Saffron-Almond Flavored Cookies (Eggless)

saffron-almond flavored cookies

Last time when aayi told me to eat almonds, I bought a big pack of it, put it in freezer and forgot all about it!. I have been thinking to finish it off for a while now. But that didn’t happen. I tried to give those to Ishaan a couple of times, but he doesn’t like them. Then I made badam milk for him, but forgot all about it soon.

So last week, when I was coming home from Ishaan’s daycare, all I could think of was almonds. I wanted to bake some cookies. Ahh, it has been ages since I baked cookies. So as soon as I reached home, I baked these. I wasn’t sure if they would come out well. But they tasted heavenly, they were very crunchy and had amazing aroma of saffron. Even after almost 1 week, they tasted great.

1 cup almond flour
1 cup all purpose floor
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter
1/8th tea spn saffron
2 tbl spn milk
1 tea spn baking powder

Preheat the oven at 250F for about 10mins.
Powder the almonds (I use them along with skin). Measure the powder, use 1 cup of flour.
Mix the almond flour, all purose flour, sugar, baking powder.
Melt the butter. Add the butter to the mixture. Mix the saffron in warm milk. Add to the mixture. Mix everything.
Make small balls from the mixture and bake them in the oven at 250F for about 40mins (time depends on the size of the cookies).

Makes about 2 dozen cookies


saffron-almond flavored cookies1

saffron-almond flavored cookies2

saffron-almond flavored cookies3

saffron-almond flavored cookies4

saffron-almond flavored cookies

21 thoughts on “Saffron-Almond Flavored Cookies (Eggless)”

  1. am commenting after ages! lovely cookies… am just imagining the mild and delicate flavour of the saffron in these cookies… with a cup of masala chai for a nice contrast!

  2. reshma martis

    hi shilpa i have one doubt after making balls directly baking or you flattend the balls or not or it will get flat after baking. plz help me

  3. Wow…another simple eggless recipe. I am going to try it soon. Did you powdered almond in regular Indian mixer? Usually it becomes mushy as it has oil in it.

  4. One of my friend made these cookies and they turned out really good/tasty. She said it was simple procedure and I am going to try. 🙂

  5. One of my friend make these cookies and they tasted so good. She said the procedure is simple. I am going to try soon. 🙂

  6. Hi Shilpa,
    Thank you for posting such incredible recipes..
    I am planning to try one new recipe every week.
    I have a little doubt Shilpa, please HELP…
    Can i use Wheat Flour instead of the all purpose flour in this recipe?
    Please reply as I am really eager to try out this yummy recipe.
    Thanks once again..

  7. Hi dear,
    I have one doubt. Did u use convection microwave? I have a simple microwave with fixed temp setting and no grill. Will it work?
    Thanks, I love your recipes – simple and awesome.

  8. I tried these using gluten free flour and instead of saffron used almond extract . They came out really well and my daughter loved them.They were gone in 2 days. Love the recipe…will try other recipes as well

  9. Shilpa, these cookies were awesome! I veganized the recipe. I used earth Balance natural shortening , replacing butter.

    Thank you so much for so many great recipes.

  10. Shilpa,

    This cookie is really awesome! I have been baking this so many times…

    I used sujata whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour. I used vegetable canola oil and cardamom powder, and I used half cup almond flour and half cup of cashewnut powder…

    Since I used oil, the cookies took 55 minutes to bake…

    I’M so happy that I have a great vegan cookie recipe.

    Thanks again for the wonderful recipe…

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