Moist chocolate cake(Eggless)

Usually whenever I try new recipes from other food blogs, I update “from other blogs” link which I created recently. But since many of my readers had asked for this recipe, I thought of posting it here.

Few days back I had tried preparing chocolate cake without eggs. It came out well, but had completely forgotten the measurements I used. So when I saw Priya’s chocolate cake, I gave it a try and I loved it very much. Thanks Priya.

One thing I have to learn is decorating the cakes. As soon as I baked it, I tried decorating it and the icing melted due to hot cake :(. May be next time when I prepare it again, I will change the pictures.

All purpose flour 1 and 1/2 cups
Cocoa powder 3 tea spns
Baking soda 1 tea spn
Salt 1/4 tea spn
Water 1 cup
Sugar 1 cup
Vanilla extract 1/2 tea spn
Vinegar 1 tea spn
Oil 1/4 cup

Mix water, sugar, oil, vanilla and vinegar till the sugar completely dissolves.
Sift together flour, cocoa, salt, baking soda.
Add the flour mix to the liquid mixture one table spoon at a time. Mix well to form a uniform dough.

Preheat the oven for 10mins at 350F.
Grease the oven proof dish or line with a parchment paper. Pour the dough.

Bake in oven at 350F for around 40mins or till a knife inserted comes out clean.

Serve it cold.

Preparation time : 50mins

94 thoughts on “Moist chocolate cake(Eggless)”

  1. wow finally my favorite chocolate cake is on this site…Thanks shilpha….If u have any chinese veg recipes that will be fabulous…..

  2. Hi there,
    I am a first time visitor to your blog. I am a pure vegetarian and this eggless cake looks really yummy. I am not very good at baking, but would like to try this one soon. I am taking a print out of this post, hope you won’t mind 🙂

  3. Hello,
    This Recipe is wonderful. You wont believe that i actually baked a cake for the first time and it came out so well. Actually i used a German oven and referring the german manual it was so difficult and all the time i was worrying that if something went wrong the oven would explode! I even started dreaming of baking cakes and i started translating each and every instruction to use the oven.. ofcourse thanks to the google translator. Also i didnt have vinegar and cocoa powder.. Without vinegar and some chocolate syrup i followed your recipe.. Wow the end result was wonderful.. Thanks a lot for introducing me to the world of baking cakes!!!

  4. hi! first visit to yr blog. nice blog and tasty posts.can u find recipe for eggless choclate brownieand eggless dessert.

  5. Hi Shilpa,
    I’ve also started baking cakes recently and being a pure vegetarian have ventured out for only eggless cakes so far. U said, ur icing melted bcoz the cake was hot. That’s correct, bcoz u r supposed to cool the cake for atleast 3-4 hrs bfore icing. Next time try cooling the cake first and then put the icing, i’m sure it will turn out well!

  6. Hello,
    I am a first-time visitor to this site, but am realizing that you have really good recipes here. I did have a question, though. What kind of vinegar do I need to use in this recipe? Is this something available in Indian stores? Is there a brand name I should look for?

  7. Hi Shilpa…. your recipes are a boon 🙂 i am always looking for eggless baked goodies and make it a point to check all your recipes.
    I’ll be trying this recipe soon just want to know wether i can use balsamic vinegar because thats all i have at the time. Thanks a ton!!

  8. I am 24 n yet do not really know cooking so well..i m a medico n hence i do not use computer so often but of late I have been trying new things..baking a cake is on my list..n aayi’s sounds so practicable..thanks..will surely give a feedback when i bake my very first cake..could anyone please tell me if there are any baking classes in mumbai on central line if possible..

  9. Kirti, I started cooking at that age too. Once you show a little interest in it, you can learn very fast. I would suggest you to bake simple egg cake if it is your first time. Thats really simple and easy too. I will ask about baking classes to my friend from Mumbai. All the very best to you and let me know your experiences.

