Pineapple cake(Eggless)

Yesterday was our friend’s birthday. So I made this cake for her. I wanted to make an eggless cake as she is vegetarian. Though she occasionally eats cakes/pastries which has eggs, she prefers vegetarien versions and also, since it is Navaratri, I thought she won’t like it. At first, I thought of making dates cake. But I felt, I have already given overdose of dates cake to all, so thought of coming up with something else.

I personally don’t prefer eggless cakes because they are little more denser than the cakes with eggs. I do not like to use any egg replacementsร‚ย in the cakes. I used half all purpose flour and half wheat flour. I think that made the cake even more dense. I wasn’t sure this recipe would work, but the cake rose very beautifully. It was a bit denser than my liking, but still tasted great.ร‚ย 

As usual, I had some grand plans for this cake. But when I finally started decorating it, it came out quite different. When I baked it, the cake slightly sunk in the center. I had to use quite an amount of icing to cover that up. Since I had already used so much icing, I ditched the plans of more decorations with icing and used pineapple pieces to decorate. That gave a nice bite to the cake. I was finally quite satisfied with the look of the cake(I am trying to ignore those unclean edges on the cake).

All my hard work paid off when I saw she was very happy to see the cake. We all enjoyed the cake and had some nice time together :).

2 cups all purpose flour
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup finely chopped pineapple
3 tea spns baking powder
1/2 cup butter
1/4 tea spn cardamom powder
3/4 cup milk
1/4 tea spn salt

Preheat the oven for 300F for about 10mins.
Mix together butter and sugar. Add milk and whisk again.
Now add flour, cardamom powder, salt and baking powder. Mix and then add pineapple pieces. Mix well.
Bake at 300F for abput 40mins or till a knife inserted in the center.

PS: Add 1 tea spn pineapple essence for more pineapple flavour.

61 thoughts on “Pineapple cake(Eggless)”

  1. Yum! Looks nice and a very lovely cake.
    U have forgotten to mix the sugar with butter in the recipe. Its a typo thats all:)

    Shilpa: Thanks Bindu for pointing out. I have updated it.

  2. Hi Shilpa,
    Looks lovely. Can you tell me the difference between baking powder and baking soda? Which cake should we use soda vs. baking powder?

    Shilpa: Kanchan, please refer this link to know the difference between baking soda and baking powder.

  3. Even though the recepi s so simple in few lines, could understand the hard work done on c ing cacke itself. yes everything ll come beautiful when v paid attention espsly affection on it. so lucy yr frnd s. Belated b day wishes to piyu.

  4. Oh how I love cardamom with pineapple! This cake must have been delicious beyond reckoning- and a happy birthday to your friend: I can tell that she brings much happiness to you, and you to her. I would be lost without such good friends!

  5. Hello Shilpa
    I was looking for this recipe and thanks for this. Only 1 thing- shall I use pineapple chunks or crushed pineapple? Once I used crushed and it didn’t really give the pineapple taste. Also read somewhere that if you use big pieces it won’t bake properly. Here we get tinned pineapple chunks-will that work?

    Shilpa: You can use any one of them. But make sure to chop them into small pieces if they are big. If you want a strong pineapple aroma, add 1 tea spn of pineapple extract/essence to it.

  6. Hi Shilpa,
    Another eggless delicacy to add to my recipe collection. Everybody loves your date cake and I am sure they will this one too when I make it.
    Thanks a bunch.

  7. hi,

    the cake looks really nice and i am going to try it out soon. also wanted to know can i use the canned pineapple pieces for this cake please let me know. thanks in advance and pls post more recepies and eggless cake recepies soon.

    Shilpa: Yes, you can use canned pineapple. If they are big chunks, just chop them. I use the icing recipes from Wilton.

  8. hi shilpa,

    also wanted to know how u made frosting and what type of whip cream i should buy from store.pls let me know.

  9. Dear Aayi

    Can u please send me a recipe for eggless butter cake.
    I wish to bake it for a temple prayers.
    Thank u very much.

    Shilpa: I will keep in mind the request. Will post it if I get the recipe.

  10. Just wanted to thank you for this recipe. I am in the US and work with many people from India. One of my coworkers told me he wanted a pineapple cake to celebrate his birthday and this reipe will be great. I am finding that American desserts and Indian desserts are so different and I like to find ways to accomodate vegetarian, eggless, etc

  11. Hi Shilpa,

    Great Recipe another g8 contribution from your end. Happy Diwali to you and your family. Your site is in my favorites and every day i check for new additions. Even though i have not seen you I feel you are a wonderful person and how lucky is your friend to have you.

  12. Hi !!! truly in love with your site. a very drooling cake above.
    My husband is very fond of cakes but my cake does not come out fluffy in microwave even though I am doing it in convention mode. please help me

    Shilpa: Have you used cake recipes from this site?

  13. Hi Shilpa,
    U r a very sweet human being b’coz u take so much interest in replying all the readers. Do visit my home town Goa sometimes , a place with beautiful nature and awesome cuisine. I never tried cake recipe from this site becoz my earlier experience of making cakes is not very good. want ur guidance in making cake in microwave.

  14. Hi Shilpa,
    Thanks, for such a wonderful and delicious recipe. We are veg’s so i was searching 1 of the best eggless cake. Yours is “D Best”.
    I think ur friend have enjoyed a lot as she prefers veg…

    Bye and thanks once again.

