake in the oven, and can’t wait to try it. My mum especially loved the date cake, and one of her favourites is this simple cake.

    It’s snowing outisde, and soon we’ll be having some cake with a cup of tea. Thanks to your never fail recipes!

  143. Hi Shilpa, I used to make the cake normally from the cake mix but this recipe seemed really simple so I tried it and it turned out really well. Now a days I feel like eating sweets so have been going through your desert section…lol…

  144. Mythily quadres

    I have a power convection type 25lts microwave oven. I find it difficult to prepare a cake. Please guide about the preparation along with the oven compatible utensils to be procured

  145. Shall i prepare cake in glass bowl(1L), when I make cake using bowel the top portion is complatly wast it become more crispy or is other any microwave saftly pan avalb.

  146. I live in Australia, and found your site when I was searching for a cake to use up some eggs I had. I baked it in a normal oven and it has turned out well. I beat the butter and sugar with an electric beater until it was pale in colour and a bit fluffy looking. By hand with a wooden spoon, or whisk, this takes some time, but does make the cake nicer. The cake should be baked at 350 F or 180 C (these are about the same temperature, just different scales or ways of describing the temperature). If your oven temperature goes up to about 400, it is in F, and if it goes up to 200 or 250 it is measured in C. The size and shape of the pan will make some difference to how long it should cook for. For example, cupcakes (putting the mixture in a number of smaller patty pans) will take longer. If you use a microwave oven, use the convection setting if you have it, and it should cook like a normal oven (and need preheating – heat the oven empty until it reaches the correct cooking temperature). If you cook on the microwave setting, it will only take a few minutes, and you do not preheat it. Probably about 7 minutes, but every microwave oven is different. Try cooking on high for five minutes, then checking. If the mixture is still runny, cook for one minute at a time until the top is just a bit wet looking in the middle. Let the cake stand for about 5 minutes and it will finish cooking and firm up. Note the time it took for the next time you cook it. A round pan will cook most evenly. The top will not be crisp, and the cake may be a bit more ‘chewy’. DO NOT use metal pans on the microwave setting. (I haven’t tried this in the microwave, so this is just general advice.)

  147. Cake turned out good .
    By mistake I put 1 cup flour still it was yummy and disappeared within half an our .thanks

    my daughter is allergic to milk so I wanted the exact cake .

  148. Hi Shilpa,

    Firstly you have a great website. Best Wishes for that. Nextly I tried the cake recipe and it turned out well except that the cake wasnt as spongy as I had expected. Could you tell me which ingredient will make it more spongy?


    Shilpa: Eggs and baking powder.

  149. Dear Shilpa,
    I liked the web site v seeing it for the first time.
    I am recently married a month ago and i find this site soo exciting to make my husband happy with these dishes.

    Shilpa my request to u..May 28th is my Hubby’s b’day and i want to make this memorable for life time..need ur help in this. I want to prepare a simple cake while will burst when it is cut and all the cream will be spalshed on ur face. I have seen this type of cake somewhere in india…presently am in sydney so i want to prepare it myself…also i dont hav a oven pls suggest how can i make without oven.

    Can u pls post the recipe of it…or can u suggest how can i make it…it wud be of grt help.

    Thanx in advance.

    Shilpa: Sorry, I don’t know

  150. Hi, Can i bake this cake without using the vanilla essence ..?.. as i dont have it on hand now.. I want to try n use lemon zest
    in the cake..pls tel me the amount of lemon zest that i can use for above cake. N i Hope the cake wont smell eggy after baking..? pls advice.


    Shilpa: Sorry, I don’t know.

  151. Hi,

    I tried baking this cake but i guess soemthing went wrong. It was uncooked from inside and burnt from the outside. I have a simple otg which does not give me the option of selecting the fahrenhiet or celsius. it just has the timer and to select which sides to be cooked(as in top , lower or bottom), the instructors manual said it should be around 5-6 minutes but it does not cook it in that time and if i increase the timer the cake burns.

    Please please please help me as my son loves cakes and am unable to bake a perfect one for him


    Shilpa: Sorry Ishita, I have no idea. Unless I experiment myself, I cannot give any tips.

  152. This cake reminded me the one which we used to have as kid. I m planning to try the same tonight. Till date I had baked quite a few cakes of diff varities. My husband likes the same but he always tells that the taste of cake is missing. By looking at the picute i feel , it ll have the same taste.