  10. hi
    i frequently visit this web site. i love cooking and baking eggless cake. u have given a very simple recipe of eggless chocolate cake. i am very excited to try it soon.
    pls let me know the recipe of eggless cake in which coffee powder is added.
    also wanted to know whether cakes microwaved taste good and get baked as good as oven?
    thank u.

  11. Hi,

    this is teh first time i visisted a sit for cooking tips… and i thoroughly enjoyed it.. i wud ike to learn how to bak cakes in microwave… especially eggless

  12. Antonette Saldanha

    Antonette Says

    I have visited this sight earlier. I did not try any item. But this cake is quite tempting and will give it a try.

    July 17, 2007

  13. Hi Shilpa,

    This chocolate cake looks yummy. Will surely try it. Pls let me know what is vannila extract. Is it Vanilla poweder and available easily.

    19th July’07

    Shilpa: Vanilla extract is a kind of liquid vanilla flavor. Its usually available in grocery stores.

  14. Shubhada Samant

    Hi Shilpa, I am always looking out for eggless cake recipes, and was very encouraged by the response , on your blog page as also the look of the cake to try it immediately. Unfortunately it did not turn out well, I did all that you have mentioned in the recipe. The cake did not really rise well, it turned out sort of very compact, kind of sticky and the crust , i.e the upper layer dried out to a crisp cover. I would appreciate , it very much if you could guide me, on this.Thanks

    Shilpa: Shubhada, since it is a eggless cake, it does not rise well like cakes with eggs. It is a bit sticky. It looks like the temperature was too high or baking time was more. Once you find it is done, you should take it out instead of baking it more.

  15. Hey Shilpa,
    I made this cake for my hubby’s B’Day. It came out excellent. I used whipped cream icing on it. It was yummy.
    Thanks a ton 🙂

  16. Hi Shipa,
    ur eggless chocolate cake recipe seems simple and interesting but my problem is that i have a kenstar microwave. i dont know to convert the oven timing and temp for microwave… plz help! i would love to make this cake for my husband on his birthday!

    Shilpa: Sorry mangala, I have never baked cake in microwave. so I can’t help in this matter.

  17. Hello Shilpa,

    My nose is constantly drawn here by the delicious aroma from your kitchen and then I poke my head in to see what’s new… So, thank you for sharing your recipes so openly with us. The chocolate cake seems wonderful, but I need to ask you a favor – Could you please post a video demo so that I know how long exactly the cake needs to be beaten?

    Will be anxiously waiting for it.

    God Bless & Happy Cooking

    Shilpa: Ann, you need to beat till all the ingredients come together and give a uniform batter. I won’t be able to post any Videos as of now, it takes a lot of time and energy which I don’t have as of now. Let me see in future if I can do it. Sorry.

  18. Do we use:

    1. Cake flour or self raising flour
    2. Castor sugar or icing sugar

    Shilpa: Reena, as I have mentioned in the recipe, you should use normal all purpose flour or maida. Do not use cake flour(I donno what that is) or self rising flour. Any normal sugar can be used.

  19. Hi
    I tried your eggless cake recipe and it turned out fine except that it was very dense. although the knife inserted came out clean at the end of baking it turns out sticky while you actually chew the cake making you feel that its under cooked.I have read recipes of eggless cake using soda or pepsi to give the cake more ‘air’.Probably substituing pepsi with water might make it more lighter. got to try though… I tried a chocolate ganache topping for this cake and it turned out good! here is the recipe: take a 40gm bar of cadbury dairy milk chocolate and add about 1/4 cup of thick cream to it. place this in a thick bottomed cooking bowl. in another bowl heat some water ona low flame. when the water begins to steam place the bowl with cocolate and cream over it. leave unstirred untill the chocolate melts. once its melted remove off heat and stir untill the cream and chocolate is well blended. pour over chocolate cake and decorate sides with chopped nuts!

  20. Hi Shilpa,
    These are lovely recipes u have here on this site… im gonna try ur cake recipes. i only have one question. what is the equivalent of your measure of 1 cup. It would be helpful if u told me in ml. or oz.
    Thanks.. I will let you know how the cake turns out once im done!

