Marble cookies

I made these cookies a while ago when my cousin visited us. It was derived from a marble cookie recipe that I found somewhere. I changed them completely to make them eggless. They are also very mildly sweet, the way I like them. They were bit on the harder side, but still I loved the taste.

Vanilla part:
1 cup all purpose flour
1/4 tea spn salt
1/4 cup sugar
4 tbl spn butter
1/2 tea spn vanilla extract
1/2 tea spn baking powder
1/4 cup milk

Beat together butter and sugar till they are well incorporated. Add vanilla extract, milk and beat again.
Add salt, flour and baking powder. Mix well into a dough.

Chocolate part:
1 cup all purpose flour
1/4 tea spn salt
1/4 sugar
4 tbl spn butter
1/2 tea spn vanilla extract
1/2 tea spn baking powder
1/4 cup milk + 2 tea spns
3 tbl spn cocoa powder

Beat together butter and sugar till they are well incorporated. Add vanilla extract, 1/4 cup milk and beat again.
Add salt, flour, baking powder and cocoa powder. Mix well into a dough. If required, add remaining milk 1/2 tea spn milk at a time to make a soft pliable dough.

Putting together the cookie:
Knead both the doughs separately. Preheat the oven at 375 F.
Make about 2 inch thick diameter ropes from the dough. Flatten the rope a bit by pressing down the rope a bit. Keep the chocolate flavored rope down and on top of it, keep the vanilla flavored dough. Dip a sharp knife in loose floor(to avoid sticking to knife) and cut the dough into as thin rings as possible (you can shape them into rounds again, but I liked the shape, so left them as they were).
Keep the rings on a greased baking sheet and bake for about 10-13mins.
When they are cooled to room temperature, store in airtight containers.

PS: These are very mildly sweet. So I sprinkled some loose sugar on top before putting the cookies in oven.

19 thoughts on “Marble cookies”

  1. Shilpa,
    It does seem like a good recipe, but a few photographs would have made it easier perhaps to understand the procedure better. You always publish your recipes with clear photos all along the way, what happened this time ? 🙂
    The part where you write “as thin rings as possible” is a little difficult to imagine without some helpful photo hints.
    If you can, would you mind supplying some photos ?
    Thank you in advance.

    Shilpa: Jo, as far as possible, I do take stepwise pictures, but when there are guests at home, I can’t take pictures of each step. If possible, I will update the post in future when I make them again.

  2. 1/4 Sugar is 1/4 cup sugar right? They look lovely. Would love to give it a try as it is eggless and I have some guests coming over this weekend

    Shilpa: Thanks Ujwal. I have corrected it.

  3. Lovely cookies and if it is light on sweetness ,then nothing better than that,coz the kids hog on cookies and cakes and if they are high on sugar ,i feel terrible letting my kid have those

  4. good recipe…… but please post the pictures too it will make it very easy to understand as from ur site i got used to see pictorial preparation of many dishes and that really helps a lot……

    Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year…..

  5. woo hooooo!! Eggless cookies 🙂 Being a pure vegetarian it’s always a huge task for me to find good yummy eggless recipes.

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  6. hi shilpa,

    Wish u merry christmas. i was waiting for an eggless rcepi, as we are pure vegetarians. thanks for the recepi and will defenetly tr it out and let you know.


  7. Add salt, flour, baking powder and baking powder…Was this meant to include something else?

    When do cookie recipes call for baking powder as well as baking soda?

    Does the amount of butter determine how soft and crunchy cookies will be?

    I use wheat bran to make it nutritious for my 14 month old. Any ideas on what to add to make them tastier?

    I do hope ur bestseller recipe book is in progress, Shilpa. It would be a shame if it isn’t. You’ve made a lot of hobby cooks like me very happy with ur dedicated posts.

    1. Thanks for pointing out the typo. Updated. I have no idea about other baking related questions, I just follow a recipe. Sometime I have to spend more time on learning the science behind it. We haven’t started work on book yet, been too busy with other things. Will have to do it sometime.

  8. Hi Shilpa, tried this recipe today…the end result was not at all what I had expected.The cookies turned out to be fluffy and soft…do you have any idea what my mistake might be…also I had to put more than 1 cup flour..

  9. Hi Shilpa,

    I tried these cookies today…turned out very nice.
    I didn’t have coca powder. So didn’t make chocolate part. But I had choco chips so I mixed those. Came out really crisp…Thanx once again for the recipe…


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