  153. I started making this recipe last year!!!..My mom used to make it this way + she used to put some condensed milk…I used to love it a lot!!!..Now i make this very often for my 3 yr old Son…he is crazy after cakes :)..Thank u for Sharing this gr8 simple recipe with us.

  154. Hey,

    It was my husband’s friends b’day yesterday. I prepared a cake by following recipe from the famous marathi book “Ruchira”. That book doesnt have exact amount of ingredients in terms of cups or spoons.. all the ingredients mentioned are in grams. Also exact baking temperatures and time isnt mentioned in that book. So I prepared another cake by following your recipe. It turned out so well 🙂
    I cannot thank you enough… Thanks so much 🙂


  155. Actually , i like this recipe . but 1 question arises that, i m having microwave without convection and all , so for how minutes should i keep this batter ?
    i need reply from ur side..

  156. Hi,

    Can you tell me exactly how much this cake will weigh once its done.

    My small kenwood oven can bake max 475 gms. only. Appreciate if I could get the exact measurement for baking 475 gms. cake. If its turns out well and my hubby is impressed he would buy me a bigger oven.

  157. Thank you, my grandmother made me this cake but i never got to ask her the recipe, you should put fruits on top they blend beautifully with the cake.

  158. hi , i tried this cake, but had 2 problems , would b v grateful if u can help
    1)the cake turned out bitter ,,, dont kna y:(
    2)it had nicely puffed up ,, but completly collapsed when i removed it from oven 🙁
    can u pls help!!

  159. Hi Shilpa!

    I hv made this cake 3 times now……every time came just perfect…..i do add a little baking soda too though…….
    thanks for the wonderful recipe…….

  160. hey shilpa..i tried out u r recipe….but it it got burnt frm both up and bown…….can u plzz help me regarding it…thnx

  161. Your recipes are awesome for it always comes out well for me.. I tried out your simple egg cake with a slight variation.. I used wheat flour instead of maida and brown sugar instead of normal sugar.. cake came out really yummy.. Next planning to try black forest cake for my sons birthday..

    thanks a lot for your wonderful recipes

  162. hi.. iam really sooooo… excited to c ur simple cake recipe and badly wants 2 try it as soon as possible..but cud i ask u how much is ur 1 cup in gms or ml? I have a 240ml cup.

  163. Thanks a lot for this recipe. Tried this today and it came out really well.The taste was similar to the cake we are used to from bakeries in bangalore. My hubby and daughter loved it. Thanks again.

  164. hav been following ur blog for sometime n i jus love it. tried dis cake recipe too n it came out very well. thanx for sharing d recipe shilpa.

  165. I love Egg Cake. This is very easy and delicious recipe. I hope my son will enjoy This Egg Cake. I have written a few cake recipe recently.Thanks.

  166. Hi Shilpa, I am a new visitor to this website. Went through this simple cake recipe and also many other recipes too. From a couple of years i am eagerly trying to prepare a nice simple cake at home. But everytime its a failure. You wrote to preheat the oven at 350 F. But my oven is a little different. In my oven the max temp that can be set is 100 degree celsius. so i dont know what to do. Can you just advice me about this.

  167. Hi shilpa, i prepared the recipe of simple egg cake. I had tried it twice before but it had went wrong both the time. But this time it came much better than before. Well, i had tried a slight variation. I used only 2 eggs and half cup boiled and cooled milk for 2 cups of maida. also i used powdered sugar. this time it went really well. My microwave is a simple one with no convention or grill options. So i baked the cake with full power(100 degrees) for about 7 1/2 minutes. It came well. thanks for the recipe. Now making a simple cake is not a tough job for me.

  168. Hi Shilpa:

    Thanks for the recipe. I have baked this simple cake and is a big hit at home. It vanished in couple of minutes. I am a newbee to baking cakes and this one gives me lot of confidence.
    I really like the way you put in step by step pictures in your recipes. And hats off to your patience of doing this while managing your kid and office.