    Shilpa: Renu, I use standard measuring cups to measure everything. I don’t have a weighing machine so I cannot tell you in weight. Sorry.

  21. hi,the recipe sounds tempting. Just one doubt….what is vanilla extract??? is it same as vanilla essence? Pls. let me know.


    Shilpa: I am not sure if both of those are same, but I use both interchangeably.

  22. h i shilpa,
    hope for the best.i tried this of ur’s its very good.i tried in this withsome modification that is :i put half bottel of jam(i tried with mix fruit jam)u can put any jam.and i made this cake with wheat flour in micro oven(900w,10mins or u check in between the knife comes out clear it means its done.u just try and please send me the reply.thank u for this wonderful cake reciepe.waiting for ur reply…..

  23. I do not have neither microwave nor oven can this moist chocolate cake be baked from steaming?

    Shilpa: Juliet, some people bake cakes in pressure cooker also. I haven’t tried it yet. Will update if I get more info.

  24. Hi Shipla I have tried steaming the Moist Chocolate cake last night and it works. It taste better when it is chilled. Thank you.

  25. Hey, thank you for the recipe. I tried this one and my cake was not so sweet. I added hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder. Could that be the reason? The cake looked great but did not taste so good 🙁

    Also once the cake is done, can i take it out of the pan or should i wait for it to cool completely?

    Shilpa: CK, yes, you need to wait till it is completely cooled. I too use unsweetened cocoa. None of the cakes I have posted here are very sweet.

  26. One more question before you get bored of my bugging. The edges of the cake came out crispy and the center a little flat.

    Why is this any idea?

    Shilpa: CK, since no egg is used in this cake, it is a bit dense and flat cake. One of the reasons for the edge becoming crispy might be over baking, I mean baked for a long time on high heat. Sometimes when heat is very high, the outsides become crispy but inside it remains raw. You can try reducing heat a bit next time.

  27. gr8 cake. We all enjoyed it. I wolud like to know @ cream icing.I use butter & suger. pls if any other ideas to decorate cake pls let me know.thank u for the lovely cake

    Shilpa: Swarna, please refer They have given recipes for different types of icings and also different techniques of decorating cake. I took their classes here. But pretty much everything is there on the site.

  28. I love cooking and bake cakes once in a while. The recent spread of bird ‘flu in West Bengal has forced me try out baking an eggless cake. I will give it a shot. The website above has nothing to do with cooking, but still you might enjoy it. Cheers.

  29. i try recipes sent by you.they come out very well.specially cakes with out eggs.looking for more cake recipes woth out eggs.
    chhaya topre

  30. Hi shilpa,
    i like choclate cakes very much. i have 1 doubt shilpa. here instead of cocoa pdr can we add choclate syrup.if so, wats the qty…thanx

  31. Shilpa,

    I tried the cake recipe with exact 1/2 the quantity you gave. It turned out well considering it was my first ever cake 🙂
    Since it was eggless my parents too enjoyed the preparation. But my cake turned slightly dry. I added 1/2 the quantity of oil you suggested.


  32. your eggless choclate recipe is really so good
    & easy .i m very happy after get this
    thanks close my heart.
    if u know more type of cake recipe, so update ur recipe book,and send me ur any web side.thanks again

  33. Hi, i’ ve noticed that in may eggless cake especially chocolate ones, you need to add vinegar? Why vinegar???

  34. Hi,
    this cake seems interesting but can I use Hershey’s chocolate syrup instead of using cocoa powder?
    kindly clear my doubt

    Shilpa: Jyothi, please give it a try, I don’t know. Sorry.

  35. hi,

    i tried this recepi today and the cake came out really fluffy but the only thing is that sugar was not sufficient, though i followed your exact recipe. can u pls tell me what can be done to improve the sugar level? pls help me….