  15. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks 4 the wonderful recipe, I came to ur site while looking up some good cake recipes on Google. I tried this recipe of urs & I used tinned pineapple chunks which I furthur chopped. Though the cake was soft but there was a slightly sour taste in it, can you tell me what the reason 4 that was, could it be the pineapples juice?

    Shilpa: Probably the pineapple was sour.

  16. hey shilpa….i surely want to try this recipe for sure….i am a die hard fan of cakes n pastries but worst when it comes to baking..dont knw why….but sure want to master the same :))….will try this one and let u knw :))

  17. hi shilpa..
    Last night tried baking this cake and ended up in a big hard slump. Two mistakes I realized. One is the size of the pineapple. I had cut them very finely (they were of peas size. Probably I should have cut them to 1cm cube. Correct me if my assumption is wrong). Another is the addition of pineapple. I mixed the dough for quite some time after I added pineapple. (It might have given out the juice.) First 15mins the cake started rising and became almost double. But later starred to sink and collapsed. By the end of baking it shrunk and became lesser that the dough I had put. End product was not at all good. Can you please suggest me what might have gone wrong?

    Shilpa: Sushma, did you open the oven door again and again? I don’t know what went wrong. The pineapple pieces should not cause any problem.

  18. hi.

    i tried the recipe and it turned out terrible. the cake wldnt rise and was still uncooked after an hour of baking except for the burnt edges.
    are u sure it worked for u???

    Shilpa: I don’t post anything here that does not work for me.

  19. yes it is good that you made your friend an eggless cake and you should be commended. What will you recommend for vegan who eats no type of meat or their biproducts? Desperate for your recommendations because I once loved cake until 22 yrs ago.

    Thanks K.

    Shilpa: There is a date cake on this site, which can be easily made vegan by substituting milk with soy milk. Do give it a try.

  20. Hi Shilpa,
    I have tried this cake today on my anniversary and it was a disaster ….it wasn’t even baked(i baked it at 300 F and kept it in oven for 40 minutes)but still it was all the same consistency little watery little solid….what went wrong?

    Shilpa: Did you follow the recipe exactly?

  21. yes shilpa..i followed the recipe exactly…infact I have bought those measuring cups and spoons….don’t know?

    Shilpa: Sorry, no idea. Probably, you could have baked for longer time.

  22. Hi Shilpa

    I love your website I have tried dates cake multiple times and its always been greatexcept once when I put baking powder instead of baking soda.I read the reviews about the cake those who have tried they have said it came out hard I was just wondering whether we need to use baking soda for this recipe, i want to make sure before i give it a try

    Shilpa: You can try using baking soda. When I tried with baking powder, it came out well but as u see, most of the readers didn’t get it right. I have no more information. sorry.

  23. Hi
    The recipe looked very simple…i did make it with 1 cup flour and changed other proportions accordingly but did not turn out well…i taste the raw flour taste in the cake…any suggestions how to modify…

    Shilpa: Sushma, I wil try this recipe again and see what I can improve.

  24. Hi Shilpa,
    I was going to make this cake but after reading the last few disastrous experiences w/ this cake, i wanted to see if you tried to see what was happening wrong. I would love to make the cake but now am a bit cautious to even try it.

    Hoping you can modify the recipe. Thanks

  25. Hi,

    The cake looks yummy… I just have a small silly doubt… When u mention all purpose flour, what do u use?? Is it maida or besan??

    Thank you,

  26. I tried this yesterday and I am happy to write a positive response. It turned out great. I did bake it longer.I baked it for 50 minutes rather than 40 minutes. I think it changes from oven to oven. As one of the comments reads here that after 40 minutes it was in the same state. Mine was like that too. But after 50 minutes, it turned out just fine. I am glad I made good use of sour pineapple.
    I used just all purpose flour( maida), no wheat flour at all.
    Thanks Shilpa for the great and easy recipe.Keep up the good work.

  27. This cake was a complete disaster…Did not get cooked…i kept it for longer time then mentioned and the edges started burning…but the cake was raw from inside..

  28. Hi, Can you pls tell how to use whipping cream for the topping on cake. Also, can we use the same recipe to make orange eggless cake??

    1. Add little bit sugar to whipping cream and beat it till soft peaks form. Use it on the cake. Sorry, I haven’t tried this recipe with orange.

  29. Hi Shilpa, i am a konkani but from Goa..i see lot of similarities between our food culture…i tried this cake and it turned out great…next time will use pineapple essense to enhance the taste..i used canned pineaaple so the flavour wasnt too strong…also i have to learn icing otherwise white cakes look very unappetising..but this recipe is a sure keeper like your dates cake..thanks so much…

  30. HI

    i would like to know how to make eggless choco lava cake. my daughter loves it. please let me know about this

    thanks & regards

  31. I made pineapple cake as per your receipe it came out very well, but your DATE CAKE was really ultimate. Pineapple cake was ok ok…it was little sticky …

  32. Hi Shilpa, made this cake today for my friend’s b’day! came out really well. yummy, soft.
    only thing i had to bake it for 50-55 mins.

  33. Hi shilpi made this cake today but with half quantity for all. I kept the quantity of pineapple pieces less than a cup.the cake consistency was good post baking but it turned out bitter any reason why….

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