  169. Dear Shilpa

    I am regular visitor to your site. Thanks for sharing u r wonderful recipes with us.
    Recently i have bought Microwave oven with output of 900watts.
    As i am new to baking, i searched u r cake recipes and finally selected Simple Egg Cake. Taste of cake is very good and my kitchen filled with nice aroma of cake when it is baking.
    But i am not satisfied with the outcome. Ends came very well and browned nicely on both sides but in the middle backside of the cake a lot of hole like well formed.I did not understand why it had happened like this?. Let me share how i have done this cake so that u will have an idea to guide me.
    1. I have kept 180 Deg C as temparature levels.
    2. Preheated at 180 Deg C for 10 minutes.
    3. Baked at 180 Deg C for 40 minutes.
    4. supply of power to the oven is stable during baking time.
    5. All ingredients i have purchased from a good running out shop. Baked immediately after bought from shop.
    6. When i kept toothpick in the centre of cake it was clean . Nothing sticked to the toothpick. So decided to stop baking.

    Why my cake did not come in equal level?
    Why it formed like well in the middle of cake?

    Taste wise it is very very good. Colour of cake is almost like u r cake in u r photos. As a beginner i would like to know suggestions to my problem from your experience. Shilpa please help me where i made a mistake? My daughter 7 Yr old is making rounds with me when baking and moreover i am eager to make cake for her. thank you in advance.

  170. I just tried this cake … it turned out yummy! So light, fluffy and delicious. I made it for my 5 year old daughters, but hubby is going at quite a rate polishing off the cake :).

    Thanks for the recipe!


  171. @kavya this always happens in a microwave..
    due to uneven heating..i have baked cake thhrice in my mw but all 3 times it has come out like you descrribed with a hole in centre and top too browned almost burned!!!
    better to use an OTG

  172. hey shilpa tried out ur recipe in a otg it came oyt so well….decoratre d it with chocolate icing super !!!thanks so much…

  173. Hi Shilpa,i also learned the same cake recipe from my mothers sister.This is awsome recipe.I just love it.
    I was going trough the comments,& noticed that some of the users don’t have oven & they want to bake this cake.
    Even i didn’t had oven when i started baking.I used to put some sand in pressure cooker(Littlebit to cover the bottom only).And then,in the cooker pot i used to put cake batter & put that pot on sand.And just close the cooker but remove it’s whistle.Leave the gas on sim for about 50 to 60 min.It really works.

  174. Aishwarya Shanbhag

    HI Shilpa

    I tried my hand at this recipe and it turned out well… You know Shilpa, its a one stop site for me when I have to make any item and yes I visit Aayis Recipe everytime I logon !!. Kids and V loved the cake. I’ll graduate to another cake soon. Thanks a ton Shilpa…. I wish that you’d bake a cake again on Saturday. We surely are gonna win the match against Srilanka….Happy Baking….


    1. Hi Aishwarya Mam

      If this is you, you will surely recognise me… please reply mam. How is Vinayak Sir and the two angels… well these are the hints to ensure that i am connecting to the correct person. And yes, Kashmira and Hriday are fine… That is my confirmation!

  175. Hi Shilpa,

    I have a solo microwave oven. So if i need to bake this cake in it, how can i do it?? please help me out.. 🙂

  176. Thank you Shilpa,
    I tried it yesterday and that was very nice 🙂 ……. Thank you for the very simple and testy recipe. Thank you very much again.

  177. i hav butter which is from amul is it fine as it has salt??????????????
    plz reply plz..!
    can i make it without the vannila essence i don’t hav it now (i’m not consider for its smell)

  178. Hi Shilpa,

    tried this cake and turned out awesome …. as in most of ur recipes. Thanks loads , since i wanted to try a simple cake and this happened to be it. Thanks for the recipes, you should know that ur recipes helps so many women like me , make delicious dishes at home. Tk care and keep up the good job. – Anjali Rebelo

  179. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe. I tried this recipe today, but the outcome was not very satisfactory. My Microwave oven is on Celsius scale so I kept the temperature as 170 Deg C. Cake was bit burned from outside but inside it was not cooked in the center portion.

    Can you please suggest any remedy?


  180. Hi Shilpa, tried this recipe and it came out quite well. However, the cake didnt have the browning on top like urs does. Do u think I shud have baked in on the top or middle rack??

    1. Hi, I only ahve a microwave oven. Can I try this recipe in that? If so, how can I prepare it?
      Thanks for the help!:)

  181. Just baked my first successful cake after following your recipe! The kitchen smell so good and it taste yummy. Thanks!