  36. hi shilpa i made this eggless choclate cake followed the same recipe u’ve shown bt it wasn’t tht good i don’t know wht went wrong cauz i followed the same instructions bt cake when baked for 35-40 mins wasn’t tht spongy and ws sticking in teeth the only change i made was added synthetic vinegar because i only had tht one.nt white u think it may b the reason for no sponge. i tried simple egg cake n it ws superb. plz ans wht may b the reason for nt getting such result for moist choclate cake.i wanna try ths cake again.

    Shilpa: Since it does not have eggs, it is a bit sticky. Use the other chocolate cake recipe(with eggs) and see if that works.

  37. hi shilpa
    i am a regular visitor to ur site, its great.
    can u tell me why you used vinegar in this recipe please? i dont like the smell of vinegar so can i omit that, would it affect the taste…?
    thank you

    Shilpa: Sorry Neela, I don’t know. I just followed the recipe as it is.

    1. Nila, since this cake is not using eggs, you have to put vinegar instead, teh vinegar will react with the baking soda to give the “sponginess” to the cake.

  38. hi shilpa
    i noticed that u have answered to one of ur reader questions regarding the vinegar, and u mentioned normal vineger. i am not sure which one of these u meant.
    1/ white vinegar
    2/malt vinegar
    3/balsamic vinegar

    please let me know.

    Shilpa: I use the distilled white vinegar(colorless one) because that was the one readily available in India. I have continued using the same now as I did not like the taste of some other types.

  39. Hi Shilpa
    Can you pls tell me which baking coca did u use? I heard it turns bitter and specific baking coca should be used.

    Shilpa: You can use any cocoa. I have used different brands and they all turned well.

  40. Hello Shilpa
    thanx for ur reply abt the baking coca. I want to know if you used dutch processed or natural unsweetened coca.
    Thank you in advance for all wonderful recipes.

  41. Hello Shilpa
    I had been baking cakes for a long time and never had any problem. But today with same recipes, 1/2 the quantity, I tried 3 cakes, all resulted in sinking. I even reduced the temperature for 2nd and 3rd cake. This was really frustrating. I got a new Baking Soda (very good brand in USA) recently. May be I am new to this oven. I am not understanding the reason. Can you help me with it?

  42. This is the most wonderful chocolate cake! I never thought I could do this without eggs. I made this cake for a friend who has food allergies to milk, eggs, and gluten so I used spelt flour instead of wheat flour. It turned out perfect. Thank you so much.

  43. Do you have to bake at less temperature (by 25 degree F) if you are baking in a glassware?

    Shilpa: As far as i know, its same temperature.

  44. Hi madam,
    It is necessary that I have to use vinegar and vanilla essence in this cake. without these two also can I bake chocolate cake nicely?

    Shilpa: I haven’t tried it. Sorry.

  45. simple and looks mouthwatering…
    have u used a microwave for this cake??
    well same que withrespect to baking them in microwave, how many mins must one keep it for ?
    really helpful if u let me know

    Shilpa: Sorry, I haven’t baked any cakes in microwave. I have conventional oven

  46. how do u ensure that the cake becomes moist?????which ingredient makes the difference coz i have tried betty crocker’s mixes and none of it turns out to be moist???

  47. Hi shilpa i m regualr at ur blog and have tried many fantastic reciepes from here :). Today i tried Moist Chocolate Cake (eggless)….the reciep was v simple, however d cake didnt rise much. and i followed the reciepe to the T……can u suggest something for this???

  48. Hi Shilpa,
    just tried this cake and it was great…I baked it for my friends b’day and she loved it….and it wasn’t dense but very much fluffy…great work and great site for people like me …thanks

  49. I tried out this recipe, following every instruction very closely and the product was quite dreadful. The cake was quite dense and sticky on the inside. It seemed undercooked and left a raw aftertaste. Don’t know where it went wrong for me (reading the comments, it appears that most people haven’t had this problem)…

  50. hey..tomorrow is my mum’s b’day, n i had planned to bake a cake for her this time.
    I’m 15, n’ this is going to b my first attempt..n i ‘ve chosen to give ur cake a try..hope it comes out well, am worried…
    I’ve a question, indeed..what is the flour we use in this it maida or sumthin??..
    n i didnt understand greasing the dish part with sorry for being an idiot cook…

    Shilpa: You can use maida. You can grease anyway you like. I just used a parchment paper at the bottom of the dish and poured batter over it.