  182. Just baked my first successful cake after following your recipe! The kitchen smell so good and it taste yummy. Thanks!

  183. I feel like the one cup butter is wayyy too much. I had to dump oil out from the pan after…

    A pinch of salt and some milk improved the taste too.

  184. can you please provide me with information in regards with temperature on which the simple egg cake needs to baked.

    as i have samsung microwave along with three modes
    convection,microwave convection, so these are the options available on my samsung.
    Acknowledge me with the mail in regards with temperature to be set to bake simple egg cake.
    let me the Quantity of flour and butter required for simple egg cake serves 4


    1. Convection. I baked at 200 c for 30 mins. you could try inserting a needle or toothpick after 30 mins and if it comes out clean , then its done.

  185. Hi,

    I tried this cake with oil instead of butter and with Atta mixed with maida in 1:1 ratio and it turned out real good.


  186. Shilpa ,

    Just want to thank u for the lovely recipe and the simple manner of presentation. It will make anyone want to try.


  187. Hello,

    I followed this but i couldnt make it. Am using microwave oven, Its getting spoiled at 5th minute. Suggest me some good solution.

  188. aakash aggarwal

    used half the ingedients as mentioned, but with chocolate syrup…nd the cake was awesome…
    nice recipe !!

  189. i jus need to try this cake …in microwave oven…plz do tell me at which temp and how many minutes….as i had tried earlier and everything got hard at alst minutw

  190. Think I have a similar recipe that has been passed on to me from my mom..the classic home-made cake we have in India. Been planning a post of the same mom used to make it in those huge vintage oven..wonder if I can get a pic of it to share from somewhere!

  191. I baked this cake yesterday….n the recipe you’ve provided was simple and accurate…..the cake turned out to be a hit with my husband and office colleagues….

  192. my third cake disaster.Donno what went wrong.i became black in colour and edges are completly burned.i had used exact half of all ingredients(thank god..i have save the other half!) and followed the correct procedure.Baked at 180c approx for 20 minutes.At first i had set the oven for 30 min and when i check at 20 min it became black and burned.Do u have any idea of why this tragedy happened to my cake?

    1. Please try baking at a lower temperature next time. Try to keep the cake in the middle rack in the oven (if you have a bigger oven). May be your oven is getting heated very fast

  193. Even though it was burned at the top and sides it is indeed spongy and tasty inside.I think i might have checked every 5th minute.I really want to try once more.

  194. Shilpa i only needed to ask you if one cup was how many grams.i will try the cake tomorow inshaallah

  195. dear shilpa..

    pls do let us know what exactly is to be done in case of a microwave oven. i really want to try this n i am planning to use this as a base for my fruit salad-custard dessert.. n this sounds perfect and great.. there are few people who already asked you, so kindly do let us all know..

    1. Sorry Suvarna. I don’t bake in microwave. But I have heard from many readers that they tried this in microwave and it gets done within 10mins. Give it a try

  196. dear shilpa,
    the cake sounds awesome..but what butter to use..dont you think that normal butter will leave a salty taste in the cake?
    will that be good?

  197. hi shilpa…
    tried your turned out awesome..soft spongy …..its a hit..going to bake it again again and again…and it is so simple..too..i added cashews for added flavour… ..thanks for this wonderful recipe…

  198. Awesome……just brilliant the recipe is…….I’ll try the chocolate version too…..& thanks for the recipe…. 🙂

  199. Hi shilpa,
    tried ur cake. it was tasty and perfectly brown from all the sides.
    but the inside was not as spongy as it should be. i do not have a electrical whisk. so i have mixed the butter and sugar by spoon. Can i mix these in the mixer or should i mix all the ingredients in the mixer? PLEASE I AM WAITING FOR UR VALUABLE ANS. I own a microwave from 10 years, but never tried a cake. but after going thro ur recipes and blog i knew everything will go fine.
    gr8 site .

    please ans. 1st time trying.

    1. No, it is better to mix with whisk – you can buy a manual whisk like the one shown in here. Btw, when I was in India, I didn’t have whisk, so I used to mix with spoon.
      I have never baked in microwave, so I cannot tell how good will be the texture. But most of my readers do the baking in microwave and they say it comes out well.
      First, sieve flour and baking powder/soda together and remove all lumps. This also helps in aerating the flour. Then you have to mix a little of flour at a time to avoid lumps. Hope this helps

  200. also while mixing the maida, lumps are formed. How to get rid of the lumps? please Give some basic tips on making a perfect cake

    1. hey shilpa,
      thanks a ton for the prompt reply.
      one more question. can i use an electrical whisk for the mixing if i buy one.? another thing is can i mix all the ingredients together?

  201. Hi Shilpa
    I have a new microwave and my mom make a cake with the help of your recipe. It’s really yummy.Please sent me some another simple recipes.
    Thanks you veryyyyyyyyy much.

  202. hi..this is our all time favourite cake .simple tasty and never goes flop..thanks for sharing.i made many times this cake it came very well..

  203. omg it was a disastor …. i dont know why there was short circuiting , sparks in the oven and the cake was reduced to ashes…

  204. I have a great passion for baking. Whenever I try it lands up in failure. When I browsed thro’ your site I felt things were easy. I have tried this recipe. The taste was excellent but one drawback is that the top layer of the cake was soft but the bottom portion was not that soft. Pls. tell me the reason. Expecting your reply.

  205. Hi, shilpa your website is very helpfull. I made this cake, it was excelent. Everyone in my family liked the teast of the cake. know i am trying to make banana cake. Thanks to pcst your ideas of your food makeing recipe. PLS CONTINUE.

  206. Debalina Mitra

    Hi Shilpa, a big thank you for this simply wow recipe. I just tried this. Its so simple n so tasty. This is my first bake n its a success, just cant believe it. I got your website add n heard abt dis recipe from my little sis. I make this cake for my 2 n 1/2 yr old girl.

    I don’t hav vanilla essence, so i skipped dat. Without d essence also d cake is very tasty. I just grill the top for 2-3 min after completion of baking, That makes d upper layer a lil crusty appearance. Thank you again.

  207. Hi thnk u so much tries this cake and it turned out to be delicious husband luved it …thnk u soooo sooo much

  208. Hi Shilpa:
    I am new to your site, I have always wanted to make a good cake for my kids, but I don’t have the electric oven, I have the old traditional steel oven with a transparent lid, with the max temperature of 250 degrees. Please tell me how to make a cake in this.

    Your advise will be most awaited.

    1. You can bake the same in that oven too. The temperatures mentioned in the post above is in Fahrenheit. Looks like your oven has Celsius. So set it for about 175C while baking

  209. Hi there, wanted to bake a simple cake today…google searched and came across your recipe…tried it straight away after reading some great comments….the cake turned out too good…very moist and soft…was relished within no time by friends and family…this is a recipe for keeps…thanks for sharing this one…

  210. Hi Shilpa, I was looking for egg cake recipes and found your site. It looks very good. I will make it for a charity bake sale on Monday, with powdered sugar on top.

  211. Hi Shilpa,

    Followed your recipe and made this simple yet delicious cake yesterday. Thanks for the recipe for baking beginner like me 🙂

  212. please tell me. how to make cake & biscuits in Microwave with timing & Degree. Because My Samsung microwave model MW75AD-B don’t have conventional option. If you send reply it will useful to me.

  213. hi ,
    i baked a became very hard as it cools. so what might be the reason?
    is it overcooked or adding less butter or less eggs?

  214. Hi, Today I visited your site for the 1st time n tried out this simple cake recipe. Totally relished baking n eating!!! Thanks!!!!

  215. Hi Shilpa, i have tried this recipe a lot of times and love it. Thanks for sharing. I tried to look through the comments for answers to below questions but there are just so many responses. Sorry if I am repeating the questions:
    1. Can I use baking soda instead of baking powder? If not, is there any other alternatives?
    2. Powdered sugar or granulated?
    3. Once I added 4 eggs, but the batter became too thin. If I am using large eggs, should 3 be fine?

    1. Megha, Baking soda makes it a bit dense. Here is a good article about substituting soda. I use granulated sugar. The batter of this cake is quite thin. That makes fluffy cakes.

  216. i tried your Eggless Maida cake came out really very happy..i can not control my feelings.because first time i am making a cake and more than that it became success also taste was is only for you..Thank you so mom really liked it.

  217. It was absolutely easy
    Excellent writing Shilpa .. so easy to understand and replicate
    Thankyou so much
    Tasted really really good

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