  51. Today is my bud day.

    I was just thinking if i can find some shop where pure veg cake is available.

    Just surfed on google and found your link very first….

    At least not me… but who are eating the cake you prepared, would be enjoying….


    Thanks Yaa….

  52. yummy…such recipes are really gud as one doesn’t have to search for special ingredient to prepare it.

  53. i dont have a oven. can u giv me tips how to cook it on gas. how much time does it take. thanks…

    Shilpa: Sorry, never tried baking cake on gas.

  54. Hi There,

    Everytime I bake using baking soda, my cake tastes horrible. It gives a bad feeling on the tongue although I am sure I use the right amount of baking soda as per the recipe. I have now given up using baking soda recipes. Can anyone help me with a replacement for baking soda in this recipe??? Also, does anyone has a recipe dat doesnt use baking soda for an Eggless Chocolate Cake. Thanks

  55. Hi mini & nila……This is in response to ur query abt omitting vinegar frm the recipe,
    The acidity is to help the cake rise when the vinegar reacts with the baking soda. Therefore, you may substitute the vinegar with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Let me know how your cake turns up.

  56. Hi , I found this article from the net:

    Baking soda is four times as strong as baking powder, so if your recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of baking soda, you would need four teaspoons of baking powder to produce the same amount of lift. Unfortunately, the substitution is not that simple.

    Baking powder is made of baking soda and exactly the right amount of acid to react with the soda (it also includes corn starch to keep the ingredients from prematurely reacting in the privacy of their container). So if your recipe already has acidic ingredients that were going to neutralize the baking soda called for, you are adding other ingredients that may not sit well with them.

    Substituting for a lack of baking powder is very easy: 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar (ignoring the cornstarch) for each teaspoon of baking powder required.

    The source of this article had looked into dozens of books to be sure, but no one provides information for the reverse procedure of substituting baking powder when you don’t have baking soda on hand. To do so, you would have to consider the acidic ingredients in the recipe, and perhaps re-engineer the recipe to replace them with more neutral ingredients (using whole milk instead of buttermilk, perhaps). But at that point, you would see, it would be easier and probably a lot more successful to pick up a box of baking soda.

    Shilpa: Lizy, please DO NOT copy contents from other sites and paste here. Instead, please leave a link to the site, so that other readers can use it and there won’t be any copyright violations. Thanks for understanding.

  57. i tried the cake…it was very moist but the middle part got sunk and i cud only get the edges out… was delicious but my expectations were crushed……i dont know wat went wrong…….i thought to give my vegetarian friend a surprise….was it too moist?

  58. thxxxx i tried out this recipe, and it was delesious but the product was The cake was quite dense and sticky on the inside. It seemed undercooked and left a raw aftertaste. Don’t know where it went wrong for me … also iforgot to add salt Ops …
    but my mom like it So thx …

  59. I have a microwave oven with convention, please let me know how to prepare this cake. As it doesn’t show temperature. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help

    1. I have never tried baking any cakes in Microwave. But you can give it a try. You can bake it for 6-7mins on high(or whatever is the normal settings).

  60. Since We do not get vegetable oil in India which is the best oil for baking cakes?
    If I want to use homemade butter what will be the amount and at whaich stage I should add butter?

  61. I baked this today. Turned out awsome!!! Thanks for a nice recipe.
    Did you bake this cake with the same measurements as mentioned in the recipe or did you double the quatity? I used the same measurements and mine became a very small cake. I used a 7inch pan. Your cake in the picture looks quite big.


    1. Hi Shilpa!! Please answer my question when you get time. I want to bake this again for a party soon.

    2. Yes, same measurements(as far as i can tell from pictures, this post was done 5 years ago). If you want a bigger cake, just double all the ingredients

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